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I liked Avon Grove because it was clean, safe and they had some good faculty, I did not like it because it was overcrowded.
There are great academics at Avon Grove High School. Most teachers are willing to stay extra hours and provide extra help when needed. I've been in the district since kindergarten, and feel as though they have been preparing students for college and the real world. Though I would not consider all of the facilities as up to date as they should be, the school board is working on fixing the issues.
Avon Grove is a pretty average school. We've got good honors and advanced placement programs, and a variety of clubs. It would be better if the student schedules, study hall periods, and lunches were improved.
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Just started 1 1/2 ago, and so far it’s been such a good school! I like how the administration is always there to help and involved with one. The teachers are always there to help and everyone is so nice. They have fun activities in school and there academics are great!
I love how dedicated the teachers are to pushing their students toward success. They genuinely care about the students as individuals and want them to succeed far beyond high school.
Avon Grove High School gives students ample opportunities to challenge themselves academically. This school gives students an opportunity to take more than one class in the field in which they are interested (taking two science courses a year is very common). This school tries very hard not to leave any student behind and the guidance department works with the students to craft a schedule that fits their needs. There are a variety of clubs for students to join and sports participation is high. This school has its own stadium to host football games, track meets, and pep rallies. The only criticism I have for this school is that the bathrooms and locker rooms could be improved but this is an issue for many high schools.
I have enjoyed my experience at Avon Grove High school. An array of courses to choose from. The only drawback is the facility, it is overcapacity and in need of repair!
I like how Avon Grove tries to get their students involved in everything and make the experience more than just studying and turning in papers. We have spirit week, clubs, pep rallies, themed football games, etc.
Good experience as long as you complete your schoolwork. Sometimes you can have bad teachers but that can be the case at really any high school. I never ate the school food so I cannot comment on school lunches. The pep rallies are never attended much but they can be a lot of fun.
The best parts of Avon Grove were select teachers and extracurricular activities that I had the pleasure of experiencing. However, many of the teachers and organizations were not as fulfilling as others. The administration focused on athletics far more than other activities, which was an ongoing source of resentment and unfairness.
This school offers a ton of courses for all levels of intellect. The focus of the school is to drive the students to do better and greater things. The support of the teachers helps all of the students reach their goals. The only change I would make is the confusing schedule. This year was our first time using block scheduling which was hard to understand because of how they organized it.
The teachers at this school are outstanding. I have gotten along with every single one and they have all helped me grow and learn new things. All of the administrates really work with you to succeed in your field of study and to help you find a college that suites you. They work really hard on staying up to date with the technology around the school.
I had a good experience with high school. AG is a pretty laudable school as far as academics and I had a fine social experience.
I personally like the interactions which students have with their teachers. Most teachers are friendly in and out of the classroom they are very helpfull and intuative. Students have many options, course wise, and they are offered a lot of educational opportunities and experiences that help them choose a future profession. The only problem would be the that the school has taken away some senior privileges and has created a different schedule referred to as the "block schedule".
Avon Grove high school is a good school that helps to prepare students for the future. The have elective courses that are geared toward student interest and future goals. The curriculum is well played and engages students while also proving them with necassary information to learn and succeed.
My experience with Avon Grove High School has been relatively pleasant, but there are many aspects about the school that could still be improved. Most of the teachers are very kind and passionate about what they do- especially the guidance department, English, Art and Science departments. but there are some that should have never become teachers in the first place. The school has also never been very inclusive for students with special needs and in many cases has kept them isolated from their peers. Students aren't often encouraged to try hard and reach their full potential either; it feels sometimes like the school's only goal is to 'move cattle'.
Avon Grove is a decent school. However the administration occasionally makes decisions for the school that initially look like they will improve the quality of education, but instead make it more difficult to learn. Very few people have any school spirit. Despite this, Avon Grove offers a wide variety of classes with good teachers.
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Avon Grove is definitely not to best school in the area, but it is my school. Despite its flaws it is a place where I made so many friends and had so many experiences. I would not trade a second of my time at Avon Grove for someplace else.
Avon Grove High School is overall pretty good for a public school. Not as nice as some of the other schools in the area (Unionville, Henderson, etc.). Some really great teachers, others not so much. The English department as a whole isn't great. Some of the teachers don't really teach at all and it can feel like a big waste of time. Still a few good ones though.
I very much loved Avon Grove when going there 13 years ago. At that time, there were friendly, knowledgeable teachers and staff, with a big focus on sports.
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