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The teachers in the Math and Science Departments are good but some of the other teachers don't really care or are unfair about certain subject.
Bangor is a community school. Many students stay in the area and have a connection with the school. I would like to see higher expectations for administration, teachers and students.
I liked going to Bangor Area High School, it was enjoyable. I would like to see more diversity in the after school activities. Also I would like to see maybe some communication with the admin and the student body
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As a senior at Bangor Area High School, I have lived the experience of attending this school. Bangor is known as a musically prominent school within the Lehigh Valley. The music department offers many great opportunities to individual students based on their skills. Outside of the music program, I have found disappointment within the student body. Students would be frustrated with teachers because they did not help students or felt they were not being valued. For me, watching students being treated poorly made me upset. For this reason, I was frustrated with school and it made me have a negative outlook on things. I would have maybe five or six really good teachers throughout my entire high school experience. I would like to see Bangor Area High School incorporate the student body into more of their decisions rather than focusing on their budget. There is no point of having a school if the students cannot enjoy it, therefore, this school needs to pay more attention to their students.
I really enjoyed the performing arts programs - Choir, musicals, band, etc. Sports events could be fun to go to but it seemed that the school cared too much about sports rather than giving attention to everything else (example: the performing arts). I enjoyed my time in the performing arts organizations, but not so much in the general education classes/gym/anything else really.
Best part of BAHS is staff, amazing teachers, office workers, guidance workers, custodians and lunch workers. Too much focus on standardization with springboard, star testing, etc. Administration does not communicate well with students and teachers, and continuously pushes for changes without much valid reason nor intention to compromise. Most AP classes are not given the full year they on schedules. Various students were not allowed to graduate early or take advantage of educational enrichment for some unknown reason. Overall great staff being mismanaged.
Fairly good teaching skills but building itself isn’t as well maintained as it could be. They provide a very good education to students and always incorporate different activities in class to keep students focused and learning hands on.
I very much like BAHS. The teachers are nice and helpful and the atmosphere is great. As someone who was in the school all 4 years of high school I think that the school was a great place and I learned a lot while there not just from classes and teachers but also from friends I met while I was there. The athletic department is really good and is a large part of students’ lives while attending the school. The choir and theatre departments- the music department in general- is really good and has a lot of opportunities and teaches students things they wouldn’t learn elsewhere. The departmanets have a great atmosphere and everyone is friendly and like a family.
Adverage school. Awful administration all with agendas other than the education of the students. Adverage teachers.. Some care.. some do not at all. Awful disciminitation and racism runs throughout the halls. Would not recomend moving to Bangor Area for the school at all. Some positives are the music program and the support of the community with events.
There is very little diversity at Bangor. Many people are closed-minded, meaning that anyone who is different is outcasted for being who they are. The teachers are nice as long as you’re respectful and pay attention (which is how all students should treat their superiors).
I liked how there are a variety of different clubs, organizations, and sports within the school district. There is always something to do and joining clubs are easy and fun. I played Varsity soccer all four years of high school and I made friendships that will last a life time. The one thing I would improve would be having a mini-thon and coming up with new ways to raise money for charity.
There is a lot of tradition at the school which is fun, but some of the teachers need to be replaced.
For me, Bangor has been awful. The students in my grade are malicious and conniving. The administration is refusing to let me take classes that are on my intellectual level. They are now refusing to let me graduate a year early, but won’t be of any help for me or my circumstances.
I was originally scared to transfer to Bangor after my pervious school closed, but now I am very happy that I came here. I was able to meet new people and make new friends as well as expend my academics through the numerous clubs and classses offered by the school. If I were to change something it would be the food and the college readiness, they're not horrible but they could definitely use some improving.
Although most of the teachers seem as though they couldn't care less about your education there are a small handful that would do anything for their students. These few teachers made my 4 years there bearable and like many graduates would agree, I am not be eager to go back and visit.
I had a great time at Bangor Area High School. I was able to meet great people, including teachers and students. I was surprised at how ready for college I was because of how well they taught me. I would definitely recommend this school for others.
Bangor Area High School has a number or extracurricular activities. Ive been involved in many, including, cheerleading, choir, chamber choir, track and field, powderpuff, ecology, sga, gsa, class cabinet, the spring musical among other things. Each one of these things was a big group with mass amount of commintment
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The amount of knowledge i have gained form attending this school is astonishing. Students make jokes about how we cannot wait to get out but in all reality i would go back to this school if i had the chance because i love the teachers and atmosphere. My teachers have always been supportive and most of them have asked continuously how my plans for the future are going. I know that if i emailed them about questions or concerns about anything, id get a response. Theyre caring and loving individuals. Our school thrives or both sports and arts. Which in my opinion makes us different. Most schools focus on one sport or subject. But we focus on everything.
In my experience at Bangor Area High School i had a handful of absolutely wonderful teachers. My teachers have always gone beyond what they needed too. If i asked for help i received it for the most part. I always had someone to talk to. The students joke about the "safe zone" protocol that our school offers but it was very effective in my experience. There are a few times that world things happened and we didnt talk about it. and we were no aloud to use many technological things, but my teachers were beyond smart and knew so much about things even outside of the topic they teach. There were also many instances that teachers i didnt even have, have helped me. overall, the teachers at bangor were very good teachers and ive learned so much from them.
There are many sport teams and clubs to choose from.
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