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The teachers have excellent methods and it is clear student's futures are as important to them as they are to each student. I have always felt included and valued in Central's environment; there are many sports, clubs, and classes available for each student to choose from. There was never a time I felt unsafe, lost, or alone during my time at Central. I feel well prepared for my future and ready to start college in fall 2021!
I absolutely loved going to Bay City Central for high school. There was so many different extra curricular activities to choose from. I cheered at Central all 4 years of high school and it was the best experience I could have asked for. I was able to meet a great group of girls that I got to practice with everyday and become best friends. The coaches were phenomenal and only wanted what was best for my team and I. I was challenged each and every day, not only with schoolwork but with sports, which made me hold myself accountable. I also loved that there was so many different classes to choose from, besides those that were required. For example, mural design, wood shop, painting, welding, car care, web design, etc. It made going to school more enjoyable and something to look forward to. The best part of high school at Central was Friday night football games. Not only did I get to watch each game, but also cheer the team on in front of the crowds. It’s a memory I’ll never forget.
My years at BCC have gone by too fast. Hard to believe it's my Senior year. I will miss the support given to me by my teachers...well most of them. I wish there was more time to take part in more extra curricular activities without taking away from study time.
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No recycling bins, or regular bathroom cleanings. Staff vary from friendly to difficult to tolerate, but not hate. Some try to know you as a person. SOme just see you as a student earning a grade. LOTS of extracurriculars and fun classes. COunselors could be a bit better, both at guidance and counseling. PLENTY of student diversity(races, sexualities, religions, etc). Food is free-SO STOP WASTING IT PPL!!!!!!!! Vending machines and Popcorn Friday is a plus. LOTS of PDA. Overall, the school's a'ight.
Good culture and diversity. The academics could use a little work for preparing for college education.
The overall experience of high school was great, but it truly went by in a blink of an eye. The only change that should be made is how some of the teachers don’t care about their student and basically they are just there because they have to be. It’s honestly kinda sad, but there’s nothing the students can do. The good part about high school, is you get to grow with the people you’ve been around your whole life and even make new friends with new students. High schools like a roller coaster, you have ups and downs, but it’s all about the adventure in meeting life long friends and figuring out and preparing for your future ahead of you.
I liked the fact that all my teachers support me and help me with my work if i need it. They are very caring and I've learned so much at Bay City Central. This school as changed me for the better. I would like to see improvements on some of the building for instance the bathrooms.
My Experience has great! I have experience being part of a team, the captain of a team and homecoming court! Great teachers!
I like how the teachers at BCC push you to do your best. There are lots of clubs, so everybody can fit in somewhere. They also have great lunches!
Bay City Central or BCC was an amazing school with a lot of opportunities for advancement for leadership. There are many clubs, sports, and ways to get involved in the school culture. The students are friendly and the teachers are very understanding and compassionate. I was very involved in the sports at Bay City Central; I ran cross country, played basketball, and ran track and field. Participating in these sports created a sense of confidence in myself and I am very grateful for the chance to participate in them. I love my old high school Bay City Central.
Bay City Central was the best choice of high school I could have made. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind and always have open ears when you have issues whether it be at school or at home.
I loved Central and the teachers! Everyone was so amazing and helpful, I couldn't have asked to go to a different high school. High school is difficult for all and there was obviously personal drama with some students but overall a amazing experience. So much school spirit.
Bay City Central High school gives you many opportunities to achieve greatness. They offer many AP classes as well as duel enrollment. You can also co-opp and attend classes of campus that deals with your dream job and receive college credit. There is many clubs to participate and get involved in. The teachers are dedicated towards the students and always expect greatness in the classrooms. Bay City Central has the oldest continuous marching band in Michigan.
Central is a really diverse high school where I feel teachers and faculty really care about students in more ways than just grades and test scores.
Bay City Central teachers do an amazing job with educating their students in the best way possible. The only problem I have and this is with any public school is that one system/structure that works for one student may not work for others.
There are tons of athletic opportunities and clubs. Excellent academics also. Advanced and AP classes available. Beautiful facilities and very nice people.
It was okay. Didn't really enjoy going here. They really dont help you. And the sports teams usually dont win. Coaching needs to be improved.
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Bay City Central High School provides students with ample opportunities to further their education as well as create a diverse background with utilization of the school's extra-curricular activities. This school has a large variety of cuisine that caters to all students, classes of extensive variety, and an administrative team that creates personal relationships with all students.
Central High School is such a diverse and friendly environment. The staff and students are all around amazing and well-rounded individuals. Along with the staff and students, the school is just an amazing place to be and everyone in it makes the environment warming and friendly. I am so thankful for all the staff and students in this school who have helped me along the way these past four years.
As a school of choice student, this has been an excellent choice for me. The principal and teachers are awesome and the cheer team and coach is phenomenal! With their help, I will be able to continue my cheer career as a collegiate athlete this fall!
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