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I'm really happy that I attended BASIS, as it has helped me prepare for rigorous academic environments and situations, as well as thrive under pressure and responsibilities. However, I feel like the administration relies too heavily on its students to carry the "BASIS name," and extremely lacks some of the most basic fundamentals nearly all high schools have, such as extracurricular activities and academic resources. In fact, the school takes a nearly 80% cut from all club budgets, which caused a lot of clubs like the Robotics one to unfairly forfeit their admission to a state competition due to a lack of funding. But they clearly should not have a lack of funding given the entry fee to the club was over $200 per person! Despite being negative about BASIS, I do love the experience I gained from attending the school. I love the school for the peers and teachers I met. Not so much the admins, but I don't regret going here at all.
The curriculum at BASIS is one of the most advanced in the entire nation, units ahead of even the IB program at pubic schools. From a student's entrance in 4th grade, where they will begin learning math courses meant for children three years older, to 8th grade, when they take their first AP test, to 12th grade, where they are required to participate in an internship for a grade, they will be pushed along the educational fast-track.
The academics are amazing and challenging that truly help you get into the amazing schools and prepare you for college rigor. The teachers are really helpful and care about you a lot. Other students at other high schools are shocked at the amount of attention the school gives us for the college process your senior year. The school is really small and academics take priority over extracurriculars that are not academically related. The culture at the school is competitive and everything is aimed at getting you into college in the end. The administration is horrible and the bureaucracy is insane. Any mirage of 'high school' experience doesn't happen here. The cons of the school are much less than the extreme benefits to college, but the school is very stressful and it is hard to feel confident if you are interested in things other than academics.
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(PART 1/2) Do you want your child’s grades in 6th and 7th grade to be used to systematically discriminate against them, and even determine their college admissions? BASIS Scottsdale is the school for you!

This school practices systematic discrimination of students based on their previous performance; the school places students into sections based on their grades from the previous years, and then then systematically gives better teachers to higher sections. Effectively, this means that if the school does not place you in the "top" section, your child will receive a worse education than their peers. The school will make sure your child cannot improve their grades, as if they are in a lower section they receive a lower quality education. They try to prepare the higher section for admission to Ivy League colleges, while students in sections B and C are prepared for admission to B-schools, starting even in 7th and 8th grade.
Really excellent teachers that know their information and most are passionate about the subject. I found the administration made rules that inconvenienced many students without having any good reason.
BASIS Scottsdale is an extremely rigorous school, but it is really worth it! I feel incredibly ready for college, and I am so blessed to have faculty that are happy to teach and really specialized in their fields. The quality of learning is not comparable to most schools, since teachers and students are constantly motivating each other.
This school is amazing. Even though the homework load is sometimes a lot, it is very rewarding! The intense rigor of the classes prepares you so well for college, and I am really happy that I'm able to complete my middle and high school education here at BASIS Scottsdale.
Corporation run, a corporation that won't be transparent about where the funds go. 2nd, to deal w/ lack of funds the school asks for contributions to a Teacher Fund to supplement.
Teachers are paid poorly and there's no mentoring/room for advancement/turnover rate is surreal. Many teachers are not experienced in teaching & kids are left needing tutoring.
Admin is poorly run. If you call & ask a question, it's not rare to be put on hold while they find the answer, there is no "product" knowledge.
Another factor is the lack of interest in the students. The teachers have to follow a protocol and with that kids never get 1 on 1.
The most disturbing incident though is knowing your child got an A on a "comp" (final) & being told they flunked & not being able to prove it. All evidence points to the fact that test scores were altered to push a student out so that they could keep high scores for their high school test scores.
BASIS Scottsdale definitely has certain teachers who go above and beyond to teach the material well and prepare students for the rigor of college courses. These teachers are what make BASIS the school it is. However, BASIS also hires teachers who don't do anything for the students; for example, the AP Biology teacher doesn't teach at all but yells at the students when there is a concept largely missed. In fact, he gave free periods 70% of the year and then rushed to try to make it up by cramming in material weeks before the AP exam. In addition, the school enforces this mindset that a student is a failure if he or she doesn't go to Harvard and has to go to an in-state college; in fact, this mindset is visible throughout even the middle school.
BASIS has succeeded in fostering a culture of competition and high achievement without sacrificing a sense of camaraderie and genuine concern for students' wellbeing, mostly thanks to the closeness between teachers and students. I hope to see a more diverse student body in the future, as well as greater investment in the school from the owners, especially given its success in rankings and standardized testing!
BASIS Scottsdale offers very strong academic programs that definitely prepare students for college. Teachers are passionate and knowledgeable within their subject matter, and are eager to help kids succeed. However, the intense academic pressure creates a lot of stress and anxiety that becomes burdensome without any mental health counselors available to students.
I credit BASIS Scottsdale to my familiarity in science and mathematics in college courses. However, students from BASIS often get into the same universities that students from other high school do, despite putting in twice the effort and work. Additionally, they become drained once they reach universities and unable to compete under the pressure.
Now a senior, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at BASIS Scottsdale. Ever since I enrolled in fifth grade, I have witnessed the tremendous opportunities that BASIS has blessed me with. Not only did BASIS help me become prepared for college, but also did it grant me a remarkable academic experience that allows me to stand out as I get older. But the school does not just lay out a tough curriculum that sets its students apart from others. It supplies them with incredible teachers support them and a collaborative culture to grow in. Not ever do I regret coming to BASIS Scottsdale.
BASIS Scottsdale is the number one school in the nation. With this there are certain pressures on the school, on the students, on the faculty. Everyone is working hard to become the very best that any focus on physical health, mental health, and happiness are quickly forgotten. There are some special event classes that "help you cope" but they are more generic than anything. Despite this, the classes are interesting and challenging. You get college-esque insight into things that are generally college courses. Currently I'm taking a literary theory class, going over things that students don't get into until sophomore year of college. There are pros and cons to every school, BASIS Scottsdale is just on the extremes of both sides.
BASIS Scottsdale is an extremely competitive, interesting place. Objectively, it has the best scores and best teachers. But, the collaborative aspect between students is one less talked about. The students are immersed in a plethora of STEM and Humanities classes which would be difficult for even college students. But only through teachers who for each step and students helping each other out, there would be nothing to talk about.
Basis is an amazing school filled with students from different races and religions. Basis is also a very competitive school when it comes to academics but falls behind in athletics. Basis has a very difficult curriculum that focuses on STEM.
BASIS Scottsdale has a very competitive atmosphere and is very small, but is a great college prep school, offering a fantastic, rigorous education, academic support, and great teachers. Overall, it does not really offer a typical high school experience with sports and activities, but they are always working to expand, which is great for the students.
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BASIS Scottsdale is a school for those who seek advanced, college-level education. This school offers numerous academically related activities both as elecives and as extra curricular that allows the students to hone their gifts. It is absolutely the best school for students who seek to attend pne of the prestigious universities or receive full scholarships.
Basis Scottsdale has a very competitive curriculum that forces you to be at the top of your game, which helps students excel. The downside to that is that they are in a terrible position if they even miss one day.
The teachers and my friends are the only aspect that makes BASIS worthwhile. The system gives no regard to the mental health of its students, and how such an intense curriculum may do more harm than good in the overall development of a child. Hard working students are rarely rewarded, and people get through the year by goofing off and earning '4s' and '5s' on their final AP examinations. I love going here, but it isn't BASIS that makes everything worthwhile at all.
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