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BASIS Peoria is a very academically rigorous school. The course load is intense and there is a lot of homework, however students graduate feeling confident they will succeed in college. BASIS allows students to develop a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills.
BASIS Peoria offered a rigorous academic curriculum based on an abundance of AP courses and exams to prepare high school students to be much more prepared to enter the top colleges of America. However, that is really its main advantage. It has a lot of disadvantages such as a weak student culture, poor athletics, and a mixed pool of teachers and administrators that vary with reputation, experience, or effectiveness.
The perfect example of a school. An iconic model of flawlessness and integrity. This school is designed for only the most academically inclined students. It's like panning for gold; all the dirt is simply filtered out into the many other high schools in Arizona. We don't tolerate outcasts here, they get sent to Class E. Only people with 200+ IQ are allowed to attend. We hope you join our school See you soon!
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I will be very honest and candid, this school is not easy, by any means. The homework load is huge, always taking up my whole day. Every week there is a test almost everyday among different assignments. However; it does pay off, as Basis does prepare students for college. So, if you're willing to sacrifice time from family and friends, extracurriculars, and hobbies, then this is the school for you.
I love BASIS Peoria for its size. As a small school, we have a tight-knit community where no one, not teachers, students, or faculty, is a stranger. We may not have the same diversity of extracurriculars as public schools, but we make it a point to excel in every club we do offer, from Volleyball to Chess. The fact that we are run by a corporation does make it hard to be truly heard by admin, but this is well made up for by BASIS’ unmatched college preparation program. Students don’t schedule meetings with their counselors as in Public high schools as BASIS requires college counseling as a class during senior year. Here every student interacts with their counselor on a daily basis, so everyone gets a personalized picture of what schools, application plans, and scholarships are best for them, as well as comprehensive advice on how to be our best selves, not only for college applications but for job interviews, preparing us for all of life’s challenges beyond the courtyard gates.
Basis Peoria is a school that prides itself in academic excellence. It does a great job of preparing students for college and giving them the ability to excel and distinguish themselves from others. However, it has a great need for an improved athletic environment and school culture and spirit. The teaching is great, as the majority of the teachers are capable of teaching college students at a high level and thus prepare their high school students very well.
Primarily, our school offers a very rigorous and academically advanced curriculum that places us above the vast majority of our peers. This academically focused curriculum results in sub par sports programs and most extra-curricular clubs are academic in nature. The environment for the students is very stressful and can create tension between the students and parents, but at the end of the day when our students are graduating they are leaps ahead of any of their fellow applicants. The school culture is nearly non existent because of the lack of school activities that we can latch on to and form a school identity around, but throughout most grades the social interaction is still decently solid. I hope to see the reputation and experience of our school grow as more students join and attempt to enhance the culture that we lack to help our students feel more at home in this school.
Great learning environment with great teachers, admin and staff. Not easy, but definitely worth it. My background includes a HS that is completely devoted to athletics, so I'm glad my kids don't have the pressure of trying to be the best athlete. At BASIS Peoria, they are allowed to just try and be the best version of themselves. NOT easy...but definitely worth it.
BASIS Peoria definitely prepares you for college. All the teachers are very nice. They hold student support and go out of their way to help the students. Passing classes at BASIS is much easier since the teachers care about you so much. There is a higher chance of getting a 5 on the AP at BASIS Peoria since the teachers pay so much attention.
Overall, Basis is a relatively enclosed school in comparison to public high schools. However, it redeems itself with many of the highly specialized and educated teachers who are capable of teaching college level material to high school students and are willing to work with them on many issues which they may struggle in
I have been at BASIS Peoria since the fifth grade and when it first started. The school is great for academics and most of the teachers really put in the effort to help students when they struggle. The one thing that I think could be improved upon is the administration. There seems to be a real disconnect between admin and students especially with misinformation or no information being shared sometimes.
The experience at BASIS is unlike any other. The small class sizes make it really easy to get to know everyone in your grade and become friends with everyone, not to mention give you a great relationship with your teachers. The teachers are incredibly hard working and give us all their time, the school is more like a family.
BASIS Peoria truly lives up to their reputation as the 8th best high school in the nation. BASIS Peoria has amazing teachers, challenging courses, competitive academic environment, and a wide selection of clubs. However, my one complaint is that school requires the students to take certain AP classes as their elective. The rule is that if a student took an Honors class, that student must take the AP Class in that subject the next year. For example, I took Honors Biology last year, meaning I have to take the AP Biology class this year. When I tried to change my AP Biology class to AP Physics 1 with the Head of Operations, they refused. Now I cannot take AP Physics C, even though I plan to major in Astrophysics. The AP requirements get in the way of the student's plans and are quite irritating to many students who wish to study certain subjects.
BASIS was en excellent prep school which prepared me for college. I found myself significantly ahead of my classmates after the first semester when we got into more specialized fields and completely accredit BASIS with this achievement. However, ti was extremely hard for me, attending BASIS and balancing my social life. Because of that, the concept of college has been much easier and I am much more capable of succeeding than my peers. I hated it at the time, but looking back on it, the experience was one that has helped me to grow and become the person I am today.
BASIS Peoria has contributed so much to my successes by encouraging me to pursue opportunities both within and outside of school and by academically supporting me. The teachers and staff here are truly passionate about their roles in influencing students’ lives. It’s important to note, however, that this is primarily a school intended for self-motivated students.
I have been at BASIS Peoria for the past seven years and it’s been a roller coaster. There are amazing things about the school like the diversity and community and bonds you create with teachers and staff. I don’t regret my decision to stay at BASIS since 6th grade, it’s been challenging but I love it. It has made me who I am, and I will always love the school despite the stress that came along with the workload and tests. If you are up for the challenge, highly recommended. If you’re a STEM person, highly recommended. I, unfortunately am a humanities person, so being in a STEM-leaning school was quite the challenge, but I’ve learn so much.
My son is a 5th grade student at BASIS Peoria. In the past, when I asked my son what he learned at school, the answer was always, "nothing." Now, he is so excited to tell me about everything he is learning. He makes connections to what he is learning at school everywhere we go. In the past, he loved to miss a day off of school. Now, I could not get him to take one day off to leave for vacation (so we left as soon as the school dismissed). We LOVE BASIS!
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BASIS Peoria is one of the most preparative schools for college. The community at BASIS is incredibly welcoming and never judgmental. The academics aspect of this charter school is beyond amazing and every single minute of everyday I'm learning something new. The only thing I would change would be to improve communication between students and the staff in regards to organization of the school.
I have been attending Basis Peoria, since sixth grade, and now I will be graduating as a proud member of the Class of 2018. At this school, I have had the opportunity to push my boundaries and achieve my true potential. I have had valuable mentors throughout my academic career that have helped me and taught me to and inspire me to overcome some of the world's greatest academic challenges.
I love the challenge that BASIS represents. Offering so many AP courses, although the work load is tough, has really helped me prepare for college and beyond. I wish that the school had a more diverse elective pool, such as nutrition or culinary classes or even a music history elective. The school is very STEM focused, which I excel at, but I love the challenge of the more humanities based classes, of which there are few. Overall, it is a school for go-getters who love to learn and love to work hard.
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