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Barnstable High School is an excellent school for preparing students for college. BHS has a large number of resources that allow them to put money into the Arts, Technology advances, and general student benefits such as field trips, guest speakers, and garden centers. BHS also offers many resources for bilingual students and students that want to do AP classes. Where BHS lacks is its diversity of political opinions and diversity in general. BHS is a five-star high school in that the staff and the school itself go above and beyond to make BHS the best it can. However, it is still a high school in a small town so it lacks in some ways.
The staff and students are very helpful and kind. The school is run by good staff. It is the best high school on Cape Cod.
Barnstable High School was an experience that strikes many emotions. Here I met some of my best friends... students and faculty, during my years at Barnstable I have grown a tremendous amount. Made mistakes that have taught me for the greater good. Barnstable High School is a welcoming place for people of all interests, races, and developmental stages. Every building has its haunted secrets, and Barnstable had many. The building could use some maintenance work but as we all know money is a huge factor. The student body count is around 2,000. As being a big school there are so many clubs, sports, and classes offered where you can find your place. The faculty is filled with amazing and motivational people who have pushed me to try my best and influenced me in a good way to become part of the person I am today. Over all Barnstable High School may have its downs but being, as formally known, a "Red Raider" I have learned the true definition of pride, respect, and honor.
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Overall I’ve enjoyed my years at Barnstable High School. I feel they could more school activities such as pep rallies, or other fun community stuff.
My experience at Barnstable High School has been a terrific experience overall, but it has definitely had some kinks. Although every teacher at this school has provided me with kindness and respect, not all have made a lasting impression or contribution to my high school experience. Some (very, very few) teachers are not as knowledgeable on the subjects they teach as they should be. There have been instances where I have had to rely on upperclassmen to reiterate a concept rather than a teacher. On the contrary, all classes taught at BHS are challenging and provide the student with an adequate education. Multiple Advanced Placement classes are available, which I have generously used that to my advantage. There is ethnic diversity spread throughout the school, but ethnic groups tend to stay together. I have noticed slight racial division throughout the student body as I have matured. Nevertheless, BHS is a great school for academics and extra-curriculars.
Lots of extracurricular activities-- there is really something for everyone. Almost all of my teachers were stellar and I felt really supported throughout my time there.
Barnstable High School has shown me more about the business world through there deca program, but also to be confident is a large school. I felt welcome to join clubs, to express my passions and take classes tailored toward a future profession or degree! The school has gotten many renovations, security advancements, and a brand new athletic field! They are improving each year.
I've had a great time at Barnstable High School. There's so much to offer at Barnstable ,including a vast number of clubs, sports, and more. Their teachers are fantastic, and the school is academically amazing. There's so much to offer when it come to Barnstable. The reason why I didn't give it five stars is because the food can DEFINITELY be improved.
This is a diverse school that encourages individuality. When I first arrived at barnstable I was so scared to be entering such a big school after coming from the smallest town in the middle of Massachusetts. Of course it's not all sunshine and smiles as no high school is, but for the schools on cape I can definitely say this is your best option.
I like the education provided at the school. Teachers offer a lot of opportunity for extra help. There are also a lot of extracurricular activities to become involved in. However, I would like to see the physical appearance of the school improve.
I liked the positive influence the school brought into my life. It helped me make many friends. Teachers were very impacting in my life and helped me a lot when I needed it.
For the past 4 years at Barnstable High School, I have enjoyed my time here and have nothing negative to say of my experiences. The school includes teachers who have really improved my education in ways that I did not think was possible. In addition, I have always been impressed by the facilities that are available in this school. Barnstable High School has continually prided itself on giving their students the best chance to succeed and I have noticed this first-hand. Whether it be large projects done to the interior of the building or improvements to the education system itself, I can't help but notice the incredible strides that this school has taken and I can't wait to see and hear how the school improves even more in the future.
Lots of academic opportunities, lots of advanced placement classes and great faculty. I would say Barnstable has improved each year in safety, health and classroom life.
Barnstable High School is not that bad, the food kind of sucks but the town is the best hometown around, and school spirit is everything.
Sharon Morgan, BHS Head Librarian, was recently arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor, operating negligently to endanger, and operating an unregistered vehicle.

I'm writing a story for a local newspaper about how her behavior outside of work might have impacted her interactions with students during her time at BHS. If you have a story of unsuitable behavior regarding Sharon Morgan, please message me on Facebook. Thanks!
BHS is a large diversified school grades 8-12. Anyone can find their place here. Teachers are very enthusiastic.
I believe that the school did well in cultivating my specific desires. I received a great education with fantastic teachers, however I believe the school could improve upon their staff- student relations with regards to student’s emotional stability. School is stressful and I don’t think enough of the teachers truly care about the mental well being of their students.
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There is just a lot of uncertainty and no community within the school. The schedule is constantly changing as well as the bell schedule. During my senior year alone there were three bell/class time changes and they were planning a fourth, but they were afraid of the negative reaction. The school tries to put its best foot forward but there is really a lack of connection between students and higher administration. It feels like they don’t take their students into consideration at all when it comes to major decisions. With that being said - the teachers I’ve had were amazing and I definitely connected with most of them making my learning experience and my class experience rewarding. The teachers themselves work hard and deserve more recognition than what they receive but the administration needs to step it up.
BHS has the best House Masters and guidance counselors. They were always there with open door to talk to and help whenever needed. The school is very diverse and we learn from each others differences. The teachers are easy to communicate with and they are their to help when needed.
My time here at this school has overall been a good one. There were some ups and downs, but in the end, the people and staff really do mean well deep down and care.
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