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I enjoyed the atmosphere felt around the school. Everyone is always very positive. However I believe that the facilities could be improved. There are certain areas around the school that could use some refurbishing.
The teachers at this school are all very nice and very helpful. They always are able to help you in their free time if you are confused on a topic. Each subject is taught thoroughly which allows you to feel more than ready for an AP test or a final. The only thing that could be improved is a slight bit of cleaning.
Met so many amazing people and teachers here, had a really good high school experience! There's a lot of clubs to join and athletics are a high focus for the school!
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The school has always been fairly good, but unexceptional in its creativity and administration. Policy has always suffered from a too-technological focus.
I loved the feeling of acceptance in the hallways. The teachers teach with excitement and enthusiasm. There is always something going on so there is never an excuse to be bored. I graduated feeling well prepared to face the world. The building needs some repairs.
It's high school, what do you think? Of course it's not great. But for what it's worth our APs are good and there are some great teachers and people here. Just don't drink the water. Seriously, why is it so cloudy? It has its quirks and weird things but it's all part of the experience. There are little things that you learn that make it really a "special" experience. Take the AG shuffle for example. Will you ever use this? No. But hey it's a foolproof way to run but not run in gym.
They are a school always moving upward. They are always updating the school and advancing our education with technology. They were very helpful in figuring out my strong suits and helping me toward a successful future.
Avon Grove High School has great teachers, especially for choir and band. With a tremendous amount of parent support the high school experience is much more than just academics. My only change would be to have other students accept the theatre kids as they do for the sports kids.
The school is great and has a lot of programs for music. I do wish that the other students were more supportive of the band kids. Next year I am going to recruit more students to join the band and orchestra. Once they join they will love it as much as I do.
Great school teachers are very helpful.The other faculty is always there to help if needed.The student body is very passionate about sports.
The school has provided me a good education while I have been a student there. They have given me the resources to be successful.
I like how involved the teachers are in setting students up for success past high school, and being enthusiastic about their teaching. A better, more structured English curriculum would be nice though as the English department is weak compared to the math and science offered at the school.
This school offers a wonderful academic program with regular enrichment opportunities with so many choices! On top of that the marching band, choir and orchestra programs have exceptional teachers. I feel prepared to head to college this fall in all aspects.
Avon Grove High School is a very good school over all. Teachers are there to help you if you dont understand or to just talk.
Some of the classes were good and entertaining. The hallways very super crowded and at times were difficult to get around. People are pretty friendly.
I liked how it was so easy to get involved in Avon Grove. Such as clubs, sports, and other activities. There is so much school spirit, and so many fun activities that just make the overall high school experience so much fun. We have color wars, prom, spirit day, and Mr. Avon Grove where guys compete with each other with a "talent" they have. It is basically a talent show parody and it is so entertaining. The things I don't like about Avon Grove is that they did not prepare me a lot for college. We do not take midterms or finals which are very vital in college, and we get graded mostly on homework, which is the complete opposite in college. The guidance counselors do not really help us prepare for our futures or give us any insight on applying to colleges. These are the things I like and dislike about Avon Grove.
I liked Avon Grove because it was clean, safe and they had some good faculty, I did not like it because it was overcrowded.
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There are great academics at Avon Grove High School. Most teachers are willing to stay extra hours and provide extra help when needed. I've been in the district since kindergarten, and feel as though they have been preparing students for college and the real world. Though I would not consider all of the facilities as up to date as they should be, the school board is working on fixing the issues.
Avon Grove is a pretty average school. We've got good honors and advanced placement programs, and a variety of clubs. It would be better if the student schedules, study hall periods, and lunches were improved.
Just started 1 1/2 ago, and so far it’s been such a good school! I like how the administration is always there to help and involved with one. The teachers are always there to help and everyone is so nice. They have fun activities in school and there academics are great!
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