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I would love to see Avon High School expand its fine arts programs and divert or create more funding towards those opportunities instead of sports. A Science Olympiad would greatly improve the school culture and the administration could see benefits arise from more involvement in academics.
I have loved my high school career at Avon High School. I am so grateful to have amazing teachers as my mentors.
I enjoyed my time at Avon High School. The teachers are charismatic and respectful. Some things I would change would be to review some of the teachers that have been there for maybe too long and to make sure that they are doing what they need to be doing.
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I love my high school! However though, I do feel as if many students leave feeling unprepared for college and struggle their first semester because it is such a drastic change.
My experience at Avon High school part of my life, and one that will be a memeory for a lifetime. Attending as many possible events as I could, I remember being at every sporting event and play that was hosted.
It was not a bad experience, however there is still quite a bit that could be improved. Compared to the other schools I attended during my high school career, this was easily the best.
I loved Avon High School because it was a very close-knit community. You develop great relationships with your peers and teachers.
Avon highschool is a great place for learning and to develop the proper social skills that will be needed in the future.
The teachers at Avon High School are extremely helpful! One thing I do not like about the school is that it is very football oriented. Much of the funding goes towards football instead of other programs like the arts departments or student clubs.
I am a senior at Avon High School and have had a good high school experience. There are a number of awesome teachers who want to see you succeed; if you are willing to ask for help you will definitely get it. I am involved in the music program and am happy to report huge improvements just since my freshman year. Although I am not an athlete within the high school all of our teams do very well, especially football.
I love going to Avon high school. My academic experience and extracurricular activities have made my high school years challenging and fun. The teachers are very helpful. They offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities. I was a member of the swim team for four years and really felt like part of a family. If I could change one thing about school, it would be to have a pool location. The 5:30 AM swim practices at the YMCA were difficult. I loved being in Avon Eagle!
I liked my time at Avon High School. I participated in cross country and track which would have been more fun with different coaches who were more accepting of average participants and not solely focusing on star players/runners. I loved most of my teachers but some classes were not as effective as I would have wanted them to be. For example, some of the teachers in my opinion rely too heavily on textbook work and what college board requires them to accomplish. I wish that could change to more hands on and creative ways to learn for some of the more important classes offered at Avon High School. I do, although, feel ready to progress onto college next year. The diversity in the school is very low, so I hope that changes after Avon grows more over the next few years.
Avon High school is a wonderful school. The variety of rich to poor students makes for an interesting environment. The teachers are eager to help and eager to teach. The principal and vice principal are very involved with the students, which makes students feel more welcomed.
Really great school, with great teachers. A little too much focus on football though. AP classes are top notch. Really great arts programs, not very much importance placed on them though.
The past 3 1/2 years of my life at Avon High School has been an exceptional experience, one that I will never forget. This experience has been accomplished because my school believes that every students is special and should be treated special, not just the athletes or the super smart kids but everyone. The school administration doesn't just talk the walk but they walk the talk when is comes to this policy.
Great school and great academics. Wish there was a little more diversity in the school like more clubs and ways to express yourself but overall it was a very positive experience being there.
Avon High School is a great school in a great district. The athletics, the academics, the faculty, and the clubs are great and have a lot to offer. The only thing that I would change is how they put their technology budget to use. Give more to the clubs and not buy useless flat-screen TVs.
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I only went to Avon High for two years due to the fact that I went to a trade school to attend early learning opportunities for my future. While there the academics were pretty well planned out. Voted the best in lorain county but the focus is not that great. I am in the band and when we needed new instruments the school gave all their money to the football team. The academics were fair at Avon but I did not enjoy my experience there.
I was too involved in extra curricular activities so my experience was just okay. I enjoyed my junior and senior year the most because I had a shortened schedule. In addition, I focused on my artwork which is something I am passionate about. If I could choose this school again and do it all over again, I would definitely be more social with my peers.
The teachers at this school are very dedicated to their careers. Each and every teacher had specific, engaging personalities which allowed the students to connect and succeed. Some teachers were old-fashioned and stricter while other were more laid-back and liberal with their teachings. With both styles, I felt that the teachers still managed to make the curriculum interesting and thought provoking. The teachers at Avon High School left a lasting effect on my high school learning and memories which made school tolerable and exciting for me.
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