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I knew when I first heard of this foreign language immersion school that this is where my child would attend. How is works is that all the classes, math, science, etc. are taught in Spanish or French. So the children naturally pick up the languages just as they do from hearing us speak English all day at home. I work in healthcare and wish nearly daily that I could speak multiple languages. Not only will she will she be fluent in Spanish, French and of course English (some Chinese too) but I'm excited about the cognitive advantages that have been demonstrated by kids who learn multiple languages. There is a lot of research out there showing better thinking, memory, math, social skills etc. in kids who learn multiple languages.
Great for little kids - very caring! Terrible for older kids - disorganized learning. All the best teachers (there from the start) have left. So sad. Could have been an amazing school.
My daughter, is loving BRIS. We did alot of research and toured other schools in BR and BRIS really stood out to us. My daughter's made friends quickly there and has amazing teachers. We've been so happy with this school year and can't wait to watch her continue to grow at school. Since she's started we've seen such a great development in her learning. She gets so excited each day we drop her off. She loves her teachers and gives them hugs regularly. The staff at BRIS is so friendly as well. We are so glad to have picked this school.
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Having attended the school for many years (more than a decade), my child should have been far more prepared in the languages and in different social aspects, but I have found the exact opposite to be the case. My child is not the independent student she started out being. So much teacher turnaround has yielded an incoherent curriculum and my child is not developed in English!!??
Wish I had invested in and made another choice. All I can do is apologize to my child.
I love the international community and the fact that I became fluent in three languages. Because of the small size school I was able to get to know my teachers very well and vice versa. The curriculum was tailored to my specific needs and was adjusted when requested.
The Baton Rouge International School has offered a lot of rigorous course that I believe will help me for once I am in college. The courses offered are the right level of difficulty and the teachers explain the material very well. The administration is very focused on each student individually and strives to ensure to he or she is doing well. Also the administration offers as much advice and support to help all students which is very much appreciated. The current plans to expand the school is the right direction to improve it. Once the new building is added to our campus I believe that the learning experience will improve even more.
There are SO many great things to say about the High School that it's hard to know where to start. Our DS is GT so he needs advanced academics and enrichment in order to keep him engaged. He is particularly interested in STEM and is able to take high level courses in this area. In addition to the academics he is able to have enrichment classes such as Art and Technology to help him be a more rounded student. The language component is perhaps one of our favorite aspects. We were worried that the transfer as an 8th grader with no language background would be impossible. It's been challenging, but also AMAZING! Imagine graduating high school with 4-6 years of intensive language study in 2 or 3 languages? If you are thinking about making a change for middle school or early high school, DO IT! If you are coming from even a top ranked public school and even a GT kid, expect LOTS of extra work that first year to catch up to their standards - but it's WORTH IT!
My children have attended BRIS for over 10 years. Applying to and attending college will be a breeze when my child can, in addition to high ACT scores and athletic accomplishments, add that he is fluent in French and Spanish, functional in Mandarin, plays the violin, and has an International Baccalaureate Diploma. This school is highly overlooked in the Baton Rouge community. More personalized attention for the students whose parents place greater value on high academics.
It's difficult to rate with a star system because there are positive and negative things in every category. The academics are great if the most important thing to you is your child speaking other languages, but if you want him to excel in math and science, a much lower rating is warranted. Regarding teachers, some are great but some are bad. Many of the bad ones hang around much longer than should be allowed. There are clubs offered, but few of interest to my child. Regarding school culture, the children are exposed to the different cultures of the teachers and students from other countries, but the school as a whole is relatively new and has changed so much over the years that there is very little established tradition. The facilities are mostly temporary buildings, but a new building is under construction. It's difficult to judge college readiness because there have been so few graduates. Bottom line, good for elementary, but not good enough for middle or high school.
The best thing about this school is diversity. Students in this school can at least speak two languages. Mant of them are from other countries. I found fun to talk with someone who is from a foreign country. Otherwise, IB program is another highlight in this school. Students with an IB diploma can be better prepared for college.
We love the school and are so happy to have found it. Our daughter is now completing her eighth year at BRIS and will graduate with the International Baccalareate diploma and fluency in four languages.
The teachers come to BRIS from all over the world. They are a rich and integral part of the globally-minded environment and multi-lingual curriculum.
The school is very conscientious about the safety and well-being of its students.
The school is smaller and does provide many extra-curricular activities but is somewhat limited due to the small class size.
Our family travels almost 1.5 hours in each direction daily so that our child can attend the Baton Rouge International School. I have looked across the United States and found that the level of language immersion and studies across four languages (English, Spanish, French and Mandarin) are quite unique. For anyone concerned that immersion studies will lessen the child's ability to succeed and grasp core subjects, I can reassure you by stating that my child, and her entire class, have repeatedly excelled on all standardized tests. There are numerous articles out about the learning advantages of a multilingual brain and this has certainly been our experience. We love the school and believe that the IB curriculum and language studies will create greater future opportunities for our daughter.
Through our years at BRIS I have found the teachers to be caring, engaging and genuinely concerned with the development of each child.
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