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I liked the small town vibes, football games were a big thing. It's easy to get involved with the student activities. I wish there were more options for Honor and advance placement courses.
It's a fairly sized school. The class size is about 1:20. In my opinion, the staff aren't the best. However, it's a great school.
I like that there are certain traditions like homecoming parades and rivalry with other schools. If one thing could change it would be that the administration focuses too much on punishing students than praising them for the good things that they do.
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Avon Park High is a great school. Avon Park High creates a family-oriented atmosphere for students and staff.
I liked APHS because the staff and curriculum is very organized and it makes sense all the time. The students and staff are very respectful.
My experience at Avon Park High School is excellent. The school community is very open and enthusiastic with the students. The guidance counselors are always there for the students when the students need their help. The teachers are there both in the morning before school and after school. Most of the students are respectful to both their teachers and their other peers. There's a lot of diversity within both the community and the high school.
I enjoy the environment and how everyone gets a long. Although needs better lunch options, and cleaner bathrooms.
Avon Park High School is your average small town high school, it lacks good funding though, like many schools in Highlands County
It's a lot of fun to be on the diving team. I knew nothing about diving until I joined! They taught me all I needed to get started.
I never really attended Avon Park high school....I took college classes and high school classes with the Highlands Career Institute(HCI) at South Florida State College. Put I did play for their basketball team.
I like my baseball team they are a good team that I know we can make it far. The teachers are nice and when you ask for help they are always there for you
Some things that i would like to see changed, is the college readiness. What I like about this school is the friends I gained.
My experience at Avon Park High school was an interesting ride. I've learned how to manage assignments along with keep up with my social life. The students are respectful and responsible, and the the staff is very helpful.
Favoritism. I moved here from Indiana from a competitive show choir group that I was apart of for four years. When I tried jointing the show choir here, I was not allowed because I wasn't apart of their regular choir for at least 2 years. I couldn't have been in two
places at once. Not to meantion this showchoir doesn't even compete!
The school is very great! Every student represents this school and show love to the sports. Some teachers have high degrees but lack the importance of having a relationship with the students.
I like that the school is getting bigger and adding more class options for students. However the teachers of the math department need to be changed as they are NOT effective teachers. The English and History departments are top-notch and the science department has solid teachers as well.
The school cares about our health with the food they pick for us.
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We have extracurricular activities I wish we had some different and more choices.
Being at this school I often am no bored. There is always something going on.
Most of the teachers are willing to listen to what the students have a problem with. They are also willing to help fuide them to the answer without giving the answer.
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