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I liked that Balboa High School had diversity and programs, such as pathways, that enhanced our knowledge for specific subjects.
My experience at balboa high school was like any other normal high school clubs, sport , fun activity. One thing I can say about balboa high school is that it is very supportive about all of its student. The after school program was helpful, and the teacher actually made a difference. They wanted to see you do great in life unlike other teacher just there to give you a grade and go on about their day.
My senior year I was able to do BalTV on Wednesdays. BalTV is when a few of us would do a live stream during homeroom and announce the news and events happening at school that week.
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I feel like Balboa’s facility has never done a good job at creating a safe,fun, and welcoming space for EVERYONE.
Something I liked was the support from some of the staff and the sports are really good. They should improve in the activities outside of school.
My experience at Balboa highschool was average. I believe that the school and students are doing better in academics than past years. I think Balboa is a good school because of it diversity and how the teachers and administration care for the students in a way that makes us feel safe and respected. Although there could be some changes and improvement that could be made like having more clubs and activities for students to engage in. The school could be renovated considering that some classes are basically worn down. Even though Balboa isn't the nicest school, I still enjoy my time there with my teachers and classmates.
Balboa is one of the most diverse school and has the largest student body. What I like about the school is the community. The administration work with the student representatives to create events to include every student. They offer many opportunities such as the two-year pathway programs like WALC, which teaches the importance of environmental education through classroom lessons and outdoor field experiences, and many more.
Balboa high is a pretty good school, it has improved throughout the years. I've heard storys about how school life was like went my family members went. Back then Balboa wasn't particularly a good school, there was lots of fights and other negative things occurred. Now it's less of that and the school is more focused on our future. We have a college room where you can seek help for anything college related and even join the programs. Pathways for certain careers you might find interesting or may want to pursue in the future and many other cool things.
I liked the people because they are my friends but you really only start learning until 12th grade and you’ll be lucky if you get good teachers in between
At the moment I am still attending Balboa Highschool. I am a Senior so this is my last year here but I have noticed how the Staff are not really there for you or available for check-ins like they said they will be when we were all Freshmens. I have no one in my family who has experienced the process of college so it is difficult for me to know what I need to do or what are the deadlines and so much more.
Balboa high is a pretty good school. Staff members are very helpful to the students. This school is very diverse which make it easier for students to be able to interact and socialize.
I enjoyed my time at Balboa. Most of the teachers were really good, but there were a couple that did the minimum amount of work possible and one was absolutely horrendous, agenda-pushing, and belittling. One thing I would change would be to separate the band students by skill level (Beginner, intermediate, advanced) because it was a complete mess otherwise.
I liked how the teachers were willing to work with you and help you out. What I didn't like was that their wasn't any school spirit at all the the admin never helped out to organize.
Balboa's school environment is fun and safe. The student government hosts many events that allow students and teachers to bond and stay connected with the school.
Having great teachers teaching the class makes a great difference in making me want to try learn while having fun. The administration is really mixed bag from not doing a through job in consistent quality. The college preparation resources aren't really helpful since it's better to get more accurate and current information by going to the college website, email, and appointment to the office helps more. I wish people told me go directly to the college instead of transferring since it would have saved me more time to graduate.
My experience at Balboa is great. The teachers there are trying to get you ready for a college class based on all the work they give you and the time frame you have to do it in. Teachers try to help as much as they can even though they have to grade work and probably take care of their own families. Balboa has lots of resources to help you with any of your school work or college readiness. They have a college room to help with financial aid, they tell you about scholarships, take you on field trips to see colleges of your choice, and help you fill out college applications. Balboa also has the best clinic in San Francisco which helps you from anger management to just getting things you need so you can feel better. They have multiple clubs and you do not have to just be that race or ethnicity to to join.
Most teachers do a good job in caring for students for them to succeed in their classes. Those teachers that do reach out more with their students are generally more likable and teach really good. It's really fun once you get into a Pathway because it gives students an elective to focus on learning what the Pathways are and how they could potentially help students in the future. As I heard from some students, some teachers aren't that great because their teaching style is hard to understand or that they are easily irritated.
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I really liked how the teachers cared about the students and really try to reach out if they find them troubled.
I love the academic pathways program Balboa High School offers for junior and senior students. The CAST and WALC pathways are great and prepare students to the technical skills required for college.
Balboa was a pretty diverse school and most students are treated equally. Some teachers aren't the greatest, but you get a pretty good education.
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