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Basis Tucson Primary School Reviews

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The school locations vary widely.
The sense of community was great.
The administration is very controlling.
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There is a lot of teacher turnover at BASIS.
Extracurriculars are present, not prevalent.
We don't have any teams.
This school focuses only on unrealistic academics.
We don't have a lot of sports teams. The athletic director is great and works hard to provide an active sports program, which students do participate in, but our participation and diversity of sports is somewhat limited because we're a charter school.
The administration protect us from bad behavior that could harm us, but for the most part that's not even an issue. They are very helpful with issues outside of rules as well.
While we don't have a lot of resources for sports, the academics are fantastic, the students are very friendly and engaging, the teachers are helpful and knowledgeable, and clubs are easily accessible and joined by almost everyone. Colleges actively recruit from this school, and for good reason.
There are opportunities for just about any activity here, and if you don't find it, you can start it yourself.
While the workload is tough, teachers are here for you. They want you to succeed, and push you to do your best. It's the best place to come if you are excited by learning.
A lot of it is for fun, but we are fairly competitive among charter schools in Tucson (have been to all of the championship games for our men's sports for our league two years in a row)
At my high school, the academic requirements would be considered rigorous and overwhelming by most. While yes, this would be fairly true, as 6 APs are required to be taken and most take around 10, it is all for the preparation of higher level academic work, which, as I have heard from alumni of the school, is definitely worth it. Although this work is difficult, the teachers and upperclassmen are always willing to help with any problems encountered, which helps create a closer knit community and a positive atmosphere. While it does eat up a bit of time, as all classes are either AP or Honors classes, this taught most of us time management. Also, many may worry about the amount of sleep, but they are just classes, they have lots of homework at some times, and little at others, and sleep is usually cut due to social media and games, not class work.
This school offers various sports, but there is not any sport facilities really at the school. For the most part, our sports teams have to use public parks and other various places to practice.
It is such a small school so the variety of clubs is limited, but for the clubs that do exist, those who run the clubs and participate in them do so willingly and whole-heartedly.
This college preparatory school has been nationally ranked by Newsweek Magazine for so many years now. With all the advanced honors and AP courses, a student is expected to perform at their maximum potential which is highly stressful and at times exhilarating. Marked by a small student body of open-minded and creative students committed to higher education and a heap of homework, this school is for those who wish to challenge themselves and learn about a wide array of topics from organic chemistry to literary theory. Personally, this school has allowed me to make life long friendships with teachers who serve as mentors to most students. Additionally, I was able to unleash my poetic voice as a writer and artist; and in conjunction dissect literature by close analysis of text, a task I don't think I would have been able to succeed at had it not been for the strong humanities department. All the weird, quirky, and eccentric students come together to discuss what they've learned in class and come up with the most strange, fascinating ideas for short stories, films, and even scientific theories. This school truly is a second home, like a family I can count on to be there when I feel down and a place to be my true, complete self.
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Our school is comprised of mostly left-leaning, liberal students and teachers who are mostly accepting of all political views, sexual orientations, religious and ethnic backgrounds. When the school was at its previous location, it had a much smaller student body. Now that the school has moved locations and expanded, there are a considerable amount of right-wing, conservative students and parents; thus, acceptance of the LGBTQAA community is a bit harder for peers, which affects some of the posters and activities that the POWER (Diversity) Club can ensue.
Small school size makes for close contact between Administration/Faculty and students. This provides benefits such as quick academic advice and the ability to get help in various academic subjects with ease. But even though rules may be more lax and students may have more independence at Basis, sometimes the Administration can make new rules that are a nuisance but thats true for any school.
BASIS Tucson (North) is extremely diverse. There are people from all different parts of towns with different ethnicities and different beliefs. Although many students are very different, students are always willing to help other students. I was a new student to BASIS Tucson (North) recently and knew no one. Within the first week I felt right at home. The students are accepting and involved in the school community. It is a small school so there are a limited number of LGBT students, but their is a strong message of acceptance in the BASIS Tucson (North) community.
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