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Avon High School has had a reputation of being "just another school." After 3 years of attending and currently enrolled as a senior, I do not believe that is true. At Avon, "there is unity in diversity." The students and staff are inviting and beneficial. I am proud to say that in a matter of months, I will have graduated from one of the best high schools on a national level. The academics are rigorous, but the teachers will coach you over each obstacle and answer every question.
To improve Avon High School, we need to find teachers that actually like their jobs and care about their students. We need better food and portions that will fit every type of body type. We need larger parking lots and longer passing periods to get to class.
The teachers at Avon High School are all passionate about teaching their students; they take a genuine interest in how we're doing with our work and personal lives. I would say it's one of the best high schools in the state.
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Everything was great except for the lunch food. There are vending machines with okay drinks in them.
Avon is a place that allows for high achieving students to excel and also provides excellent staffing for all abilities. It has world class and nationally ranked programs in fine arts and sports, and in general develops an atmosphere of self-reliance and accountability.
My four years at Avon High School i'd say have been average. not great but not unbearable. lots of options when it comes to classes. teachers are ok. I've had some great teachers but iv'e also had teachers that make me question the person that hired them's sanity . sports teams are pretty good and there are many great clubs offered. foods gross, dress code is ridiculous. school has too many students its overwhelming. Avon is certainly not the worst and it has a fairly good reputation but the first chance i get to leave this town im gone.
In my 4 years being at Avon High School, I can confidently say that I am proud to be an oriole. I have enjoyed being apart of the choral department all throughout my high school career and taking classes that not only interest me, but prepare me for college. Most all of my teachers have been so generous to my classmates and I and I have never not felt safe. A lot of students who are involved in clubs or choir like myself often joke that AHS is our "home away from home" due to the amount of time we spend here and the relationships we have all created with each other upon being here. There are so many different types of students to get to know and there is a club here for just about anyone, and our administration do their best to ensure every student is getting the help and guidance they need. No school is a perfect school, but Avon High School has given me more than I could ask for.
Avon High school is a great place to learn, because of the amount of class choices you have, the engaging teachers, and the high achieving extra curricular activities that I have been a part of, such as the marching band.
I liked that Avon High School was very diverse. They have lots of clubs and sports to choose from. I don't necessarily like the some of bathrooms because they're run down.
Avon has a wide range of classes to take which I loved. It has awesome extra curricular activities, sports teams, clubs, etc. It's a pretty large school, but easy to navigate once you get through it.
Overall Avon is a great school. The staff really cares about its students. They want their students to do well and provide them with the resources they need.
Avon is a well funded school that strives for the best in ACT and SAT test scores and prepares you well for them.
It's an great environment to be yourself. They accept you to their own private friend groups easily. It's also never a bad day.
I took a series of classes in our school's "Project Lead the Way" course, and nothing has guided my career path more than those classes. I decided to enlist into the Army as a medic, and am now going to attend college to study Paramedic Science, all because of the teachers I had that helped motivate me.
Students are competitive in both academics and athletics. The school should however help more with student's college preparation. Overall Avon High School is great.
great school, lots of courses, good athletics
the school has pretty committed teachers and admin.
the ap courses were run very well and helped me prepare for university.
I have had an overall great experience at Avon High School. I feel that I have received some of the best education available to me. The faculty is extremely helpful and most teachers I have had have developed good relationships with all of their pupils. The only change I think could be made is maybe creating a separate senior center, because the population of the school is steadily increasing to the point where class sizes are becoming a bit too large for my comfortability.
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My favorite thing about Avon High School is the teachers. My teachers are really involved in their work and seem to really enjoy teaching.
Avon is a great school. The teachers really seem to care, the students tend to be more involved, and there are a lot of electives to choose from. However, when it comes to teachers, you really roll the dice. While some of the teachers are really good, others just throw you a worksheet or wait 3 months to put half of your grades in. We have our fair share of fights and scandals, like any high school, but it helps keep things interesting. There are cops everywhere and I've always felt safe. There are so many students that it's hard to separate them all into their own cliques. A football player might be really smart, while an artsy person might be great on their soccer team. I've enjoyed my experience so far and I hope to see some improvements in the future.
Here at Avon, there are many opportunities for its students. They offer something for everyone to make them feel like a part of the community. Avon's academics challenge students to do their best and with the many college courses they offer, it is a great way to receive college credit and save money.
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