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Bak Middle School of the Arts Reviews

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I liked my experience at BAK, there were a lot of really good teachers that I would definitely recommend, and there were others that I absolutely disliked. In terms of the arts if you love your art then you will absolutely love this school. I will say that some of the art teachers can be very biased and some demanding, so you better be ready to put all of your heart and soul into it. Overall it was a good experience that I'd definitely recommend to someone who loves the arts.
Bak will be a great school for you if you love team spirit, the arts and having a school family. I made so many friends here and I definitely was given independence in my classes and was able to explore things outside my art area. Although the academics are just as good as the arts, the teachers aren't always in-depth and require you to teach yourself some of the curriculum. There is also a strong separation between each major and although I made friends with other majors, each typically sticks to their own. Bak really is a great school though and most of the teachers genuinely care how you do and many of the students are welcome and caring to others.
Amazing school, I made some of my best and dearest friends and it is great prep for getting me ready to audition for Dryfoos.
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Pretty great school. I was under the keyboard program before Mr. Bencivenga left; then Dr. Gastesi replaced him. I prefer the old color scheme of the buildings. They painted all the buildings in different colors, and it just doesn't sit right.
Bak is a school with a great deal of opportunity, if you grab it. The teachers here do their job, most of them very passionate about their work. There is a LOT of favoritism though (mostly in the major classes), so if you want to stand out among the other kids, you must work very hard right from the get-go. Depending on the courses you take, the homework can reach almost unmanageable levels. But it does effectively prep you for highschool and I daresay even college. Generally, there is a lot of school pride. Activities range from afterschool galleries, to out-of-state performances, and even out-of-country foreign language field trips. If you make it in, the faculty will expect your best and more. Though this differs from major to major, there is a lot of competition. Based on what I've seen, students who have low motivation or drive will not have a fun three years at Bak. But personally, I had a great time, and I'll miss the awesome Visual Arts Department teachers.
Our school is amazing for artists of all areas who exell at their areas. The sports aren't amazing, or the sports facilities, but the art area facilities and teachers for art areas and academics truly are.
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