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it sucks. the admin doesn't care about the students and neither does skyline. the fact that this is even considered a school is astonishing.
this school is a joke I started there in my junior year of high school and I somehow left dumber than I was when I started. most of the teachers don't even care about the education of their students! and on top of that the school its self ONLY cares about its national team basketball players, last year (2019-2020) they changed the schedule of all the students just cause the basketball coaches said they needed more time to practice during the last period of the school day!
Good school. Teachers and admin care about the students and do wha then can to ensure they succeed in graduating high schoo
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There are better school's to attent. Most of the teachers are helpful and nice but the school tends to keep secrets from parents and doesn't keep them informed.
Very good school academically with a great staff. The ownership is very involved and supportive of the student. The teachers seem to care and are responsive when contacted. They work hard to help the students succeed.
They have Security cameras everywhere buts its not hard to get around them. The school is safe from a shooting but not so much from drug use and etc
Since this school is particularly brand new, not many clubs and or organizations have set in. As a leader of Student Council , we thrive to make a better school. I personally talk to all the members in student council and see whats going on with them and how school is going for them. We are just starting , We will make this happen.
I went through quite a few high schools . I couldn't seem to get comfortable at any one. Either I didn't like the students at the school, felt unsafe, or even had just the average grades. When I came to AZCP in 2015 for my Junior year, I immediately knew I could make something out of myself. My counselor Mrs. Fontes helped with that, she introduced me into Student council and also Dr. Robinson, who he is my Principal. They pushed me to my limit and have helped me succeed in everyday possible .
The teachers at AZCP are extraordinary, not only because they know how to teach but they understand us students. They understand that life happens, i've seen a few cases where some of my classmates have a rough life at home and the teachers try and support and help them. Nobody is perfect in this world, but they honestly try their best to get us where we need to be in order to suceed in life. As for myself being a senior, its been a stressful year but they have ensured me I can do it.
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