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Avon Middle School South Reviews

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There are cops that roam the school during class to keep an eye on doors and are on the look out for fight and bullying incidents (which are extremely rare here). The nurses are awesome; they are super nice and get you exactly what you need on a timely manner.
One thing Avon is great about is all of the options of things that kids are able to join. There are endless clubs to join, but DECA is the most popular. The sports variety is also pretty wide. There is something everyone could join if they have the time for it.
While the school overall is great my experience was not so great. I would not ever like to do that over again if I had the choice. Most kids I would say enjoy their time there because it was such a great school.
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All of the teachers are willing to help out a students as much as they need and as long as the student has the motivation to do so.
We have a good system of cops that are always armed.. and we have a strong security system.. i feel the safest when im at school...
We do not have a very involved set of parents.. we never have a PTA anymore. It really stinks...
I would say it depends. All teachers have a different form of teaching but the way the teachers are at Avon are not very engaged in their jobs and just look like they are there for the money. Most of our teachers are not available out of schools and if they are they do not respond quick enough
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