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The teachers know every student and genuinely care about their success. There is a community feeling in the school, with no rigid social hierarchy.
The teachers are very involved with the students and work hard to help them succeed. Despite being a smaller school a high percentage of students participate in athletics and they are able to field some highly competitive teams.
The teachers are involved and very eager to assist students. However, the school is behind in their technology/tech programs.
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I have really enjoyed my experience at Avon High School. The teachers are wonderful and they always put their students first. It is an amazing school to attend
I love attending this high school. The friends I have made here will be lifelong friends.
The teachers are really great and they do very well at helping students understand and comprehend what they are teaching.
Avon is a very small school, in a very small town, so teacher to student ratio is good, and everyone knows everybody. Being so rural, people tend to be pretty conservative/closed minded. If you can find a niche, you'll be a very close knit group. Our sports teams are actually really good, though some of the coaches can be less than desirable. Most of the food sucks, there's just no way around that. Since we're so small we don't have a wide variety of classes or extracurricular or groups. Teachers generally really do care about their students, so most of our school is on the Honor Roll or High Honor Roll list.
Several clubs and sports teams
Always have student safety as a top priority
Don't get alot for what you pay.
Students are very involved with athletics and fan support.
Most students are Athletes in multiple sports.
Teachers are very helpful and go above and beyond doing what they have to in order to help their students.
This school livery diverse, its the go to school for stuendts who aren't ready to go to a hard core college. This school is helpful if you want to save money
The teachers at this school want you to succede in college they help when needed. They are very kind and friendly.
The sports at this school aren't as serious as others. There really aren't many school sports to choose from
I believe some students are successful if they choose to be. Other students are not as motivated to suceede in life. If they graduate with a degree they are very well prepared
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Everybody is helpful at this school. There are many teachers who help students outside of class and they understand you. The staff is all around great
At Avon High School, there are no after-school programs that offer extra help academically to students. There are a few clubs that are academic based, such as the Mathletic team, but they do not offer academic assistance. There are a few different types of clubs and organizations available to students. There is Interact club, which allows students to acquaint with foreign exchange students in the local area. Although there are no charges, a moderately high level of commitment is required to join Interact club. Another organization available is the Student Council. Student Council is open for all students to join, however they do not advertise the organization well, and often do not have new members. There is a large amount of commitment required, but there is no cost to be apart of Student Council. Another commitment-requiring organization is the Peer Mentoring Program. In this program, high school students are recommended by teachers to be a mentor to a middle school student. The mentor must meet with their mentee at least once a week, and if they are unable to meet, the time must be rescheduled. There is no cost to join, but the program is very strict and you must be committed. A more fun option for a club is Ski Club. This club allows students who enjoy skiing to do so through the school at a reasonable cost. It requires less commitment than some of the other clubs. Academically, there are only a few clubs available. For Mathletics, the students are selected to join by their math teachers. They compete in math competitions against other schools in the area. Another academic based club is Mock Trial. This club allows students who are interested in law or government studies to experience what a real trial would be like. Both clubs require a moderate level of commitment. Other academic clubs such as Tech Club and Chess Club have been cut. There is minimal support for these clubs. Overall, the school offers an average amount of clubs and organizations.
The food at Avon High School is not a strong asset of the school. The school cafeteria is a self-serve set up, allowing students to choose the meals that they want. Everyday options include a slice of pizza, and a soup and salad bar with limited portions available. The meals change daily, ranging from cheeseburgers to "macho nachos" to turkey and mashed potatoes. The meals are not of a good size, and the quality is very poor. Many taste very similar to t.v. dinners. The school does provide the option of some healthy snacks, including yogurt parfaits and nutri-grain bars. However, many of the snacks available are unhealthy, including chips, gummy bears,and the school;s XXL cookies. These cookies are known to be about 1,000 calories per cookie. Dietary accommodations are not a big concern with the school. Overall, the quality, quantity, and menu options available at Avon High School are not good.
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