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AGCS is awesome! The dance program is fantastic and all of the teachers are student focused! 10/10 Great School!
I just love this charter school for its all encompassing culture. The teachers are very collaborative and any issues are openly and expediently addressed. Admin is doing a great job in listening to the many school stake holders and then doing something about it. It is amazing what this school does within the confines of a limited budget and the constant misconceptions and misgivings about charter schools in the public domain of the sending districts.
Good school with good teaching styles. If you don’t want to go to your district school and you want to go to a school with a good graduation rate and a good education go here.
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We love this school. They have so much heart. It has a private school feel. The teachers are amazing and really love our kids.
The school climate is warm and welcoming and I very rarely hear about bullying or the others kinds of disturbing incidents that so often plague other schools. I think a high level of parent involvement and general administrative efforts to create a quirky (e.g. having a micro-farm) fun atmosphere have really set a wonderful tone. They have also worked to add more sports programs (not easy on a limited budget!). The best part, though, is that both of my kids continue to love learning and come home bubbling with stories from their classrooms. They both have outstanding scores on standardized tests (that give me a bit of an outside measure). We have great public schools in our area, so I have always felt like I had a choice about where to send my kids and I've chosen AGCS.
We love the small size and the family feel. We also enjoy the many choices for arts and sciences. The micro farm is the best!
My son transferred from a Private school this year. From the initial new student orientation,the communication was excellent. The principal is direct & informative. The techers are energetic and caring. My son has transitioned nicely. We look forward to his academic journey at AGCS,
Our daughter attends AGCS and has had an amazing experience. She has wonderful teachers, has made great friends, and has a very supportive administration. We are so happy to be part of the AGCS family
I’m a parent of a child in the Early Learning Center at AGCS. The community, excellent teachers and administrators, and academics are what make this school wonderful. It’s obvious the teachers love their job and the children, and I’ve never had a doubt that my child’s best interests are at heart.

The facilities are not up to par with that of other surrounding districts, but improvements are being made which is appreciated. Bus times can be very long, and I do not see this getting better any time soon. The lack of available sports in the higher grades is a con, though I’m told more sports are being made available every year.

Overall, we love AGCS.
AGCS is a great school. They are accepting of all kids no matter their differences and think outside the box that creates an environment of safety and acceptance. The teachers and administrators are the best!
Avon Grove Charter School is an amazing, tight-knit community of families pursuing a great education. The school was founded because the local public schools were focusing more on sports than academics; our founder, Dr. Brady, decided to open a charter school committed to academics including STEM and the arts! It is a truly phenomenal place to spend one's adolescence!
I believe that Avon Grove Charter School really allowed me to excel in not only my academics, but it also allowed me to become more active in my school. Avon Grove Charter School is a very small high school, with only 70 people in my graduating class. However, being a smaller school allowed for more opportunities. It allowed me to get involved in multiple clubs and allowed me to become president of student council. Becoming president opened up many doors and really allowed me to take on more responsibility and become respected among my peers. Inside of the classroom, the class sizes were smaller than an average classroom which allowed for more questions to be asked and for teachers to take more one on one time with their students. The Teachers at Avon Grove Charter School are also very invested in their students. Try often give up their lunch or preparation periods to help students who are struggling in their class. I rate Avon Grove Charter School overall four stars.
Avon Grove Charter school is a great place for all kinds of people and provides the personal attention from staff for students to succeed.
Safety and Behavior are concerns:
Constant fighting – one student had her jaw broken in Math
The principal models bad behavior by condoning bad behavior. The good teachers leave or are under review
Bullies are protected at this school. The principal actually requested that I allow them to move my child from the classes away from the bully instead of dealing with the known bully problem.
Principal reprimanded a Science teacher today 3/15/2018 in front of his students and forced the wonderful teacher to step down. Shame on him!
Award ceremonies reward social behavior, but recipients are often students who have behavior issues – Message be bad get an award.
No academic rewards which is what I feel would be better – Encourage the STEAM Program for todays students are tomorrow's leaders.
As a teacher, I am appalled. As a taxpayer, I feel powerless. As a mother, I am disappointed by a school that had so much promise and could be so much better.
I was really happy when my child was chosen to go to AGCS, but then my nightmare started.
The school was very receptive at first answering all my child and I's questions. I was assured that the atmosphere was like family and students are so well mannered they don't even need to put a lock on their locker. I was ecstatic-so grateful that my child was given a wonderful opportunity to go to a small, family oriented school.
My son is socially awkward which is why I was looking at this school.
First issue: This school has a chosen few that they give the right to bully, accuse, and belittle others. My child was devastated that what we were told was a complete lie. The issues were brought up to the Dean of students. He spoke with me - not about the student that was spreading rumors but about my son's IEP and his misconceptions and social awkwardness. I was saddened by the school administration lack of guidance training and social disabilities. See con’t review entitled NIGHTMARE.
Avon Grove Charter School is an excellent school. I love the atmosphere. It isn't a big school, so you get to know a lot of students and teachers. The microfarm is one of my favorite things about the school. The teachers are great. I have always felt that if I need additional help, they will do whatever it takes to help me and all students. We have clubs and sports to get involved in. I help to start a bass fishing club. The school was very supportive. Our administration loves to hear about student ideas. The education I am receiving from Avon Grove Charter School is fantastic.
We have four kids who have attended AGCS. We especially appreciate their CAAP program for advanced students.
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This is a great school with really good teachers. The academics are very good. My son is in second grade and has really progressed while at Avon Grove Charter School.
I absolutely love this school!!! My son stared in the middle of the year because we moved and I didn’t want him going to the school in our disterict. Everyone is extremely friendly and the holiday show they put on is so much fun compared to any other school show I’ve been too. Hands down best school in the area in my mind. My step daughter goes to a different school because her mom lives in the disterict that the school is rated like in the top 3rd in pa and Avon Grove Charter is by far way more fun and friendly than that school!! My son has excelled more accidemicly than he did all of last year . I think is because he has fun at school and he is now enjoying learning.
Do NOT. PUT YOUR STUDENT IN THIS SCHOOL! The administration does nothing about bullying but the teachers want to help. Mr. Maitland the principal is unfair to high schools and favors certain students and leaves the rest out to dry. I had my 3,000 computer smashed and was cyberbulllied they did not make the student pay for the computer and they only gave the girl who did it 2 days claiming they have no camera’s in the classrooms. On top of all this they are accusing me of stealing some popular kids headphones as they have cameras for them apparently. They only help the popular kids that have been there and they use the smart harmless kids just for test scores. As a 9th grade student there do not put your kids there this is worse that your district or a private school. The teachers want to help but cannot as the administration Mr.Delphin and Mr.Maitland will fire them.
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