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Avon Lake High School has top of the line educators, who have been extremely clear and helpful throughout my four years. Extra help is always available and encouraged, and preparation in AP classes is more than sufficient. Plenty of electives are available for those with open periods.
Avon Lake High School is a very fun and loving environment. All the students and teachers bond and work very well together. Students always help weather its helping out other students or helping others outside of school. Sporting events and extracurricular activities bring all four grades together, although at pep rally's the grades can be divided. Overall Avon Lake high school is a fun and friendly learning environment and I wouldn't want to go to High School anywhere else.
The teachers are very involved. The current principle loves to hype school spirit, his motto is GBED-Get Better Every Day (I wanted to point out everyday is one word but decided against it). The school offers college readiness classes for freshmen sophmores juniors and seniors. The school also has a very diverse curriculm of electives like TV Production, creative writing, Digital Art, and a program with LCCC, our local community college, to prepare students who want to become teachers themselves. The school is very safe for students under Detective Herd and parking lot patrol. The highschool is currently building and improving learning centers and the library as well as more classrooms. Every class is equipped with active boards, dry erase boards, and even chalk boards. Overall Avon Lake High School is a very safe and respected school that offers its students the best education and preperation for college in a cozy city.
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Avon Lake High School is a overall amazing school. The teachers here are amazing, outgoing, and dedicated to helping their students succeed and mature. There are many different clubs and activities to fit anyone's interests. The academics here are also outstanding and many students that go here are really well educated.
This high school, its teachers and staff truly prepare every student for college. They work very hard to make sure every student is successful.
As some one who is interested in the STEM field I felt like I got a lot of support. I was given many opportunities to receive college credit and ALHS really prepared me for my college experience in pursing Pre-Med.
Very upper middle class white high school. school spirit is high and football games are well attended despite our lackluster team performance.
Overall my school experience was enjoyable. The faculty and students are friendly and helpful and the teachers are willing to devote additional time to a subject if needed.
Just moved here. Not very impressed with how they try to integrate new students. Unsuccessful in getting important news to students such as modified schedules and midterms testing dates and schedules. Many teachers are kind and proficient but some are very biased, imposing a lot of their beliefs and opinions on young people who may take what their teachers say as gospel.
I liked that the size of the school was not so big that you were lost in a sea of names but not so small that you were looking at the exact same faces everyday. The school was small enough that you can find a group of friends and stick with them but you can also meet new people. I would have preferred if the school were more diverse and offered a wider variety of courses.
I feel deeply fortunate to attend Avon Lake High School. The staff is very professional and invested in the needs of each individual child, and the student body as a whole is a great support system full of peers who genuinely care about each other and strive to challenge and assist one another. Avon Lake High School exceed expectations in academics and has prepared me to score the best I can on my ACT and SATs.
The kids for the most part are pretty accepting, but some teachers are very ignorant and uncaring.
Movie Club, Orchestra, Band, Choir, NHS, the Spectrum, and Drama Club are the best clubs and activities at the high school. Everyone has such a great time.
I love my high school because of the people I get to see everyday. Being in the various clubs and activities really gives you a sense of community and belonging.
Most ALHS teachers genuinely love their and care for their students. However, there are a few teachers who are only there for the paycheck.
Avon Lake High School has a great academic program. They give many opportunities to children. Whether it be studying abroad or studying in the classroom. I wouldn't choose this school again just because of the kids who attend the school. Avon Lake is a very rich city, therefore the students don't give off the best vibes. They are stingy and stuck up, which can surprisingly distract other students in the classroom. Other than that, I would strongly recommend Avon Lake High School.
The teachers that I have been able to have throughout my years at Avon Lake High school are excellent. They engage students into the classroom atmosphere with their hands on teaching skills and technology driven lessons. I do believe that students in this generation strive well when technology is tied into the lessons. The teachers communicate very well with the students and are always available no matter what. The grading scale is consistent and fair.
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There is a decent selection of extracurricular, such as drama club, Key Club, art clubs, and music. Many people participiate in these clubs and they greatly enhance the school enviroment.
There have been some poor experiences with certain staff members and events, but over all this school is a friendly and wholesome enviroment. I have gotten a lot of good things out of attending this school.
Over all, the teachers are all very friendly and experienced. I am grateful to have had them for my high school years.
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