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Beachwood High School is very wealthy for a public school and offers many unique opportunities to their students. However, administration could use some work as we are often wondering why we are doing the things we are doing, and athletics could use a bit more funding. Nothing in the school is super lacking, it is either average, or above average. The school is also very safe, not once have I felt in danger and have always felt safe to be me.
My experience at Beachwood High has been very life changing. They have helped me reach a lot of goals that I thought weren't possible. I was able to get college credits and get a head start in life at this school. What I disliked about my experience, was only the fact that their actual classes didn't really appeal to me. I truly only liked taking CCP (College Credit Plus) courses. Other than that the school is truly great.
Beachwood High School provides its students with ample opportunities to succeed not only in school but outside in the real world as well. They take the time to make sure everyone has the same resources in order to thrive as a student and individual.
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I love how well they prepare us for college- they truly show us the rigor of college through the material and courseload, and many of the teachers not only teach what is necessary, but also engage in discussions of what the real world is like, whether it be political or cultural, and teach us meaningful lessons about life in general and how there are so many things that occur beyond our awareness. The administration aims to make us realize our potential and give us the opportunity to fight for what we believe in, in that they strive to show that it doesn't take a huge group to make a difference in the world.
Beachwood has a variety of classes to offer - both regular, Honors and AP. We have a phenomenal EXCEL/TECC program so there are options for everyone to find their niche. We have tons of clubs and extracurricular activities that matches just about anyone's interests from sports to plays to robotics to cultural clubs - you name it. We have small classes so you have lots of one-on-one with your teachers and the school and teachers make themselves available for anyone to come in and talk if they need extra help. You couldn't ask for a better school system and people.
Education is great at Beachwood. Adminstration don't pay attention to the students concerns or their mental health. They seem like they care but they don't do anything to help.
The problem with Beachwood schools is the administration and select teachers who are ruled by a select few Well connected parents. The rest of the parents, students and teachers can all go stuff themselves. It’s a school by a select few for a select few run by an appointed idiot!
I liked how the school looked and how the schedule was easy to understand . I think there needs to be more excitement towards school sports events
BHS has great teachers, however, parents considering this school should be aware of the "Beachwood bubble." The location and small size of the school causes lots of students to become sheltered and unaware of the scale of the world, with all of its possibilities and its diversity of people. In addition, I did not feel prepared for college when I finished, as my advisors kept quitting their positions and getting replaced by new advisors throughout the years, making it so that I and other students didn't have sufficient time for our advisors to learn about us and provide us with guidance for college.
Beachwood High School did a pretty good job of preparing me for a lot of the classes I'd have to take in college. I enjoyed my 4 years at the school and made plenty of memories and friends that I still have to this very day. Looking back on it now I don't know where I would be if I hadn't received the education I got during my time at Beachwood High School. Seeing other students in college classes not doing so well really made me appreciate the education I received and I just hope that the students there now are really soaking it all in and really appreciating the education they are getting. Not every high school out there really prepares their students for what comes next like Beachwood High School does.
I love the Advanced placement program and how it allowed people to get ahead in their education. One thing I am not a fan of is constant changes in the schedule by the administration.
The education at Beachwood High School is amazing, however, there are some problems with the administration. They don't pay much attention to students concerns. A lot of students struggle with their mental health and Beachwood High School doesn't take action to make it better.
Beachwood High School is a really nice school. The teachers are encouraging and good at their jobs. I had a good experience here.
When I first walked into Beachwood High school for my freshman year of high school I felt very welcome. As the year progressed the same feeling of acceptance stuck with me the entire time, but I realized something. It takes a lot of push to get the students voices to be heard. We have to push for things that we know would better our school and that needs to change. The other thing that Beachwood needs to work on is a better safety system, which they are doing better at this year, but something that really stuck out for the students is what we were told on part of the reasoning for closing open campus was that the person at the front lets in whoever looks like a student. This really frightened some students and we want a better safety system to be put in place.
I had a pretty good experience at Beachwood. The academics are amazing but it is not the best learning environment. I came from a private school so I was used to my classmates actually caring about their academics. Here, it seemed like school took the back burner to social life.
It's a diverse school, but inside the school African American students have been subjected to racism. The teachers are great resources for help, they put all of their effort to help you succeed and progress in the outside world.
Great academics. Teachers work very hard to make sure you learn the content. Give one on one time before or after school during there advisory hours. Very diverse school, kids are very unique and nice to expand your culture.
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As an educationally motivated student, I feel that Beachwood really caters to this. I would say I've had a better high school experience than many of my peers because you have to put in work for Beachwood to give you results.
As a brand new sophomore coming into Beachwood HS, I can assure that any student at this school is getting very high quality education that they need to succeed and thrive as a US citizen. Upon immediate admission, counselors, students, and teachers presented great gratitude and joy to know a new student would be joining the school and were all very well prepared to give me as much help as I needed to get on track with the rest of the students. I will say that if you are a new student transitioning from a lower quality school, you will have a tough time adjusting to their rigorous curriculum. They take a very high standard approach to learning beyond the par-of-the-course "critical thinking" and "hands on" approaches. I can absolutely understand why students and surrounding communities refer to Beachwood as the "public private school" in Cleveland Area.
Offers lots of APs and gives you the resources to get into any school if you work hard. Definitely an interesting culture but you get used to it. Most teachers are great and it was fun getting to know them personally. Small class sizes, sports are very popular and lots of clubs. Very competitive school.
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