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My experience at Avon Park High School has been very good for my four years here. Of course, no school is perfect, but they have tried their best to make all students enjoy their time here at the school. The things I liked best about the school are the teachers that are here at the school. During my time here, I have not had a teacher that I did not like. The school has done very well in hiring the right teachers for students, teachers that are likable for the students. Some things that could be changed about the school is the ridiculous cell phone policy that has been placed throughout the years. They make it seem like cell phones are the worst thing in the world, but in everyday life they are used all the time. I understand times where having a cell phone is wrong, but the way the policy is set up here at the school, it just seems ridiculous.
The high school overall is good. I think if they would focus on better student involvement and advertising clubs, sports, and events it would be a lot better. Administration and teachers are all good.
The school teachers extremely well, every teachers teaches a student and motivates them to not fail. The school system is secured very well
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I loved the Red Devil pride we all shared. Located in a very small town our teachers and faculty were former students and whole generations had come and gone through the Avon Park school system. So it was really amazing to see that so many stuck around. To that same effect though things could get very one sided and people couldn't put aside their personal from professional ways very often.
I am currently a junior at the high school
I love the high school with all my heart it is really changing me into a wonderful respectful smart young man but one thing I would really like to see improve would be lunch we might just need a super intendent to come and try it to see their opinion.
I would like to see staff take more of an interest in students to help them succeed in their high school life. They should care just a little more about what goes on in their students lives. I would also like to see staff put in more effort to try and unite their students to eliminate problems between the students. There was simply a lot of unneeded drama that could of been avoided.
That's my Alma Mater! I can definitely say it was an experience! I enjoyed the opportunity I got to excel my academic career and be able to take college classes at an early stage. Lots of drama but what school doesn't? Some of the staff was racist asf. They could be more lenient on what some students wear. Should've kept certain things the same (like some lunch foods or the Ala carte line). But other than that it is not a bad school. It really is a place that helps you spread your wings and figure out your path.
Avon Park High School was not the worst but it was not the quality of an education that I would like to have had. There is room for improvement. For example, they should take academics more seriously. They are so focused on dress code and sports that it is as if academics are left in the dust. I believe that kids can not reach their full potential here because they have to be more worried about having a whole in their pants than they are about getting an A on a test.
When I moved the Avon Park community I loved how it was a small city. Avon Park High school welcomed me with open arms and I've been apart of two amazing teams for the three years I've been attending. one thing i would like to see change is the environment change and grow and be more open to new things.
I liked the small town vibes, football games were a big thing. It's easy to get involved with the student activities. I wish there were more options for Honor and advance placement courses.
It's a fairly sized school. The class size is about 1:20. In my opinion, the staff aren't the best. However, it's a great school.
I like that there are certain traditions like homecoming parades and rivalry with other schools. If one thing could change it would be that the administration focuses too much on punishing students than praising them for the good things that they do.
Avon Park High is a great school. Avon Park High creates a family-oriented atmosphere for students and staff.
I liked APHS because the staff and curriculum is very organized and it makes sense all the time. The students and staff are very respectful.
My experience at Avon Park High School is excellent. The school community is very open and enthusiastic with the students. The guidance counselors are always there for the students when the students need their help. The teachers are there both in the morning before school and after school. Most of the students are respectful to both their teachers and their other peers. There's a lot of diversity within both the community and the high school.
I enjoy the environment and how everyone gets a long. Although needs better lunch options, and cleaner bathrooms.
Avon Park High School is your average small town high school, it lacks good funding though, like many schools in Highlands County
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It's a lot of fun to be on the diving team. I knew nothing about diving until I joined! They taught me all I needed to get started.
I never really attended Avon Park high school....I took college classes and high school classes with the Highlands Career Institute(HCI) at South Florida State College. Put I did play for their basketball team.
I like my baseball team they are a good team that I know we can make it far. The teachers are nice and when you ask for help they are always there for you
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