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When one enters the school, the rules of the real world cease to apply anymore. Students are not given consequences for their behavior, teachers do not teach and are not punished, and administration overlooks the school's flaws. First, the problems have to be acknowledged. Then, an answer has to be suggested.
Ayer Shirley Regional High school although holds a rather accepting facade it is in every way possible just like every other school. Throughout my four years at this school, I've experienced relative support from adults with the acceptance of a few teachers. The few teachers I have truly felt supported by I have developed a great connection with and help me through anything.
they tend to spend more time on students that cause the most trouble but they do give advance students multiple choices of things to do.
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People don't really care about students future here... except a few good teachers looking out of us.
Small school district, diversity, safe, great atmosphere in general! Teachers are available for extra help when needed, community oriented, athletic programs are fun!
The facility is amazing and the teachers are very nice, but the workload is very stressful if you do honors and extracurriculars and my bus comes at 6:15 in the morning, so mornings are rough. Also, there's hardly ever any good vegetarian lunch options.
I had lots of fun and administration and teachers were always there to help me with anything. Even after I have graduated, administration still helps me with my concerns.
I would love to see there be an LGBT+ club or something of that nature, since there are students in the educational environment being bullied to the point of suicide that are LGBT+ it hurts to see this
Ayer Shirley is a crazy place. Sports events almost always have great hype, plus there's clubs here for any kind of person! Some of the teachers will bend over backwards for you as long as you make a good connection with them. Asrhs is really a place like no other.
Ayer Shirley Regional High School has some of the greatest teachers and faculty. The teachers really try to make relationships with the students, however, some students are just given up on. There is not much accommodation for students with special situations.
Excellent School! Best choice for my daughter! She is thriving and she has improved in all areas! This school cares about their students. Teachers are wonderful and their always willing to stay to help those in need
Our staff makes sure that students know about sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying and peer pressure. They also make it a priority to remind students of the affect and consequences for participating in any of those things.
They are a variety of clubs and activities that students can join. From arts to future leaders. Our school gives a chance to every student to participate in something the enjoy or something that can benefit them in the future. Students are also welcomed to start their own clubs with approval from the staff.
I love my classes and my teachers. Every student has at least one teacher that they get really get connected with
A lot of teachers really do they best to satisfy students
There is almost no bullying at this school, including hazing. When it occurs it is handled and punishments are handed out immediately. The nurse is unbelievably nice and caring. you cannot walk into this school as there are cameras and locked doors, you must use the main entrance and get a visitors pass.
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We had an amazing robotics team that went pretty far either to nationals or regionals and competed very well at every level.
Going to this school was like no other. It was like a tight knit community where the students had great relationships with each other and the teachers. There was no worrying about bullying because everyone was very accepting of others.
The teachers at this school are the best around, not only are they knowledgeable but they are like open books. You can take any problem you have to anyone of them and they will drop what they are doing and help you.
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