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The school doesn’t have adequate staff watching students during breaks and lunch. Being a charter, they are not required to have all positions hold a degree. Poor leadership in how the school is run. Major bullying problems. Negative actions not taken seriously.
BVA has a vibrantly diverse student body, teachers who care and innovative administrators. My daughter has been at BVA since kindergarten and it will be bittersweet to move on to high school. The Head of School has such a hard job and yet she seems to manage the challenges with such down to earth thinking. It’s great when a school is run through the example of a hard-working, strategic thinker. The only downside to BVA is that a lot of time is spent just getting the kids to calm down and pay attention. Imagine the learning that could take place if that weren’t the case. But I suppose that’s more of a reflection of our society than the school itself.
2 of my children have attended BVA and I previously taught there. I have been a parent at other charter schools on the peninsula and this one is by far the best. The mission and vision of the school are embedded into everything the student's do. There is a prevalent sense of deep community roots and drive to improve educational experiences for all students. The school is meaningfully invested in maintaining and expanding its culturally, racially and economically diverse student body.
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We were with BVA since the beginning and have seen it grow into the amazing school it is today. BVA’s staff and teachers not only helped prepare our daughter for high school where she currently holds a 4.3 GPA but helped her become the independent young lady she is today. It says a lot about the BVA community that not only do they have fabulous current family involvement but past students and families that are still involved as well. Keep up the good work BVA make us proud!
My child has been a student at Bay View for three years and we love it! They have a great academic program and offer coding, robotics, art, Spanish, music etc. Superb teachers, staff and administration that seem to really care about each individual student's success. We feel fortunate to be part of this community.
We have been with the school since the beginning. We’ve seen it grow and change as it meets the needs of a more and more diverse population. The staff works hard to make sure that the children feel supported and cared about. Though it’s not perfect every day, we’ve seen teachers and administrators open to feedback. I feel like they care about my child. I love this community!
This school used to be one of the best thing ever, but the new admins killed it. They are inexperienced and don't listen to parents until they screw up. They have trouble makers everywhere but let them stay even when they light fires and hospitalize other students. Also, they punish kids that get bullied and stand up for themselves,while they let the bullies off free!
Top Administrators are inexperienced and out of their league. There is a rich community environment. I'm hopeful their project based academics will actually prepare my kids for high school! Computers in the classrooms have largely replaced books. Their enrichment programs are where the school shines. Art, music, spanish, pe, and electives make school fun for the kids. Parents are heavily involved and there are lots of field trips connecting students to the local community. The school is head and shoulders above public schools in the area. High teacher turnover and growing pains are difficult for families to go thru.
Once the school split into two schools everything changed. Only one principle for 2 schools. A 5th grade teacher became the vice principle who had little experience. They rely on one teacher to teach all subjects in what they call a unit. My child was given only 3 tests the entire year. No quiz to test their knowledge base. Its a mess. They can't afford the expenses of 2 schools and are hiring teachers and paying low wages. Bay View was excellent but unfortunately now it's a disaster.
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