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Teachers develop a good connection with the students.
We are having a hard time getting the counselor to help but I have stepped up to take care of it. I am highly involved in what goes on with my kids in that school. The college prep resources are always available through other resources.
The athletics at the school are fine but our AD needs to set us up in better conferences. The fitness programs and stuff that they offer the athletes are amazing as they actually bring in people from the outside area to talk with them about how to stay in shape the healthy way! The school spirit and fan support is Awesome!
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As far as winning and coaching goes, each extracurricular activity was either decent or better. There isn't any clubs in this high school, but there were plenty of things to join.
There are advanced levels of general studies at this high school like Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics; for a couple of these classes, the teachers try to make it easy as possible to pass with a good grade. There are periods that students can have a study hall class or a special needs class to help with problems with homework. There are non-general studies such as wood work, and metals. What could be a kicker is that some of the classes that you might want could be only put in the same period.
I was able to pass the school with good grades and taking advanced classes. The disapproving parts to it were that some teachers were discriminating to certain students and didn't treat them fairly. Also, the teachers and faculty have poorly defended the bullied students in my witnessing. I was glad to be out of there.
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