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I would make sure that the courses available through the Specialty Program(CASIIT Program) more well known to incoming students, especially Freshmen. The computers at the school could also be updated for better performance.
Battlefield is a very large high school. There are approximately 3400 students that attend. Even though there are so many students, the school does a great job to make everyone feel that we are a tight community. The teachers work very hard to make sure you don't just feel like a number, they give individual attention when needed.
The school spirit at Battlefield is contagious. We have weekly pep rally's in the hallways where the band plays and cheerleaders get the students pumped up. I love my school and the community feel.
My favorite thing about Battlefield High School are the teachers and the classes. All my teachers throughout the years have been very nice and helpful. The school also offers a lot of classes for us to take on important things we want to learn. However I would change Administration because they need to be more willing to help student culture and putting action behind their words.
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Battlefield high school is an excellent and interesting school. Battlefield is a very STEM based school, but they also have very good art and performance programs and classes. The clubs and activities are personally one of my favorite things about Battlefield. Compared to my previous school, Battlefield has a multitude of diverse clubs that are all unique. The teachers are also very great, I’ve had a lot of good teachers that are dedicated to their job and prioritize students education. Teachers are very diverse and experienced, located throughout all departments. The only thing that I wish would improve about Battlefield is if there was more diversity in the student body as well as better funding for the wide range of clubs that are offered instead of exclusively football.
My biggest complaint is the new grading scale of summative and formative. My GPA and grades have always be great until they changed the way they grade and it has affected by GPA which has always been a 3.7/3.8 & is now a 3.4 and it has everything to do with how they grade
Battlefield does give many academic opportunities. However, the school itself lacks energy or spirit. Everything is very slow paced. Some staff are also disrespectful to students and parents and teachers don’t seem to know what they are doing. However, the student life makes up for a lot of it. But, it general I would not like to go here.
The education at Battlefield is excellent and the opportunities from it through things like AP and Dual Enrollment are great. It is very crowded however, so things like sports are very competitive. It would be nice if there were more opportunities for all students rather than only the top few. Overall my experience was very good.
Battlefeild High School is an amazing environment to be in. I love going to school every day and getting to learn along side my friends. The teachers are very helpful when someone is in need if assistance. One thing I would like to see chang in the school is the use of technology. Technology has advanced so much from when I was younger and I belive that we should be using more technology in out studies. For example, Students should take test and quizes online. By doing so we are saving paper and helping out our enviorment. By using more technology students are able to acess notes and extra practice when in need of help. Overall, Battlefeid is a wonderful school and an amazing enviorment to be in.
Great school. Although the environment of almost 3K students may seem daunting at first, nearly everyone here is good-natured and helpful. If you're lucky, you might find a group of good friends with a great sense of humor.
Although BHS is a highly competitive school in a wealthy neighborhood, the school provides a lot of resources to improve work ethic and work quality. The teachers are helpful and push students everyday to work harder, and they give us tips for studying, managing time, and on the real world.
Most of the teachers I had throughout my time were very helpful and kind. However, most of the kids are stuck up and the school is WAY overcrowded. Personally, I did not have a great experience at the school, but I do feel that I received education and guidance to prepare me for life after high school.
Overall, the school is quite great about getting its students involved however there are so many students that sometimes the one-on-one or connection with teachers and other classmates gets extremely diluted and loses the value in creating relationships. The competitiveness drives the students but at the same time creates a hostile environment and ruptures the well-being of students.
The learning environment is average, not an easy school because my AP classes are pretty challenging. My counselor was a rookie counselor and was not very helpful in choosing the right level math class when I transferred from another school.
I liked most of the teachers and I felt that the classes were great. While most of the people there were great there was a couple of teachers that were absolutely awful. However as long as you avoid those teachers your experience at battlefield will likely be enjoyable
The school is situated within a country club so there is a big divide socially and economically between students. The school is an IT specialty school which can prepare students with college level IT courses and certifications. The principal is very involved and does a great job of communicating with students and parents in a timely manner. It is currently overcrowded with more than 30 trailers in place. the teachers don't always have a dedicated classroom which can make it confusing for new students to find their teacher between classes or before and after school.
I am a senior at battlefield high school. Over the 4 years that I have attended this school I have seen it change so much. Recently, the school has made efforts to be more waste friendly by creating bins where you can put food you don’t want so others can pick it up and eat it throughout the day. A huge thing that has been added this year is feminine hygiene dispensers in the bathrooms. Our community in our school is so diverse and the faculty treats the students like adults. It has taken me 4 years to finally figure out myself, but I can accredit that to battlefield high school. This school helped me to figure out my strengths and weaknesses and through the rough times and the good times it has always been a place where the number one priority is the students. Overall, battlefield is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone.
Battlefield High School has been a great place not only for me but all of my peers. I have learned and grown during these past three years in BHS, not only academically, but also at a personal level. Most of the teachers show real talent and passion for teaching, and although the Chemistry department seems to be the weakest on this area, all others have proven to be great. I am truly enjoying my secondary education in BHS, it is my second home!
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Battlefield High School like many others is merely average. It is part of a county that does its best to give healthy food options and opportunities. It offers many clubs and sports. Teachers are a mix of good and bad just like any where else. The school is best know for our IT and engineering classes and clubs. It’s also highly competitive in academics.
Battlefield High school was my home for four years, four years of growing and learning. Throughout those years I was able to explore different passions of mine, journalism, music, even sports. They had a million ways to get involved through clubs and sports teams. The teachers were some of the best, most understanding, and student oriented people I have ever met. Though I was given a lot of opportunities in high school, I would have appreciated more diversity. We were provided safety and world class education but I felt as if the school was lacking diversity in its students and teachers alike. As students the last thing we need is to be taught that we will only have to work with and along side those of the same race, economic status and background. I believe over the next several years students should be given that opportunity.
Lots of opportunities for a student to thrive. However it's an incredibly competitive environment. Students compete for good grades and officer positions and it does not always create a welcoming environment. Most teachers are good, others are jerks.
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