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I just graduated this 2020 school year. My 4 years at bastrop high have been nothing but full of enjoyment. I’ve been in many programs, and been to many of the after school activities. We aren’t in the best area, but we are all one big family through the good times and bad times. I would lent have wanted to be at any other school. I pray that the kids under me have a great experience and keep striving for greatness no matter the obstacles they face. My name is Cedrick Carson and I’m proud to be a Bastrop High School Alumni!
The teachers there really cherish their students education and they put all effort in both teacher and students.
I like that there is a lot of family there and some Good teachers. I think this school could change the way they get there students invloved.
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When I went to Bastrop High, I liked the academics. I feel there was a strong push towards academics and a strong learning environment. I took mostly honors classes. I liked the challenge of the classes and the teachers. On the other hand, there was also a strong athletic program, with our football team doing very well and growing stronger, as well as girl's sports too. I happened to run cross country and track for the school and loved every minute of it.
I’m an alumni, I enjoyed my years at BHS... It has changed drastically, but I’m still proud to be a RAM!!!!
At first glance, Bastrop High School is a terrible place to be and it’s definitely not anyone’s first choice. There are several fights every week, disrespectful teachers and students, some faculty who do not put enough effort into leading students to success. They hand out grades instead of making students earn them. They rarely discipline the students. However, when a child gets out of hand they want to blame it on their parents or previous teachers. The school also focuses entirely too much on sports instead of education. Some football and basketball players even receive favoritism for teachers. This is not uncommon for other schools, but since this school is already pretty terrible... enough said. On the other hand, the alumni base is pretty strong as Bastrop High is the only public high school in Bastrop. Though there is not a lot of financial support, there is moral and emotional support. Overall, the education is dog-trash but the extra-curricular programs aren’t half bad.
I believe that Bastrop High School is an 'okay' school because it is a fun and bully- free environment. But, the school lacls high-quality education. Many students that attend the school are failing. The school district has a grade of 'F'
My experience at Bastrop High School was acceptable. The teachers are okay. Some are really good at what they do some not so much. The food is okay depends on what is being served. Sports at Bastrop high is acceptable. They have a good basketball team. Diversity is not really common at Bastrop high. There are mostly African americans. Overall Bastrop high is an average high school.
As an alum looking back, there were teachers who cared about their students and prepared us for life after high school. However as a whole there was not much motivation for everyone to do their best; the focus was more on sports than academics. Funds and resources were limited. There is a lot of potential that comes in and out of those doors. All they need is attention, focus, funds, and positivity. Extracurriculars were great places to bloom and become leaders and form bonds and connections with people who may not be on the same academic level but share similar interests. There was a great JROTC program that really helped prepare students for post-graduation such as college, working, military, etc . Overall there is a lot of work that needs to happen but BHS could be great; it has the students, the teachers, and the capability.
During my four years of attending Bastrop High School, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my classes. I have enrolled in all Honors classes as well as Dual Enrollment classes to help me prepare for college. When I graduate in May, I will have completed enough college credit classes to start as a Sophomore!
Honestly, a majority of the students don't really care about their schooling as much as an average student should, which is fairly alarming if you consider enrolling here for the education. Also there aren't many cliques, which I consider to be great since the students are flexible within social groups, but there is a lack of community within the student body since there is a lot of drama constantly being stirred up due to either some student's ignorance, stubbornness, or overall enjoyment in the thrill of it. As a positive note through, there are quite a few instructors that are great in the subjects they teach, but there are also some instructors that don't genuinely care for the student body's education and had only come out of retirement for the sake of a paycheck. Overall, the education's fairly average, and the student body is poor in terms of working as a community.
Bastrop High School is not a great school. We don't get recognized for doing good up here. I've seen children stand in the hall and sell drugs to other children and I here about kids skipping school all the time and leaving off campus. Bastrop high school really isn't a safe school to be at. They claim its a closed campus, but how could it be a closed campus when parents are bringing their kids up here to fight.
My experience with Bastrop High is wonderful. What I like about this school is that it's a safe place for students to come to and learn. What I like to see change is the uniforms and more things to do
I do like Bastrop, its were i've grown up. Bastrop High is a good school with great honors class opportunities.
What I like most about Bastrop High School, the teachers. Many of them put their life into their work, their teaching. You can tell that our future actually matters to them.
My experience at Bastrop High hasn't been one of the best. There isn't anything I like about my current school other than the school spirit the students contain and my principal. I wish the school had administrators who actually cared and valued the students well-being and education. In the future I hope to see Bastrop High's school performance score increase and the school provides the students with more college preparation.
Well Bastrop High School need a lot if work. The facility is not the best, the food is not good, and the teachers aren't the best.
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My experience at Bastrop High School has been one that I will always remember. Bastrop High has offered me many opportunities to do great in the world and I really thank them for that. Although they have done many great things, one thing they could change would be the positive reinforcement. A handful of student work hard and do what they are needed to do and get nothing in return. Not even a thank you.
I had attend Bastrop High School and it had been a time I won't forget. Bastrop High School is a school that allow others to be who there want to be and educate them about what they will expect after graduating. The teachers treats their students as their own children and will support their future decisions. The school have several sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and softball that allow students to try different things and earn scholarships. One of the programs that the school offer was JROTC which teachers students about the principles of leadership and prepare them if they choose the path of joining any military services. I believe that the school should offer more clubs that most of the students would enjoy.
My High School, Which Is Located In Bastrop Louisiana Is A Prison. They've Invested More Money On Discipline Actions Than The Promotion Of Education. They Are More Concerned About Adherence To A Dress Code Than The Success Of Students.
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