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Bais Yaakov of Ramapo Reviews

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Excellent academics,college prepared!amazing staff,very caring,helpful,and professional! Great extra curricular activities and clubs,students creativity gets to shine! Students happy and excited to learn and go to school!peers are wholesome, nice students who become friends for life!beautiful campus too!
the teachers are interesting and always there too help. and the work isn't too easy or too hard, great balance
the school's administration is very friendly and warm and take care of each and every girl individually.
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it was a great experience. I learned a variety of different subjects, such as biology and math, which helped me picked what I wanted to major in
Students from all grades are friends with eachother. My school works hard to join all grades to be friends with eachother. The students are extremely friendly, happy, and good hearted students. I'd definatly give my school an A+!
the teachers truly care about their students and enjoy teaching. I feel that the student pick this up, thereby enjoying the lessons more. A teacher will give their students their phone number in case they have a question. Many teachers talk to student privatly, and help them cope with life, deal with stress, and friends. The amazing part is how much the student benifit from it! Many students will call a teacher at their house, go out with a teacher to talk, or even go to a teacher's house to help them out!
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