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I have been a student with Bavel for 2 years after enduring bullying causing anxiety. My teachers have been supportive and available whenever I have needed assistance. I can work at a consistent pace or work ahead. It's a structured online learning program that helps student who do not want a brick and mortar settings. My parents receive regular updates. It has been a great experience for me. The only change I would change is adding clubs so students can interact and forge relationships with other students.
BAVEL has been an amazing experience for me, as it allowed me a second chance at my education. I was pulled out of public school in ninth grade because of severe health problems that I was experiencing. I transferred to BAVEL, where I ended up staying for the rest of my high school career. The faculty and teachers have all been incredibly wonderful, flexible, and understanding. I got to know them very well, as the class sizes can be incredibly small (in some classes there were 3-5 students) due to the nature of online classes. This allows for an amazing learning environment that encourages students to reach out and ask questions, enhancing their understanding of the subjects. With BAVEL, I was able to complete high school with a 4.0 GPA and 32 ACT composite score. Four years ago, I never would have expected to see myself here, much less with all that I have achieved. BAVEL is an incredible school that helped me reach my full potential.
I love that BAVEL allows you to complete the requirements from the state while still allowing you to be flexible with your schedule. You can tailor school to work for you.
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The teachers are very nice, and a variety of courses are offered. It's convenient to study from home and ave a flexible schedule. Nevertheless, this school has its drawbacks: very poor communication - if you have any questions about your course, or you don't understand something, you have to make an appointment with your teacher and may have to wait for a few days for it. Meanwhile you are not able to move on with the lesson and ending up having a lot of overdue lessons. Another problem is a poorly set up Math course. You don't have a textbook with all the units explained and exercises to practice (something like Pearson, for example) - all you have is some confusing links with short explanations and examples. If you struggle with math, this won't be enough and you'll have to hire a tutor.
Bavel allows me the independence I want, while still offering guidance and direction when I need it. It is an environment designed for students to succeed.
It's been a perfect fit for me. It has given me independence to have a part-time job and take some dual credit college classes as well.
Teachers have been easily available for my questions and are helpful during our DBAs. They want me to actually learn the material, not just get through it.
BAVEL has made my high school experience a fantastic one! The virtual environment of BAVEL has let me learn independently and at my own pace with the continued support of teachers and administrative staff. It also gave my opportunities I would have never had if I had continued to be homeschooled, such as KEES money and other benefits of graduating a Kentucky public school. BAVEL fit my exact style of learning and I am a better student because of it!
I love doing school online! I feel as if I'm definitely getting more out of it considering I have to teach myself a lot of the content. The staff is very helpful, and I've enjoyed being able to manage my own schedule.
Love all the programs they offer here! I feel challenged.
They put up several resources on the site for the students to use.
Sometimes it's hard to get an immediate answer back but they have always been so willing to help with anything I need!
I transferred here from another school and am in love with the environment here!
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