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I liked how invested the staff are at improving students education and preparing them for their future. Bacon Academy has very good academic programs that instill rigor and readiness into the students. The school offers many unique classes that few other schools provide the opportunities for. It is a very welcoming atmosphere, and every teacher's goal is to see their students succeed. That is why they are dedicated towards being the best teacher possible. Bacon Academy also offers wide range of clubs and sports open for students to join in all areas of interest, where again, most other schools do not offer.
I have been at Bacon Academy for four years and I will graduate in June. While high school isn't the greatest thing ever, Bacon Academy made it ok. Most of the teachers that I have had have done a fair job teaching me the material that I need to learn. However, I have had quite a few teachers who did not do a good job teaching, and my classmates and I never really learned anything in those classes.
The variety and quality of classes is the one truly great thing about this high school, but the building and resource availability is deplorable. There are unique opportunity, unfortunately shadowed by a lack of fund diversions from sports to academics and arts.
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Bacon Academy has a very rich history. The school's teachers are all very nice and intelligent, even though the majority of students are not.
While it is hit or miss with the teachers, Bacon Academy has provided me with a well balanced education, as well as given me countless opportunities for extracurricular activities and to explore my passions.
The quality of the academics was good. There were a lot of college level courses and they were fairly simple to sign up for. Most of the teachers and faculty were really understanding of your life in and out of the classroom and were willing to work with you to help you succeed. The sports were okay. Our teams weren't the best during the time I was there but they could always be improved. The students and faculty in our music and arts programs were very talented but they weren't recognized as the school focused more on sports. The politics clubs (student council, young democrats) were really involved with the school and the community, but the majority of them didn't do too much except the occasional fundraiser.
Bacon Academy is a welcoming environment, the faculty and students are compassionate about keeping Bacon Academy a safe place for students to learn. Every day at Bacon Academy, there are opportunities to interact with people in the community and make a positive impact not only at the school, but in the world.
My experience at Bacon Academy has been what I think you'd imagine every public school is like. The people I've met are now lifelong friends, the teachers are dedicated, and the food is pretty okay. However there's always drama and administration is lacking.
My experience at Bacon Academy is decent since the academics are good however, I believe there should be a little bit of change around the school. I liked most of my classes because there was a variety to choose from in different departments such as language, technology, science, art, etc. In addition, I was able to earn college credit since a few of them were dual enrollment. One change that I would like to see is for the school to "go greener" because it is important nowadays to be environmentally friendly. For example, the use of Styrofoam trays at lunch or people not recycling things that could be recycled. Overall, my experience is alright here at this school.
I've had some of the greatest teachers at Bacon Academy. Many times it is school funding that limits Bacon Academy's sports teams and clubs. The school is very caring and attentive to each and every student and is phenomenal towards preparing kids for colleges. One thing Bacon Academy could improve on is emphasizing more school culture.
The "Bacon Academy family", or to so as it is referred, has been subject to incessant mocking ever since my principal introduced the term in a pep rally my freshman year. There are times where my school doesn't /really/ feel like a family- but then again, does any family /always/ feel as close at it is?
I have spent two years at Bacon Academy and I will spend another two in its old, beloved halls positively littered with artwork and light. Within those ancient hallways, I have been met with nothing but acceptance, love, and an incessant sort of kindness with which I was once unfamiliar. I am a transgender student, and never once has there been a cause for me to question my safety. Staff and students alike have not experienced exactly what I have, but they go leaps and bounds to make that connection and support me.
Sometimes, I wonder about what makes a family a family. While I am still uncertain, I know wherever I go and whatever I do, my Bacon Academy family will be behind me.
Bacon Academy holds a special place in my heart considering it my hometown and high school of choice. The teachers here are down to earth, qualified, and just all around exceptional. The diversity of classes and the challenges that are offered here will fit student's of all sorts. The classes themselves definitely prepare you for college and beyond with a focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills, skills that are much needed right now in our world. No matter what type of person you are, Bacon definitely has a class that you will enjoy. As for the food, I don't eat at school in order to stay on track for my personal health and fitness goals, but I here the food here is all the rage.
For the most part, Bacon Academy feels very communal. There are so many clubs and ways that a student can get involved, and not only involve themselves but thrive. They have an excellent music department headed by two incredibly talented and devoted teachers who want to help. A lot of the staff are like that as well; they want to help you learn.
Bacon has teachers that care and actually want to help you be better inside and out of the classroom
Very good school and friendly atmosphere. Hard to fit everything you want into your schedule. Most teachers arw really good, some are not. Classes with standard based grading sometimes become unorganized and unbeneficial.
I truly enjoyed attending Bacon Academy, obviously every school has its problem but I enjoyed my time as a student there.
I felt as if I received an adequate education and a good amount of knowledge with my past four years there. I made amazing friends and had a great social life. The sports were amazing, there is always so much to do.
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The teachers could be more dedicated to really helping some of the students. It seems like they push kids through and don't really help them.
Bacon was a fun place to go to school back in the day. I recently had to get in touch with the guidance office to send a copy of my transcript to a transfer college and they were super friendly and helpful and had it to my new college within a few days. Thank you for everything Bacon!
As a Bacon Academy Alumni, this high school has prepared me successfully for college. the teachers, the wide range of academic classes, extracurricular, athletics, and more have all made contribute to a great public high school in a suburban quiet town. With being involved in leadership rolls, and a track and field team at this high school, I was able to bring this over to college and finish up what I love for a few more years. This school is where the start of great experiences happen, that will last for a life time of opportunities.
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