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Avon High School has made a positive impact on myself. Avon is well-know for its safety and education. The teachers tips and tricks for me is what made me become the scholar I am today. From a parents view of safety at the school is what every parent wish is. The students feel to freaked out about how all of the teachers know what they do outside of school.
I enjoyed the various AP classes offered, and I appreciated that academics as well as athletics were appreciated.
Continues to excel in academics, improves yearly in state ranking for top schools in the state. School strives to be financially prudent and yet provide the best class education for the city of Avon. Security is paramount to ensure student's safety. The Avon school district does a tremendous job in educating parents on drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, how to combat them, how to have a conversation with students, seminars on how to go about identifying problem, epidemic and trends.
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People at this school are too close minded and not to mention are very clicky. And if you are in special ed you get bullied and nobody cares which im not surprised and kids make fun of you its so dumb goodluck trying to make friends here cause they are not very accepting like they say they are just blowing smoke up your ass. And Goodluck trying to find a girlfriend because most of these girls are hoes and do drugs and make fun of you if your in special ed so my advice is exspect this and my advice too these people try to be more open minded and dont make fun of special needs kids cause karma will come back on you just saying. And kids dont do drugs cause it messes up your life seriously and it dont make you cool and to the girls here dont be a hoe and to you you guys just because your in sports does not make you cool and stop this wannabe gangster crap seriously.
The students are all self engulfed. Drugs are prevalent throughout the school and the rich culture is prevalent mixed in with a culture of extremely under privileged.
My experience at Avon High School was challenging and offered many for learning and personal and creative growth. In addition to receiving an excellent education I also had opportunities to be involved with extra curricular activities including Drama Club, Chorale, Key Club, Cheerleading, Dance and Thespian Troupe.
I liked how they had advanced classes but also less advanced classes. They had classes that were taught with the same passion for all intelligence levels.
I wish to pursue speech language and audiology to give back to my community. Avon Local School District has shaped me into who I am and tremendously helped me in my 12 years of education. With College Credit Plus programs, shadowing opportunities, and support through the college finding process, I am confident that they have prepared me for this next step. I have shadowed a school speech pathologist at the Avon Early Learning Center, and at our local elementary school. I got one on one time with each speech pathologist to talk about the aspects of the field, and also had hands on experience in the classroom. Being a speech pathologist in the community I grew up in has always been a goal of mine. This district has given me so much opportunity and inspiration and I wish to do the same for the youth of my community one day.
The teachers were extremely engaged in students' learning and the school provided many resources and programs for students to get involved in.
Avon High School will give you a very good education. The teachers are phenomenal. The schools resources and help are tremendous. The guidance counselors will help you with any possible issues you might have. The teachers are super nice. Overall it’s just a fantastic, well funded school. Everything is new and you never are left needing something that you don’t have
I would love to see Avon High School expand its fine arts programs and divert or create more funding towards those opportunities instead of sports. A Science Olympiad would greatly improve the school culture and the administration could see benefits arise from more involvement in academics.
I have loved my high school career at Avon High School. I am so grateful to have amazing teachers as my mentors.
I enjoyed my time at Avon High School. The teachers are charismatic and respectful. Some things I would change would be to review some of the teachers that have been there for maybe too long and to make sure that they are doing what they need to be doing.
I love my high school! However though, I do feel as if many students leave feeling unprepared for college and struggle their first semester because it is such a drastic change.
My experience at Avon High school part of my life, and one that will be a memeory for a lifetime. Attending as many possible events as I could, I remember being at every sporting event and play that was hosted.
It was not a bad experience, however there is still quite a bit that could be improved. Compared to the other schools I attended during my high school career, this was easily the best.
I loved Avon High School because it was a very close-knit community. You develop great relationships with your peers and teachers.
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Avon highschool is a great place for learning and to develop the proper social skills that will be needed in the future.
The teachers at Avon High School are extremely helpful! One thing I do not like about the school is that it is very football oriented. Much of the funding goes towards football instead of other programs like the arts departments or student clubs.
I am a senior at Avon High School and have had a good high school experience. There are a number of awesome teachers who want to see you succeed; if you are willing to ask for help you will definitely get it. I am involved in the music program and am happy to report huge improvements just since my freshman year. Although I am not an athlete within the high school all of our teams do very well, especially football.
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