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I love how energetic a lot of the teachers are and how they are so involved at school outside of their own job. I would say a negative though about Avoca is that it is small so a lot of activities like clubs have gone away. It would be great if our school had more opportunities.
Having gone to a small school helps a person get to know more people on a personal level along with bonding with teachers. In every school or even in the work environment there will always be people who are hard to work will. Through out my student career at Avoca Central School i have had wonderful experiences along with learning a great amount of conflict resolution.
This teacher is a math teacher who always uses real life examples when teaching. this teacher recognizes students questions and will answer then to their best ability. their grading is very consistent, along with their communication skills.
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Avoca Central School may be incredibly small, but that is part of the charm. Every teacher knows every student, and every student knows every student. As a result of the size of the school, the classes were small which helped with the education of the students. Teachers were able to help with every student, at mostly any time.
We are a small school and it is a secure place. We are in a small town and when there is a threat the administration deals with it immediately. They do not push it aside, it is dealt with and the law enforcers are called.
We have school spirit week and every day is a fun experience. We have prom and dances there and also after school activities for all grades.
The menu of the school is very diverse. They do not serve the same thing twice which is very nice. Each day of the month has items on it that everyone can enjoy.
This school has a no tolerance bullying policy. The handbook that every student and parent receives covers all of the policies that students must obey. There are consequences for every action in our school. We currently have a new Superintendent in our school so it is hard to rate how he is doing. So far there has been no issues.
The teachers are very helpful and know where your strength and weaknesses are. They give you the syllabus at the beginning of the year of what is to be expected and you will need to take responsibility for your own actions. If you need help they are there for you. You just need to ask them and set up a date and time.
Our school has Academic All Stars, Athletic Club, Library Club, and many more. We have Student Council and many programs that try to enhance the students individuality. Some of the clubs are run by administrative support but some are also run by parents that volunteer to help out for sports boosters and summer programs that would not be if not for them.
Our school celebrates our athletes with Tiger Pride. I am on the Volleyball team and my family have been in school sports too. Our parents come to the games and show respect for us and the other team. There is no heckling allowed in our school. we are a small school with huge spirit. We may not win every game but we still stand proud.
The clubs are okay in the way of people participating.
Everyone is able to join any sport that they want.
The overall quality of the teachers is great; there are still some teachers that can be very rude and disrespectful, but overall they are good.
The superintendent and principal are very into the community and try to get to know the students. They go to all of the games and even participated in the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge with our junior high kids.
The new weight room is fantastic and is open everyday after school. Our school sports, on the other hand, are lacking quite a bit. Cheerleading and cross-country seem to be the only teams to win anything at Avoca.
The school facilities are good, they are better than other schools I have seen, but we are such a small school that there isn't as much to do as other schools.
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The teachers seem to actually care about your well-being, but bullying is pretty prevalent here. A lot of kids are extremely small-minded, especially to those who aren't athletic or fit in a specific clique.
its school food i mean come on all of it is nasty
there arnt many but because of cliques there is alot of arguing between social classes.
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