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We know our middle schooler is ready to excel in high school not only
because of academic measurement and nationally benchmarked testing,
but because the student to teacher ratio at Baker allows for all of
her teachers to truly know her, and to understand her strengths and
readiness. She is, and we are, in frequent communication with her
teachers about how she is progressing, and what they can do to keep
her challenged and growing. We know this wouldn’t happen to the same extent in public school, and we are so grateful for Baker.
The community is full of lifelong learners, inquisitive minds,
and thoughtful individuals who care about education and each other.
Baker has been an outstanding education and social experience for our entire family.

My children are known well by their teachers, and I see how they are allowed to BE THEMSELVES as valued members of the community. Hands-on, experiential learning is tied to a strong curriculum, and learning is differentiated in small classrooms with teachers who continually adjust plans to meet student interests and enhance learning.

Teachers and administrators are communicative and accessible, instilling respect, integrity, tolerance, and compassion. It is a joy to be part of a place where children are put front and center in a safe, caring, and truly exciting learning environment.
Our children go to this school and it is an incredible place! Baker makes learning come alive to the children. They have been exposed to so many amazing hands-on experiences including: middle school camping trips, middle school microlending project, kindergarten butterfly migration work, theater productions, an all-school 5k, artistic explorations (clay, 3d printing, photography, paintings, mosaics, and more), big buddy/little buddy relationships between older students and younger ones, social justice work, middle school dual language (Spanish/Latin) work, differentiated challenging math curriculum, and so much more. Baker students go on to succeed at many of the top high schools in the area both public and private because they have developed a love of learning that goes beyond grades. Baker also dedicates a major portion of its budget to financial aid package to help foster a diverse community from a wide range of socio-economic, racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.
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We absolutely love Baker. We intended to leave after preschool and put our children in the public schools (Evanston) but now have been here almost 8 years. Our girls are excited every morning for school, and we love who they are becoming. Baker is educating them as curious learners and thoughtful community members. The teachers care deeply for the students, and help them develop both academically and socio-emotionally, which are deeply connected. The girls are becoming advocates for themselves, and developing flexibility and openness for a changing world. We are professors and see college students missing important traits and skills (many lack independence and are full of anxiety, fear of risk taking, and rigidity/performing to the test, etc.), and think Baker is an important antidote to such problems. We couldn't be happier. We love Baker and want to share it with others.
Love the innovative approach at Baker. With new leadership raising the bar of what it means to be a Progressive school, Baker has much to offer to children.
The stagnancy that had been a problem for some years finally has shifted. Great to see Baker moving forward and making good changes for students.
I loved my years here. Initially, it wasn't my first choice school, but I ultimately realized how great of a school Baker is. The community is strong, the teachers want to see their students succeed. The student-teacher relationship really feels like a partnership here.
There could be more offerings, but for a school of its size, it's fine
It's totally safe here - I have no complaints at all
This school is very easy to get into (hence the 95% acceptance rate), but manages to fill each class with hardworking and intelligent students.
Teachers tend to really, truly love teaching. I still keep in contact with some!
It's prek-8, so no counselors and very little college prep. Makes up for it by being up to date and good with younger students.
Very strict against bullying, and because there's such a great staff to student ratio, little kids are very rarely unsupervised.
Good, but can be...cliquey would almost be the right word. I was there two years ago, and sometimes the administration was completely taken over by the parents.
I was there for 12 years- the environment is fantastic, the teachers amazing, and the way they teach very helpful for students.
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