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Bard Early College High School Reviews

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Bard High School Early College is very diverse. There are students from all over the country. These students bring life to the school and very interesting experiences. Overall, I feel that this school gives students a great opportunity to get a head start on college.
My experience at Bard has been an intense yet satisfying experience. Bard offers a great environment for learning. They offer challenging college based courses that prove to be essential for the students to challenge themselves.The teachers and staff are always prepared to assist students with a problem. It's also a safe environment where students can focus on their studies and have a fun social experience.
Bard high school early college really helped me in transitioning into their kind of environment. They had a 2-weeks program before the start of school called ¨Summer Bridge¨ where teachers would educate incoming students on the principles and routines of the school. I will be graduating with both a high school diploma and an associate degree. I have no regrets transferring to Bard high school early college. I am currently the vice-president of the National Honor Society, a participant and mentor for the oncology olympiad team and science olympiad team. In fact, by June 7 to 9 of 2019, I will be going to Atlanta for a science competition that I would not have been opportuned if I did not attend Bard high school early college in Newark, New Jersey, to be specific. I connected with other types of races and explored their interest and ideas. I had the chance of been taught certain basics of playing a piano. Most of all, I had the chance of tutoring mathematics and performing research.
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Very low academic level and bad behavior. Slightly better than other high schools in Newark. Students are given away grades. They do not want to make any effort to learn and they are very disrespectful in class.
I would like to change the SAT preparation for students. There should be a designated teacher or program to hel0 students prepare for the SAT.
What I liked about Bard College is the people I always felt safe in this school. I have grown as a person throughout my four years in the school. The teachers care a lot for you and help you succeed. The changes I would like to see in this school is for the school lunch to get better
This school challenges you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and everyone wants to see you win. You have to want your education and be dedicated to come out with both your diploma and associate's degree. There's no greater school in Newark, Nj than Bard High School Early College.
Bard high school is a warm and welcoming environment with helpful staff and faculty and hard-working students.
I like that we are treated as young adults who are going to go into the world and make a change. I love how many of my teachers have earned doctorates degrees showing us that is very possible to succeed No matter your race, gender, or background. I also like that we are given the opportunity to earn our associates degree in high school. No student is told that they won’t suceed and every student feels that they will.
i have one more year in bard freshman year was just the beginning something new and fresh and it was a okay year but when sophomore year came it come hard and challenging i wanted to transfer into another school but my counselor would not allowed me to she said that she believed in me and that i am a smart girl and should not give up so easily so i listened to her junior year i took that with me and passed with a 3.2 4th quarter and now i'm taking it with me my senior year.
I am one the first graduates to attend and complete the first 4 years of Bard High School Early College of Newark NJ. I received my AA Degree in Liberal Arts at the same time I received my High School Diploma. This school helped me learn diverse academic skills such as Chinese Mandarin. The faculty of this school encouraged me to follow my interest and enter a study abroad government scholarship in my junior year of high school. I spent my 2014 summer in China for 6 weeks and my life changed for the better. This school taught me to gain as much life experience as possible and never be afraid to take on opportunities when the only worst thing they can say is no.
At Bard, You are able to find adults within the school that pushes you towards your goal. Everyone accepts you for who you are and supports what you what to do in life. The only thing I would change would have to be the building we have. We have to share our school with a charter school. If the school was bigger, we would've been able to have more clubs and after school activities.
I've been in bard for almost 4 years now since freshman year and now i am a junior considered as a college freshman and will be graduating as a college sophomore my senior year with my associate degree. My overall experience here at bard have been amazing since day one. The teachers who all have there phd are considered as professors instead of high school teachers they have been preparing us for the better and worse of college and now i am ready to go and move on and actually be in college.
Bard High School Early College gave me the opportunity to break through my shy shell and become very much involved in all school activities. Not only did it help me develop my personality but it also gave a college experience. College readiness is definitely a successful goal that the staff and teachers meet every year. Bard, a place to think!
I like how diverse it is and how staff are always eager to help students with any missing work and questions about their grades . Students here are treated as if we were children to the staff . We are very much cared for and loved .
At Bard, we are not treated like babies and truly take responsibility for your own work. The teacher only helps you if ask them, like an actual college. The teachers have office hours where you can ask for help. To be honest with you the only reason Bard is declining is the Newark Public School's Newarkenrolls policy where the school has little power to decide the student body. The school is not so diverse physically and mentally with almost all the students and staff strongly against conservatives view. The school can be seen truly against Trump. But because the good outweighs the bad I can say that this school is really good!
Bard High School Early College gives every student a chance to succeed and I really like that. The exclusive Associates Degree program, which allows students to graduate with their associates degree is extremely helpful to their success. If I can change anything about the school, it would be the age of most of the staff. I would like to be surrounded by younger teachers and professors that know a bit more of the updated college enrollment process so there are more people for me to go to being that I am a high school senior. Overall, I really appreciate the resources and education the school provides for me.
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BHSEC was overall an okay school. It did somewhat prepare me for college. As time went on the school get a little better. Bard has given knowledge on the beginning of college and it and given me food friends. The teachers were great. They taught us well and I learned a lot.
I love that I am being taught by professors and doctors.Bard's teachers are always willing to help you and their doors are literally and figuratively always opened. Whenever I need help on a topic, my teacher and other teachers in that department are willing to help. I also love the welcoming environment. When I first walked into Bard, I was greeted by everyone. Not only by staff, but also by students at every grade level. To this day, I have made some kind of connection with almost everyone in my school.
My time at this high school/early college has been an emotional roller-coaster for the past four years. When I first came to BHSEC Newark it wasn't that great to be honest. However, as I got warmed up to the people and the environment around me, I've noticed it was very academic based. Even though I didn’t have too much of a good experience from the people and the hospitality was down the drain, I thrived with the academics and courses I've took. I ended up graduating with 70 COLLEGE CREDITS and a associates degree with a high school diploma. I would say the academics is the bomb but BHSEC Newark needs to work more on their warmness and gratitude towards each other.
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