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Barnstable has very caring teachers. Very safe environment. Small classes. Placed me in academically challenging classes.
Barnstable Academy is an incredible little school filled with the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. Speaking now as a graduate and college student, I will never forget the feeling of walking its hallways and greeting all staff members and students as friends. At Barnstable, every student matters. Really.
Does not prepare you for the future. Whether that is going straight to work or college. They have their own bubble that does not allow students to grow or mature.
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This is my first year at Barnstable and I love it! All of the teachers are very understanding but other students are distracting but you will get that at almost any High School.
I when there for 4 years of high school and enjoyed it very much. It's great if you like small environment. Teachers are very nice and very helpful and learned a lot from them. Had a great time and learn a lot.
This school will change your life. There’s a growing strong community, dedicated staff, and amazing students. Everyone is there for a reason that we come to know and support. At barnstable you are accepted and loved by all. Sports and performing arts are huge staple points
I liked how it guided me through highschool, though I wish I had more independance there. Guidance is good, but holding your hand is a whole other thing. I found that they really like to do this, and in order to get them to stop you really have to be on your game.
Barnstable Academy makes each child's individual academic experience a priority. The staff and administration worked as a team to help me succeed academically, socially and emotionally. They were able to change strategies quickly to help me learn based on my individual needs. The small but unique school environment helped me improve my self-esteem and build solid friendships.
Excellent support from school psychologist
There are not many after-school activities because the students come from allover the county.
The teachers are able to teach to the childs individual learning style. Lots of support outside the class.
My school has a Skiing club, community service, and other organizations
My school is very big on safety for its student.
This school is very unique in the way that every class is pretty much one-on-one and all the teachers are passionate about what there teaching.
The teachers at my school are knowledgeable and helpful
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