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Avon Middle/High School Reviews

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People from Brockton high school needs stop hating on amhs. Schools like amhs and Holbrook middle highschool are doing better then all the schools in brockton. Stop listening to your child about them complaining to go to bhs, and send them to amhs or hmhs. It’s for the best of them.
This school is so good !! It’s better then Brockton High school, and you can learn more easier without distractions. I get it you might be upset that not a lot go to AMHS, but it’s better then being in school with people smoking weed in the bathroom and the bathroom catching on fire. Everyone is so nice !!
Avon Middle High is extremely small. Although it's both a middle school and a high school, it only has 300 kids. Because of this, the teachers aren't as busy as they would be in a place like Brockton High, so the children in Avon get the attention they need when it comes to problems on schoolwork or just regular help.
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Overall it is a very small school. Everyone including teachers know your name . Teachers are mentors they helped my child through some very difficult times. Avon band is up an coming going forward with wonderful things.
This school is great for anyone who wants a close and personal peer-to-teacher relationship, as the class ratio is very small and it is a small school of about 300. However, the administration needs to step it up when it comes to catering to the needs of students and actually showing care for each pupil and taking their opinions into consideration. Scheduling needs to improve as well--I applied for art classes all four years as I planned on attending art college yet was never given one, I was just thrown into random classes that needed to be filled. I've also noticed a decrease in school spirit--less "GO PANTHERS" and more sitting on phones at pep rallies. I personally wouldn't attend Avon High again if I had the chance.
The school should be better funded so it can provide more for the students because we miss out on getting ready for real life or even getting a taste of our possible future interests.
I liked how small it was. You could really connect with your peers. What is like to see change is the level of interest teachers and administrators have in the students. While some do, others need to realize that their job is to help mold and mentor the people of the future, not simply be a supervisor or chaperone. What I also want to see change is the amount of care that goes into being great. Don't shoot for the care minimum because the top is topless. I want to e then encourage students to be their best.
It was ok, but there aren't as many opportunities at such a small school. It was a tight-knit community which was nice, though.
For the time that I've been at AMHS, my experience has been great. The teachers are nice and contribute well to helping the students have a great education.
I really like the school because most of the teachers care about the students and offer extra help after school.

I would like to see more options for after school activities!
I liked the way they show us how to apply. i'll like it better if they stop giving links for non scholar things
What makes this school unique is the small class sizes--school of 300 students and grades of about 40. What I don't enjoy about this school is the lack of opportunity for students due to its small environment. Since 2013, there have been more fights and less school spirit.
The school doesnt have much to offer students but it isnt as horrible as some other schools
I would not attend again if given the chance because the school isnt really all that great.
The school is decent but it isnt much better than that. Not much is available for you to do and you can only do so much to get by.
overall they have a nice acceepting school that cares about the students. But like every school it has its flaws.
Most teachers at this school are great and like to make connections with their students. But some are as engaged or as caring.
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It offers a good education, however I never really like the small school setting where everyone knows everyone and that's what this school is. Also there aren't many class choices and I actually ran out of classes that I could take there.
When it comes to health we are well taken care of. We have an active who's always up and moving whether she's needed or not. For the most part Avon is a pretty safe school, only reason why I say "for the most part" is because teachers and other staff members don't see everything that happens around the school. We've never gotten a report of a student that didn't feel safe at my school.
I'm not saying that my school has the best lunches in the country but they're okay. We don't have a lot of varieties in our nutrition system because our budget can't really cover that. Our lunch isn't really all that healthy either since not everyone eats it.
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