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It was a great school. I really enjoyed my time there. It really prepared me for my time in college. Sometimes, I feel that the school over-prepared me for college but I still believe that the school is amazing.
As a college prep school, BPI does a good job at providing students with a rigorous curriculum focused on STEM and AP classes, no matter which track they're in. While everyone is challenged, students can also seek special opportunities in research and engineering. All that being said, the academics can be hard at times, and the workload is often crippling, but that's just the nature of Poly. There isn't as much intermingling or diversity among the different tracks as I'd hope for. For a school that's 70% black, most of the kids in Ingenuity are rich and white. This school is also lacking in the arts and humanities classes. There is an unfair amount of resources allocated to STEM classes, so go to another school if that's not what you want. So sad to see so much government-issued food go to waste. Surely this school can figure out something to do about that.
My experience at Poly has been overall great. I have had my ups and downs in terms of the school work and academics as a whole but the school definitely gets you ready for college. In terms of college readyness I give it 10/10. The rigor and work load is definitely setting you up for the future.
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Poly is a school with strong school spirit which you can see in the cheering crowds at the sports games. The academics are challenging and competitive. There is an accelerated Math and Science program as well as an Engineering track with its own hydroponics lab.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has effectively prepared my for college with their rigorous studies. One thing I would change is for all of the teacher to be available to talk to not just some.
I enjoyed going to high school. My time at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute was both fun and enlightening. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute is known as the number one high school here in Baltimore Maryland, and I was incredibly grateful to be excepted into the school.My first year at by my Polytechnic Institute was rough. As most people‘s have difficulty adjusting to high school I was no different. I struggle to make friends and struggle to understand some of the difficult work expected of me; However, after my first year I got the hang of the entire high school experience. After my first year of high school, I was able to better understand the work as well as the social dynamic. Luckily, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute wasn’t a high school full of bullies and aggressive or mean teachers like TV and movies often portray. For this reason I would rate my overall experience at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has a 5/5.
I am currently a freshman at Stevenson University and it has prepared me for college. I'm in all advanced math classes and I'm doing pretty well so far considering the fact that classes are online. The administrators and teachers are all nice and helpful. During the time of graduation with this pandemic , they were really nice and patient with the class of 2020. They also kept in contact to make sure we were settling in well in our colleges . I loved attending this school!!
I'm a senior at Poly and the school is good. It can be challenging at times but they definitely get you ready for college. The teachers can be hard on you but they only want what's best for you in the long-run. Make sure you pick the best track for you because you probably will end up changing it at least once but other than that, the school is good when it comes to education and college readiness.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute is an amazing school that offers an amazing education. The students are interesting and highly intelligent in different areas. The school itself can be challenging and stressful however, the faculty is very supportive. The lunch is terrible but thank god for vending machines.
I would love to see more career fairs for people who don’t see college as an option . It’s helpful fir students to not only see college and I would also like for more alumni to come back and speak on their experience
Definitely prepared me for college, but overall a stressful and at some time unethical environment. I had more good teachers than bad ones, however encountered a lot more disrespectful and inconsiderate administration and staff members, than respectful and empathetic ones.
They do a good job of getting their students into college and preparing them for it but their history as a historically white school shows. The alum that fund the school dont put money forward for necessary things but instead choose to fund areas that mostly benefit white students.
Poly is honestly just a wonderful school. I feel very safe in my environment and the teachers are actually there to guide you and not just teach. There are so many resources that allow the students to thrive along with our prestigious academic programs.
I liked the networking and opportunities I received. I think they could improve on the condition of the buildings and pests.
The overall teaching wasn't that special....I had a few great teachers, but the school based it's level of teaching ability on how much work they gave you, and how hard the classes were. JROTC however, was a pleasant experience.
Polytechnic Institute really prepares students for college.The curriculum is an awesome introduction for whats to come when entering a college or university.Helps to build a sense of confidence and security in one's ability to succeed.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, or Poly for short, is a good school with a rigorous academic program. It prepares you for the schoolwork you may get in college and opens many doors to college seeing as Poly is known for its smart students in Maryland.
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I highly recommend attending the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute mainly because of the family that was created by the students and staff. Although we may not always agree on things, the community is very welcoming and accommodating.
Poly is an amazing and high achieving school, but like most schools it has it's fair share of poor teachers. I honestly love my school and the dedication most teachers have, I just wish all of the teachers shared that drive. Overall Poly has a great sense of community and makes me genuinely enjoy going to school everyday.
The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute is a school for the creative and curious. Your learning is not confined to the walls of a classroom and you are taught to learn for the sake of application. Opportunities are plentiful at this school - from conducting research in microbiology to founding a new student union. The curriculum is rigorous, but the skills and networks you will build are invaluable. Along with a dynamic education, you will find yourself embraced by a welcoming, proud, and driven community full of exceptional individuals (teachers and students alike).
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