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Ayden-Grifton High School Reviews

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My experience with AGHS was very much fun!! Ayden-Grifton high school is a very good school and provides many resources for you to succeed.. AGHS has a great atmosphere!! very easy to fit in & participate in the things you love such as clubs & sports
Ayden Grifton has a great counseling department and has set strong academic goals for students. I would change how some of the clubs are set up and executed, but the activities include all students.
My son recently graduated and he is planning on attending college after a year considering other options, military, work or help at his family's farm. While a student, he became interested in both Drama and Orchestra and had great mentors with both programs. He did well on his SAT's and placed out of the classes required to start on college credit courses. The fact that a school is not in a affluent suburb, near a major city with teacher salaries well above average, is no indication of the quality of one's education.
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Ayden grifton high school is home of the chargers. I believe in my school and believe it could turn into something great. It needs a little more student envolvment and school spirit. I believe that I will do amazing things along with my school. Our time will come
I have been around Ayden grifton for years now and every time i show up i am greeted with tons of love and respect.
Its overall a pretty great school, fun learning environment, the staff try their hardest to get you ready for college.
Ayden-Grifton has a great learning environment, but I think we should develop more clubs for more students to get involved with the school.
I absolutely love Ayden Grifton. Not every body is nice but a lot of the students are and most of the teachers are along as you have been behaving. We have this program called charger academy. If you have missed too many days of class or did bad on a test you will be assigned to charger academy. At charger academy you do a review on the computer then you retake the test or missed work. You can also go to charger academy if you were not happy with your grade. I think this is a really cool thing to have at school and the teachers are there to help you all the way.
All this unnecessary crap when we can take the same classes at PCC and it'll be easier and we'd learn more.
Some teachers try. These teachers have the children out of control. Some teachers allow the students to lay on the desks and go to sleep. Don't even have an idea about the subs.
Half the school is gay. Seriously.
They have no talent. -_- Except theatre...Theatre is the best.
The toilets are hazardous to your health. The roof is caving in...literally. There is cobwebs and mold.
I always feel safe there is a good amount of safety precautions taken for the students at my school.
There all plenty of great extra curricular activities.
I have made some of my best friends at this school some that I think will be life long. Almost everyone at AGHS is friendly.
Classes are very repetitive and there is not much change everyday you go in and can expect almost the same routine. It gets boring in some classes but it others it is very applicable for the material you are learning.
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The clubs and organizations that I belong to are relevant to my educational interests, such as Health Occupation Students of America, as well as my personal interests of community service, through the Key Club. Both of these clubs have assisted me in meeting those needs, but I feel like there could be more organizations and clubs available.
Ayden Grifton High School is located in a small, rural community. There are fewer students than most of the other high schools in the county. I think this makes our school unique, as we have closer relationships with other students and with staff. Our school is like family. Everyone looks out for each other and support is evident in most situations and events.
The teaching staff at Ayden Grifton High School are well prepared and ready for class. Lessons are well thought our and thorough. The staff are available to assist students if they have questions, whether it's in the actual classroom or a scheduled time, convenient for both the teacher and student. I, truly, believe the staff at Ayden Grifton care about the students. They are aware if a student is having an "off" day and will intervene by checking on them. They work with students who may need extra work assignments or tutoring if the student is behind. Overall, my experience with the teaching staff at Ayden Grifton High School has been a very positive experience.
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