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Avoyelles High should change the way they "discipline" students. The disciplinary department suspends and sometimes expels students for the smallest reasons.
They should also change dress cod rules such as the "no hoods rule", where we students cannot wear pullovers or jackets with a hood.
Avoyelles High School is unique when compared to other high schools. When you start talking about safety, academics, and others, Avoyelles High is always on their "A" game. The structure of the teachers, principles, and other administration have such an impact on the students. There is always a helping hand ready for you no matter what! One of the things I'd like to see change is the student atmosphere, there is always problems going on. And the outstanding teachers don't deserve what they receive from the students.
When I was there, most of the teachers were great quality. However, after I started dual enrollment my senior year it seemed like the behavior of the kids there were getting out of control and most of the good teachers left.
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My experience at Avoyelles High School was both fun and challenging. I was given the opportunity to take college classes, which have improved my future plans. I also have made life long friends and love the teachers there.
Avoyelles High School is a great school!! The teachers really teach you good information so that you are prepped for college and other educational purposes.
Avoyelles is kind of a good school and has improved in academics with the last two years. The school has made lots of improved and I can only see it getting better.
I have been going to this school since seventh grade. I am currently a senior and have had the opportunity to participate in accelerated programs and the dual enrollment program offered by ahs. As with any school if you are not willing to put forth effort to do well or if you are looking for trouble you will find it.
Good extracurricular activities & opportunities
It was great, really enjoyed my high school years. Taught me How to grow up and be a man.
It's an amazing school even though it has its flaws just like any other school. The faculty and staff are very helpful and it's a great place to learn.
There's plenty of extracurricular activites to participate in. The staff is very supportive of the students in their decision of joining any sport, club, or any other organization.
I enjoyed the FFA program. The school has a very high presence in the community.
The food at school is mostly nutritious and healthy foods.
The teachers all have different styles of teaching. They make their lessons fun and easy to understand. They also make sure you understand one lesson before moving on to the next.
My school is pretty safe. We have some altercations every now and then but it's not that bad. There's not much bullying going on and the health programs are very influential.
The buildings could use some updates. They are poorly made.
We have hardly any bomb threats and I feel pretty safe there.
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The students are very nice and pretty accepting. It is not hard to fit in.
The extracurriculars are pretty vast. We have a few things to do after school.
The teacher are okay at this school. They are not more than what they need to be.
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