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If you send your child to BGHS get them out and change schools, by far the worst school in Washington.
As of my senior year, the only good thing I have personally experienced at BGHS is the wide variety of art classes available, the glass, wood, welding, and pottery to name a few.
The education is pretty good. There is a lot of diversity in the classes you can take. Although the forecasting for classes can be frustrating because if you don’t get the class you would like you can’t have it unless a parent says something about it.
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I attended Battle Ground High School grades 10-12. Most of the teachers were great, and wanted to see their students do well. There are many classes with a large variety of subjects.
The school is not very helpful when it comes to bullying and discipline, and there are too many people.
If you have a option to send your child to another High School I strongly advice that you do. Battle Ground High School was a major disappointment in regards to the school administration support, safety from bullying and care for kids playing in any other sport not called football.
This school has gotten run down over the years compared to the close neighboring high schools. Small classrooms with old and no longer passionate teachers make the environment hard to stand. If you have an interest in school, this is not the place for you, many students slack off and do not do their work. The counselors are barely tolerable and not helpful for college planning or financial resources. Overall the best thing about this school is that it is right in town.
Battle Ground High School offers many different opportunities for students to get a head start in life. There are many different programs offered to students and also a variety of classes. The food choices are also good, with a cafeteria, vending machines and a student store. The school also has a student-run branch of iQ credit union.
It is a okay school. There is some of weed and vaping problems with the students, but all my teacher ive had were nice and really seemed to care about the students. They have a pretty good policy of utc and they welcome everyone. Even if the students arent great I like most of the staff there. The sports program could use some work because they arent that big on dance and our dance team doesnt get alot of help. Also they is like no spirit at the school and at assemblies.
I had an overall good experience at Battle Ground High school. I would like to see them having a little smaller class sizes. In addition, the counseling center needs to have a better idea of what is going on with running start students and how to communicate with them.
Battle Ground High School, the largest of two high schools within the Battle Ground School District, is the school in which I currently attend. Having transferred from another district, I am relatively disappointed with the capabilities of this district. With a month long strike to start the year, the district continually faces economic hardship, straining the already strained schools. This school also has the lowest attendance rate within Washington State, as related to me by teachers.
I am a freshman at Battle Ground high school so I haven’t been there very long but so far it’s awesome! Lots of nice people and challenging classes. Everything about the school is very enjoyable so far.
My experience with Battle Ground High School has been average. I am in a lot of higher level classes and as a result do not have to deal with the more obnoxious students. Our academic opportunities are good. There are some good teachers but most are average or not great.
My high school is in a small town and I feel is an average high school. Teachers are great but the graduation rate does not seem high. I play sports and Battle Ground is pretty good and makes it to state but wish there was more readiness for college.
I liked my teachers at Battle Ground High School. I myself wasn't bullied, but I know many people who were. I wish they encouraged more learning rather than focus on passing tests. Also, more information about college and moving on after high school would have helped. I've been going to a community college for three years and just now found what I wanted to major in.
Overall, the school was well. The teachers and administration cared about the students and their education, and the students were provided with the necessary resources needed to excel in life. the only thing that could use improvement was the diversity, but it would be hard to change considering the community itself wasn't very diverse. The atmosphere was very welcoming and I enjoyed receiving an education here.
I enjoyed BGHS for the first two years I was there. I am so grateful that BGHS is part of the Running Start program, which allowed me to graduate high school with an Associate's Degree!
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As a student at battleground high school, I was heavily involved in the Band Department because it was the only area I really felt comfortable. Often even that building became a convoluted environment. This was mainly because of the people and the toxicity they created within the entire school. There's no real push to move away from old habits.
There's nothing that special about Battle Ground High School except for it's exceptional arts programs (the drama club is multi-award winning) and the teachers, who really care about students and their education. Other than that, it's the same as any other public school.
Battle Ground seems as if it's a community, but inside there is a lot of problems with bullying, suicide, cliques, blatant disrespect, et cetera... you get lucky if you have a teacher whom the students respect and the class atmosphere is much more supportive.
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