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Baton Rouge Magnet High School Reviews

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Wonderful four years. Many opportunities to grow academically. I was well prepared for my freshman college classes. Would like to see more opportunities for dual enrollment.
While Baton Rouge high is an excellent quality educational experience, I don’t think I would recommend it. I’m a senior and I have been there all 4 years. I was bullied so horribly my sophomore year, 2016, during the election because of my family’s beliefs. I cried almost every night and almost dropped out. My teacher never tried to stop any of the harassment, probably because his beliefs coincided with theirs. Since then, I have seen the reverse racism that is now acceptable as a form of payback. The administration is mediocre and does little to help you. The teachers do not care at all, they care about their paycheck only. This school will use the students for merely test scores and nothing else. You have no choice but to take AP classes sophomore year on up. If anyone I knew personally asked me if they should apply to BRMH, I would honestly say no. I cannot wait to graduate so that I never have to see this school again.
I overall had a great experience with Baton Rouge Magnet High School. I feel greatly prepared for college.
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As a Senior, I have to say that this school is for the kids that are expressive, imaginative, and are passionate about what they want to be in society. Being a student here, at this school for 4 years is just hands down amazing! Because of the teachers piling on homework to the point where you have no social life at all. This school is the most diverse, academically challenging school in America. Again, as a Senior I am so glad that I'm leaving this school this spring.
It's very well structured, and the academics are rigorous. The school produces well-rounded, intellectual students.
Baton Rouge High is a good academic school, but not for sports. It is enjoying and the teachers are very sociable. The environment is also comfortable and warming.
Baton Rouge High is a very good school academically, but there are not many sports which is he downfall.
I love Baton Rouge High. It has prepared me for my future. I have had many great experiences and opportunities.
This school puts a major focus on a academics above everything else. There is no football team, baseball team, or basketball team, but there are other sports to participate in, such as wrestling and soccer. The music programs are excellent, and while I attended the school I spent most of my electives in the music programs.
Its a great school, even though the work load can be a bit much at times. Also there are so many clubs, that everyone can fit into something whether it be anime or beta!
No sports so that sucks and the food is awful but they prepare you for college so that's cool. Overall the students are pretty friendly and most of the teachers are cool.
I like the academic atmosphere that encourages everyone to try their absolute best. There are so many different types of people to meet, a conglomerate like no other. There are so many academic opportunities, and even if you pass on them, this school is known for its college preparation it gives. Overall great experience, but lacking a football and basketball team limits how many after school activities we have to offer like going to home games.
The teachers over at the school are excellent. They strive to really teacher the students. The students there are very diverse which helps make a better school experience that others schools might not receive
BRH has been a positive experience for me. It is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in the state and students can express their cultures through clubs and performances. Academics here are stellar and get competitive at the highest level. Having taken both regular and AP courses myself, I can say that there is a significant gap in both class difficulty and expectations. Sports are average with the exception of the gymnastics team, which consistently wins state titles. I've participated in varsity and intramural athletics, and both are a great way to get involved. Unfortunately, because there is no football/basketball team, school spirit clearly lacks. As far as clubs go, most are laid-back and a chance for students to escape studies. Service clubs such as NHS and Beta are actively involved in the community. Also, the school dances get pretty wild.
Racism is clearly evident.
A friend of color of mine was expelled for retaliating against someone for calling her the n-word while a group of white boys spray painted the school and also were caught selling drugs were only suspended for 9 days
Attending Baton Rouge Magnet High School was a refreshing experience for me . The environment is ideal for a high school student looking to expand his or her mind in a variety of subjects. The workload is so heavy that some people have come back from college saying the work was easier in college as opposed to high school. In the long run, it is ideal to attend Baton Rouge Magnet High School to achieve success in college and ultimately achieve success in real life.
This school is amazing. The teachers and staff work very hard to help students. I feel that I will be prepared for college when I graduate.
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Baton Rouge High is an amazing school that has prepared me for the rigor of college academics that is soon to come as well as offer a huge range of extracurricular activities. It definitely deserves to be ranked one of the top schools in Louisiana.
I enjoyed the culture and diversity of the school. Everyday I would come in and be welcomed by my friends and teachers. I would meet someone new from a different background every single day. The school is also highly competitive which drives me. I want to be the best and at Baton Rouge High, I have teachers and students pushing me to be my best all the time.
Baton Rouge High school had a very high focus on the academics. Students are crammed schoolworks and homeworks; each student will realize that once they experience college, that they are prepared. It really prepares a person for college.
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