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The teachers and support staff are extremely helpful and dedicated to the success of AGCS students. Our experience with AGCS has been excellent.
I am so happy at Avon Grove Charter School. It is preparing me with a great education and has provided me with many experiences that have shaped the career path I would like to pursue.
I love AGCS because they have a farm! What kid wouldn't want to go to a school where there were chickens and goats and sheep, like that is pretty cool.
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Our family loves AGCS! We have a special needs child and the AGCS staff and community have always been extremely supportive. They have done whatever they could to meet our son's needs and maximize his learning experience. As a parent, what more can you ask for? Thanks, AGCS!!!
All three of my children have attended AGCS since kindergarten and are now entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Above all, my reason for the 5 star ranking is that each of my three children is extremely HAPPY at school. Though their individual needs are extremely different from one another - academically and socially as well as extracurricular interests- and this "small school" with more "limited programming" has easily met their needs. The teachers care deeply and have done everything within their power to help my children succeed, every step of the way. Administrators are approachable and open to feedback and problem solving. All staff are working to expand already amazing programming in the arts, science, language arts, history, math, and foreign language departments. Personal highlights for my children are the dance program (how often is that an option for a MS student?!)and the Chinese language program (one of few local schools to offer Chinese through AP). Highly recommend!
We picked AGCS because it had all day Kindergarten when our local public school did not. Now I don't see us ever leaving AGCS. Our experience here has been amazing. The staff is so caring and willing to help children learn and have fun learning. Just amazing.
We enjoy Avon Grove Charter. Our child has learned and grown so much as a child. We look forward to having him continue to strive and grow with Charter. The teachers have been exceptional throughout our time with the school. They go above and beyond to ensure that each student is thriving inside there classroom. A special thanks to Mrs. Pepe and Mrs. Galati for making children want to come and learn something new and exciting daily. We cannot wait to come back next year to experience more of wonderful Charter.
Great school spirit and sense of community! STEM initiative and the arts are a big focus at AGCS. Our kids have really enjoyed the smaller school population, as well.
Our daughter has been with AGCS for 3 years now. Each year the experience gets better & better. The teachers are amazing, dedicated individuals who put their whole heart into all they do. We love AGCS & the community of teachers, administrators & families!
overall a nice school but lacks technology classes and coding class - an important part of the future. Also, lunches consist primarily of processed food versus good healthy food.
We love the smaller group size and teaching approach at AGCS. The administration is great to partner with and the teachers are quick to communicate with parents. Sometimes it can be frustrating academically because of space and funding challenges. But I believe it makes them more resourceful and innovative.
As a teacher at AGCS, I couldn't be happier in my position. I love the freedom I have to create the exciting and interactive lessons I was never able to do when forced to use scripted district curricula. I am well supported by the administration and my colleagues. Our students receive unique experiences through our micro-farm and our creative use of resources as well as the strong community of students in grades three through twelve. I truly feel lucky to have found this position.
Teachers and staff love their students and teach there even though they could make twice as much working in the public school.
AMAZING place of education! They not only make sure each child learns and understands what is being taught but they also make it fun for them. AGCS has an amazing staff that is caring and understanding. Thank you AGCS for all that you do with the limited funds and resources you have.
Our two children enjoy going to this school. They never want to miss a day. The curriculum is engaging. Teachers are good. Parental involvement is appreciated but not expected with plenty of opportunities to be involved. Clubs and after school programs give students opportunities to socialize and get to know teachers better. There is a good sense of community.
An outstanding school! Excellent academic rigor and standards with a small, neighborhood feel. The administration and teachers know all of the students. Not only do they ensure that your child is challenged academically, but they also focus on building character. My 7th grader has been at AGCS since Kindergarten. I have seen her grow into an accepting, kind, focused individual under the care of the teachers and staff. I highly recommend AGCS!
Great publicly funded charter school (no tuition or fees - just need to be admitted) with caring teachers that embodies the concept of school choice - the kids and families are here because they want to be here and they took the initiative to apply (and sometimes re-apply or be waitlisted). This choice fosters a positive atmosphere, attitude, and culture that no amount of money or latest educational buzzwords can replace or replicate. Super Involved parents - THE key to sucess in education. Old facilities that the public school abandonded are safe, clean and functional. Diversity can be a challenge but the school is committed to reaching out and engaging the community. Selection is random, by lottery - all are welcome and encouraged to attend and messages go out in English and Spanish. Great school, great staff, great administration. Highly recommend.
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Our experience has been great with AGCS. The staff is very informative and caring. I really appreciate that they use the environment as a tool for learning to think outside the box. It is never a dull moment for the children which is also a plus to keep them moving.
Love AGCS. Teachers, administrators, and fellow parents do a wonderful job fostering a family environment. The teachers truly know each student as an individual and tailor the learning experience to him/her.
Four years ago, AGCS prepared my oldest child for a rigorous private high school program, which now is showing in his college success. Currently the AGCS high school is a strong asset, adapting to meet the needs of the students and training them to be engaged and contributing to their world. Both a responsive and proactive academic/social community! A couple 4 stars but those are areas Administration is working and growing. AGCS is a gem!
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