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My experience at Avon High School was great. Everyone was nice from the first day I started. I only spent my last two years here and i loved it. Teachers are very helpful and nice
Avon High School, overall, was an amazing school. I came from a private school to this much bigger and "scarier" school, but was welcomed with open arms. I have made some life-long friends. The teachers and administrators were some of the nicest and most helpful people I've met.
I enjoyed the opportunities for education at Avon High School. There were multiple Advanced Placement classes and ways to succeed, such as excellent teachers and extra opportunities to study and learn more. However, I feel like the resources to connect personally at the school were extremely lacking. The counselors as a whole did the bare minimum for their students due to being overloaded with students. As someone who has struggled with mental health and knows friends in the same situation, I felt that there was nowhere for me to go to talk about my issues or have reliable help. There was a student this past year who took their own life, and the school did not talk about it nor did I feel that they reached out to the student, despite them being new at the school. So, overall, I feel like my time and education was efficient at the school, but the counseling and personal resources could be improved greatly.
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They don’t always treat everyone the same. Made good friends. Was challenged. Did not get help with college activity and they don’t know their students
Personally, I loved the programs that are at AHS. I was a part of the Avon Orchestral program for grades 9 and 10, and greatly enjoyed the experience. I also was a part of the AP program from grade 10-12, and I took AP courses like AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB/BC, and more. These classes lead me towards my major choices in college, and overall, the high school experience was very enjoyable.
Avon High School has been one of the best places I have gone to for school. The teaching staff has been excellent all four years, and it has been a lot of fun getting my Academic Honors Diploma. Don't get me wrong, school is a lot of hard work and if you slack off then your results will be much different than mine, but if you work hard then you too will have an excellent high school career.
Avon High School is a school bursting with opportunities, but sometimes they are not very clearly communicated to the students. School spirit is almost non-existent and it feels like a prison at times. Some teachers are great and are very encouraging while others tear down the students dreams and form them into a lifeless person. Overall it is decent academically and if you make the most of the school it isn't too bad.
As a senior currently at Avon High School, I am extremely grateful to have spent my high school career here. I was part of the women's soccer team all four years, and am part of a couple clubs. The teachers at AHS are very supportive and do a wonderful job. Also, the faculty and staff are amazing too. I feel completely prepared for college academically, especially because of all the AP courses Avon has allowed me to take. I will be sad to leave such a wonderful high school.
Going to Avon High School has been a good experience. Class sizes are sometimes large (25+ students) but teachers still find a way to connect with their students. Most of our athletic teams tend to be strong and our performing arts programs are excellent. AHS, overall, is a great learning environment and a great place to go to school.
There are a lot of opportunities to take College level classes and teachers prepare you well. However, some rules are unnecessary and some classes some people aren’t allowed to take
Avon High School is one of the best public high schools in the state of Indiana; it's no wonder Money Magazine ranked Avon, IN as the 17th best place to live in the United States due to our great academics, sports, and music programs (our marching band has won numerous national titles), but also because of our low property taxes and high business development. Avon High School and all its programs taught me how to be successful not only for college, but also in my professional career. If I had the option to switch schools, I would still pick Avon High School over anything else.
I love Avon High School! There are so many really good teachers who truly care about your education! Naturally, there are a few issues here and there, for instance, enforcing school rules could maybe be done better, but that’s a very minor issue, and hugely outweighed by the high quality education I receive there.
There were a whole lot of programs that, for some schools, would not have offered. I took advantages of some of those programs.
I think that this school is very nice for how big it is. Their sports programs are very good and they play at a high level. The teachers were okay for the classes I took too.
Avon high school is over all a very nice school. Most of the teachers are nice and I like the class schedule that we have here. Some things I would like to see change though would be: 1) the pace of classes - for me they are always to fast, 2) try to make the school a less stressful environment, and 3) give students more time to get through the halls - the school is huge and a lot of times there is people standing in the hallways so it become extremely hard to navigate through the halls and make it to class on time.
I graduated from Avon High School in 2017 and I am proud to be alumni. At AHS they prepared me so well for college. I was able to take honors and AP classes that helped me get ready for my college experience. My first semester of college I made the deans list, and I don't think I could have done that without Avon. This school has so much pride, and they are four years of my life that I will never forget!
It wasn't my favorite thing to do during the day since most people, even some teachers criticized you based on your knowledge of their class.
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I liked the opportunities available because of the large size of the school, and the teachers were very nice and truly cared about their students as people. However, I did take issue with some administrators and especially with the huge push for college classes. I took AP classes while I was there and got a lot of college credit, but I felt like eventually I was seen as more of a number than a person. They push students to take AP classes - so much so that eventually I found myself learning that my GPA was more important than my mental and emotional health. I believe those things are equally as important as academics, and I wish we could rate schools based on the mental and emotional health of their students. Other than that, I really enjoyed my time there and I think Avon is a school with great potential.
Education is a priority at Avon and the administrators try and make community a big focus. Although this is their focus, there are still some things that could be worked on. Such as making everyone feel welcome and not secluded in little groups but all pushed together.
Avon high school is a good school, I have been enrolled all 4 years and I can say I have made alot of good memories.
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