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Barrington Middle School - Station Campus Reviews

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Everyone is so nice at Station (especially Dr. Winkleman and Mr. Nelson) and expect a big rivalry with the district's other middle school, Prairie Campus (Station is far better).
Not crazy about common core or the absence of "tests" as we used to call them; it really wasn't broken so I don't see why someone was compelled to "fix" it. Beyond that, I like the teachers' involvement with the kids and their genuine concern for the kids' well-being and success.
There are clubs and/or sports for any kid that wants to get involved,..AND there is an activity bus to get them home after meetings, practices, etc.
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Outstanding faculty; willing to work with the kids and very flexible when special needs (IEP) situations arise.
There are a couple kids that can't be controlled that cause some issues but overall things are ok
My daughter has special needs and requires special services. The faculty and administration at Station have gone above and beyond to make sure she has everything she needs to succeed. Dr. Winkelman, Mr. Haupt, and Mrs. Peterson have been instrumental in this process and we would like everyone to be aware of their strong commitment and dedication to her success.

Our only issue with the school is the way absences are handled and this as we understand it is a function of District 220, not the school itself.
Loved all Band concerts, still have programs. Mr Nelson is such a nice teacher. My youngest child cannot wait to be in his classroom.
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