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Avon High School has a lot of diverse groups of people, so everyone can find a niche within the school community. The teachers are really great, and seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. They spend the time to actually teach for understanding instead of just having the students memorize facts for tests. There is also a large selection of clubs and spots teams, so there is something for everyone. The environment as a whole is very welcoming and accepting of everyone.
I love Avon High School because of the opportunities it has given me throughout my 4 years here. At Avon we strive for excellence by providing an array of classes, clubs, sports, and after school activities for students. I consider myself as someone who has been very involved in school. I know a ton of the administration and staff, who I talk to on a daily basis. I have also met some of my best friends here. Avon is one of the best high schools in Indiana, but it also has it's flaws. Although they are few and far between, my schools sometime struggles to meet the needs of every student. But with over 3,000 kids I can see how that's hard. Other than that my school is a great school and I am proud to have gone here.
My overall experience at AHS has been pretty swell. The teachers actually want to be there and want to help you get to your next stage in life. I would only like to change the size of the school being that you feel like a number not a person.
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My experience at Avon High School has been awesome. I have enjoyed the diverse classes and wide range of courses offered. Avon High School has amazing counselors, willing to work with you at anytime. I've truly enjoyed my experience here.
Its an okay school. Everything is fine except the students their. Some make you feel like you're less then them because of different social class or ethnicity. The teachers and staff are really nice though. I feel like it needs to be more divers though.
My time at Avon High schoool is something I will never forget. I made amazing friendships and joined so many activities that always kept me busy throughout the years.Joining different sports and activities really helped me find who I am as a person in this world. If there was one thing I could change it would be to change the lunch menu and get a bigger variety of food. With these sports and activities I do everyday I always need a good meal to keep me going throughout the day. Eating the same foods everyday I feel doesnt give me all the nutrients I need to really thrive and perform at my best.
What I like about Avon High School the most is that the school really pushes the students to go to college. Which is so important. I also like the school spirit. Avon did there best to show the appreciation of the school. They also gave back to the community. There lots of fundraising events raising money for homeless, kids with cancer and etc. Also Avon is excellent with safety. Cops, teachers and even students were there to stop fights as soon as it happen. It's a great school overall.
I have been in the Avon School district since kindergarten and all of the schools have been fantastic. Both hands on learning and visual learning. The teachers take the time to really make sure you've grasped the concept and allow you to message them on Schoology if you have any questions on a certain area we studied. I love I had the opportunity to attend a school with so much to offer.
I enjoyed the academic challenge presented from AHS that I didn’t get from my previous schools. Although, I think there were gaps within the relationship of students, teachers, and counselors. Being that there were 2 counselors for an average of 700 seniors, I barely spoke to my counselor and didn’t receive the proper guidance to be really college ready. I also think that at certain times the school didn’t handle student situations properly which created a greater distance between the administration and the students.
Avon High School has rigorous academics; every class requires maximum effort and concentration. Teachers are willing to help and push each student to their potential.
I love how big Avon is since it offers so many opportunities and prepares me for college, however a big high school comes with a lot of drama. Avon also offers many AP classes which further prepares me for college.
My experience at Avon High School was excellent; my teachers were kind and understanding, and other students were very accepting of one another. The issue is that this positivity is not uniform throughout the school. Since I was in high ability, I saw the same 100 students time and time again. At graduation, I met people I never knew went to Avon, but talking with non-high-ability students allowed me to gain insight into what the school was like for the average student. Teachers for non-high-ability students were less adept at teaching than their high ability counterparts. Less time was taken to attend to the intellectual needs of non-high-ability students, if any at all. I feel that the quality of education of these students, therefore, was lacking and unfair. If Avon took care of its average population more rather than focusing solely on the smartest students, I feel that not only will these students be more prepared for college and their future, but will be happier overall.
Nice teacher just a little too crowded for me . Also I think they spend to much money on the band and the football team and not enough on the academics
I liked the experience level of the teachers with the material. They knew their subjects well and were able to teach it to us well. The staff was friendly and treated all of us well. The building itself was always kept in good condition, though sometimes the district was lacking in money for supplies or new textbooks, a lot of textbooks were beat up or held together with tape.
Avon's a big school, but the people are friendly and there are lots of opportunities in academics, vocational training, and extra-curricular activities.
My experience at Avon High School was great. Everyone was nice from the first day I started. I only spent my last two years here and i loved it. Teachers are very helpful and nice
Avon High School, overall, was an amazing school. I came from a private school to this much bigger and "scarier" school, but was welcomed with open arms. I have made some life-long friends. The teachers and administrators were some of the nicest and most helpful people I've met.
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I enjoyed the opportunities for education at Avon High School. There were multiple Advanced Placement classes and ways to succeed, such as excellent teachers and extra opportunities to study and learn more. However, I feel like the resources to connect personally at the school were extremely lacking. The counselors as a whole did the bare minimum for their students due to being overloaded with students. As someone who has struggled with mental health and knows friends in the same situation, I felt that there was nowhere for me to go to talk about my issues or have reliable help. There was a student this past year who took their own life, and the school did not talk about it nor did I feel that they reached out to the student, despite them being new at the school. So, overall, I feel like my time and education was efficient at the school, but the counseling and personal resources could be improved greatly.
They don’t always treat everyone the same. Made good friends. Was challenged. Did not get help with college activity and they don’t know their students
Personally, I loved the programs that are at AHS. I was a part of the Avon Orchestral program for grades 9 and 10, and greatly enjoyed the experience. I also was a part of the AP program from grade 10-12, and I took AP courses like AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB/BC, and more. These classes lead me towards my major choices in college, and overall, the high school experience was very enjoyable.
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