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I liked Avon High School because it felt like more of a community. The school is very small and I have been going to school with these people since preschool. Everybody knows everybody which can be a positive and a negative. If I could change one thing about AHS, I would change our school spirit. AHS lacks school spirit. We aren't even allowed to have a Homecoming dance. Many people will skip pep rally and not dress up for things like spirit week. I have found that many of my classmates are planning on attending a larger university to experience school spirit.
The problem with Avon High School is that you get an excellent (really, stupendous) education but in banal surroundings and in the context of a worldview that your path in life is to get in to college. Now I took 4 AP courses but I also took the formerly lowest level courses in the sciences and many electives [A school strength; a very wide diversity of courses taught by interesting and dedicated teachers that has only expanded since I graduated]. My AP classes were incredible thanks to my instructors and the discussion-based class set-up and are an excellent outlet for any student hyper-interested in a certain subject. Now I see all of this, in the broad light of day 3 years later, as an amazing stepping stone for college (at least compared to many of my college peers) but at the time it didn't feel like it since Avon has so little superficial charm other than the landscape, making our uppity, but not pretentious, attitude difficult to justify.
Avon High School has an intense rigor to its academics and course load. The many electives offered helps to engage students while exposing them to future vocations in fields such as business, engineering, and law. College preparedness is essential to the curriculum offered at Avon High and the college guidance offered is very thorough.
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Good academics, some teachers are very annoying though and don't teach well. Overall adequate environment.
Overall, Avon High School is not a bad place. There are it's ups and downs for sure. However, if there was on thing I would really want to change is the positive and friendly environment. Overall everyone is nice, but there could be lessons on how to be a better and nicer person for sure.
I've gone to Avon schools all my life and have many fond memories; probably more from my younger years though. In high school, some classes give way too much homework that doesn't directly help to learn a unit and only succeed in taking you away from other aspects of life. I have spent many late nights doing homework. While there are a number of solid, informed, and well rounded teachers who care about the student as a whole rather than solely how he/she looks as a teacher, there are definitely some teachers who just don't prepare you well. There is way too much pressure on academics and looking good for college, but not enough encouragement to try a wide variety of other options; the student has to take the initiative to branch out and try things that aren't straight from a textbook. I've never felt threatened at school and the environment in overall quite friendly. While it's easy to complain about things that bothered me, I am grateful for the education I have received.
The courses are challenging and geared towards real world experiences. The teachers care about the students and helping them achieve their goals.
Avon High School educational is great. Socially it has a lot of cliques. Teachers are wondeful. Food is okay, snack room has some good stuff when the food isn't good.
Students at Avon High School are definitely ready for college. You will not be coddled but the school will pretend they care about you to make themselves look good. Most students are preppy, white, athletes who think they are the best and are very closed-minded. There is a huge gap between CP and honors classes. AP classes are very challenging, and most of the school takes at least one AP class. Teachers generally do not teach very well but expect you to pick up the information on your own. If you challenge yourself with courses, expect to be very tired and have a heavy work load. The school does not trust the students and tries to implement very strict, frivolous rules all the time. There is minimal school spirit and hardly any school events.
AHS has been rated, repeatedly, as one of the top high schools in the state. Student average standardized test scores are excellent. Facilities are first rate due to recent renovations and additions. Academics are competitive as most students come from "type A" personality families. Course offerings could be broadened and athletics should go away from the "pay to play" model, but overall a very good school in a very good school system.
Gone here since kindergarten, great school district. Lots of great sports and teachers have always helped me out. Challenging classes and lots of opportunities.
Overall, I've enjoyed my time at Avon High School. They do a good job of preparing you for AP exams and a lot of the teachers are really good. I've heard from many former students that they were very well prepared for college.
Avon has a very competitive academic program and students are very driven to succeed. However, there is virtually no school spirit and very little diversity. It is easy to tell which teachers are invested in their students and which are not, however the overwhelming majority are very invested in the success of their students.
At Avon High School, I enjoy the level of education, it can be challenging but it will prepare you for the future. There are a lot of resources for anyone struggling with anything, teachers are always welcoming to help their students. One downside to the school is the diversity, when you walk the hallways you don't see much difference. But overall Avon High School is a good school.
The school offers many resources for people of all abilities. Specifically, after school Writing Center's and Math Lab access is available.
Avon High School in Avon, Connecticut has been a challenging, rewarding, invigorating and gratifying four years. I have had teachers who encouraged me to challenge myself, question others and critically look at different perspectives on issues. I feel well prepared for college because of the quality of education I received in Avon.
Teachers do a great job teaching if you're paying attention. The curriculum is personalized by each teacher. Scheduling takes place online and is not difficult. The workload can be stressful, especially since in many of the AP classes teachers assign more work and more difficult work than many of our neighboring towns, but if you don't overbook yourself you'll be fine. You can receive tutoring in any subject almost any period. Popular classes are AP US History, Current Events, Film Theory, CAD, AP Computer Science, and AP Psychology.
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Avon is a classically conservative town. We have had a gay principal for the last few years, although he just left, and recently one of our transgender teachers just left, but for the most part we are accepting of all students/teachers of any orientation. While there is a small amount of racial diversity, Avon is improving in the amount that it has had before.
There are organizations ranging from Habitat for Humanity, to UberBots, to car club, to pep club, to student government, to LEO, it goes on and on. Most clubs have their core members and their fringe members, but it's easy to start your own club by talking to the administration or to find a club to really immerse yourself in. Our UberBots club is nationally renound and we have a wide variety of community service clubs (NHS, LEO, Student Gov, etc.) A popular club is Falconatics, which attends/tailgates/coordinates for every athletic game they can and makes them a lot more exciting with chants, cheers, and a lively/rowdy student section. The administration is generally very supportive of all this behavior.
Teachers here are super engaging and each have their own unique take/exciting style on every subject. If you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, they will be interested in you and connections are easy to make. Teachers love their subjects and are willing to talk after class, open up clubs around them, or give extra help. In some departments there is inconsistency in grading, and certain teachers give unfair advantages over others, but otherwise they are great.
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