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Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy Reviews

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My experience at this school has been very interesting. They have great teachers, who prepare you for college. At our school we all are different from each other. We have different interests. The teachers could improve by punishing a group based on one person. The food could improve by making it healthier and making it taste greater. "We want sports!", I hear this so much. We barely have any sports that are interesting. Our school is very unsafe because of the location and school size. We need a bigger school. During a fire we all trip over each other because it is too crowded. Our school doesn't have a gym. That is a BIG problem. When it is cold outside, during gym we can barely go outside during the winter. The administrative team is very good. They could improve by giving a little bit more freedom. sometimes it is like prison. The parents are somewhat involved, but could be involved more.
During emotional breakdowns, or related topics, a student will help the disabled student to counselor or nurses office.
The clubs and organizations are open to everyone on the campus.
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The parents at school assist other students as well.
Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy have the best teachers on this side of heaven.
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