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Bangor High School provided many AP and dual-enrollment courses to apply credits towards college. Teachers and staff were always prepared to help any students that found themselves overwhelmed with work or balancing academics with athletics.
As a student at Bangor high school, I find the teachers and the vast academic opportunity very helpful in my path to collegiate readiness. My school offers programs such as stem and utc to better prepare students for the real world. The staff are supportive and I’ve had very few negative experiences concerning Bangor high school admin. On top of this, the high school offers many extra curricular ranging from the arts to athletics to political clubs. As a student going onto my fourth year of varsity field hockey, I can attest to the fact that my teammates are extremely supportive and my coach is talented in the sport herself and pushes us to be our very best. The reason I gave Bangor high school four stars is due to the lack of diversity and the lack of funding in the arts. While football receives new gear and uniforms all the time, the drama club is left using costumes and props from shows that were performed ten years prior. Overall, Bangor high school is a great school.
Great Environment for students and families. You will be assured on of the best high school educations in Maine if you graduate from Bangor. Most State Championships in all sports than any other school and competes at the highest level in all sports. Great balance for Student Athletes and prepares all students for college. Teachers are very supportive and you have so many different class opportunities.
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I can't imagine myself attending any other high school. BHS is home to some of the most motivated, caring, and intelligent students and faculty in the entire country. The STEM and Humanities programs especially offer an individualized education that many other schools can't compete with. While no school is perfect, I think Bangor comes reasonably close.
Bangor High School is a place to learn from your mistakes and grow into a bett citizen. But, amidst all the good, there can always be improvements such as supporting the music program and supporting female athletics.
The teachers and students are great. If you're having a hard time in a class teachers will go out of their way to make time to help you. Everyone supports you and helps you achieve your goals. One thing I might change are the guidance counselors because when someone is actually going through something they just set it on the back burner and end up forgetting about it.
my experience at Bangor high school was great. It is cool to be smart here. Every kid puts there best foot forward in striving for success. the academics here are amazing and send many people to Ivy leagues each year. The sporting teams always win a state championship each year. There are no cliques.
I have enjoyed my time at Bangor High School, however communication with guidance staff could be better as well as preparing students for college
Bangor High School is made a good school by the available extracurriculars and the dedication of a number of the teachers to helping students succeed and learn about content they're interested in. Bangor is brought down by its overall poor guidance department, some issues with administration, its low budget, and extremely poor diversity. There is also a lack of funding for music and fine arts students. Bangor spends much of its effort on improving the STEM and sports of our school.
Bangor has some amazing programs available to the students from sports to academics to charity opportunities. It has a wide array of varsity sports anyone can tryout for but also a handful of intramural activities such as volleyball for those that want to play sports but not at the caliber of varsity. For academics there are many academies such as the STEM, business, humanities, and art that students passionate in those fields of study can enroll in. There are also many AP and dual enrollment opportunities. On top of this we have many other extracurriculars such as key club for volunteering, class council for making class decisions, and fun ones such as mountain bike and trail club or chess. There can be some issues amongst teachers and administration but for the most part there are amazing teachers supporting the students.
The most decent thing about this school was the education. Although the teachers weren't the greatest, and the learning environment wasn't the best either, we all still manage to learn what we need to. What I'd like to see change though, well that's a much longer story. The biggest thing is that I would like to feel safe and welcomed at this school. Every year I've been here, something happens. Bomb threats, suicide, kids bringing guns to school. It's awful. I hate to wake up every morning thinking that I might die today. Today might just be the day someone does something. It's a horrible awful thing to not feel safe in your school
Our school isn't perfect. As a matter of fact, it's a little rough at times. Bangor has a lot of rough neighborhoods with children that don't really want to be in school and see no value being here. There are often student fights and overall hate towards one another. Most of the students here complain because they don't want to be here or want to go to another school. For me, I chose Bangor High and it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I have never been treated with such respect from the teachers than I have here. For me, this place is a new beginning.
Bangor High School has been a really great experience for me over the past four years. It really shaped me from a freshman procrastinator to a senior who is working as hard as he can day in and day out. I really appreciate all the teachers and resources that help the students a lot. I also think that their sports programs are among the best in the entire state. It makes me proud that our soccer, basketball, and football teams have been competing at high levels for years which is really good for the city
This was a great school to attend. The faculty really care about the students and how well they are doing. There is always extra help available if it is needed whether it be emotionally or scholastically. The coaches of the sports teams are also excellent. They not only teach the athletes how to play sports but life lessons. If you aren't interested in sports, there are many extracurricular activities for everybody.
I was part of the class 2018. I would say I had a good high school experience her. I loved all my teachers and I never met one that didn't want their student to succeed. I always saw them doing their hardest to help us graduate. The only problem I had here was my gidence councilor. She never got back to me when I needed her help my senior year. It got to the point were I had to request to see a different one. Other then that I like my 4 years there.
The teachers are semi reasonable but some are rude and stuck up, the students are the worse thing about the school, Drugs and vaping are everywhere in school. The bathrooms need to be fixed! its been three years and they never fixed them yet. Guidance is not very useful, dint bother signing up for casses you want you will not get them
Bangor High School is a sizable public institute filled with multiple paths of educational and extra-curricular activities to pursue. It is kept quite sanitary and sane throughout many busy school days. The class offerings here are expansive and will not fail to please most young minds in some way; especially with the teachings of some especially brilliant minds.
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While attending Bangor High School, the academics were great and the classes are perfect for preparing for college, or any level you want to take. Something I would like to see change is the respect for teachers and students to be equal.
I like that there are so many clubs for so many different types of people, personalities, and interests. There are also many different types of classes for different interests. The teachers are all very nice and helpful, whether you are a lost freshman or not even their student, but you need help on homework and your teacher isn't there.
The anti-bullying program here could use some improvement. Other than that, my experience was for the most part good.
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