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In Aviation High School, I have learned many technical skills that most teenagers would not learn otherwise. My understandings have guided me through the principles of flight, jet engine, reciprocating engine, and through different aspects of avionics, electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatic.These four years of journey at Aviation High School has expedited my interest in engineering questioning every aircraft component from an engineering view of how it worked and why. Hence, when I got to discover the fascinating sides of physics and math beyond aircraft, I became more vigorous to pursue a career in engineering. Being able to enter the minds of engineers by reading aircraft manuals, I only found myself being more eager to achieve a career as an engineer. I have also experienced with critical thinking related to understanding and analyzing technical data such as aircraft maintenance manuals as well as performing practical hand skill jobs since my freshman year of High School.
I graduated class of 81 with both my A&P. I fly back for 30 year reunion and visited on an optional day for students. I witnessed a group of motivated kids working on their projects. I was impressed with display of robotics and jet-engine (not available my day) projects. I always loved aircraft and Aviation provided a first class experience for someone that wants to go into the industry. Funny thing is that you dont have end up in an aviation career.I am a CISCO CCNP Senior Network Engineer with a BS and 25 years in IT. Good thing is what you learn will always come in handy - guaranteed! The shop teachers kept it as close to industry as possible. I read some of the negative comments made and I truly believe that those kids would be satisfied attending their neighborhood schools and finish their day at 12. - Paul A Class 1981.
If you are in any way interested in any type of maintenance you will enjoy it here. The school focuses heavily on aviation maintenance and has a rigorous academic program. There is also a wide variety of clubs and a few sports teams you can join.
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The shop classes were interesting and fun. There was a lot of hands on work to do. If there was a change to be done, it would be to lessen the amount of hours of classes for the day.
good school with good students. teaches you a lot of life skills that can be used in the future and the workload can help with college. food in the school is not great. a lot of people end up bringing there own food and some faculty can be very rude.
Aviation high school is all about career readiness. I guarantee that when you graduate from this school, you'll be prepared for your dream job. This school revolves around the aviation field. If you are interested in aviation and becoming a mechanic, this is the right school.
Aviation High School is a peculiar institution. Students here have the opportunity to graduate with two federal licenses from this school that certify them to perform maintenance on aircraft. Just a few days ago I weighed a Beechcraft model 35, it was a difficult but exciting experience. I would like to see more clubs established in my school, I myself started the Amnesty International club and am currently its president.
My experience in Aviation High School has been good. I have learned countless things about the aviation industry, and how the real world works.
Aviation High School is a good place to learn about being an aircraft mechanic. Although materials are old you still get the same education as every other school. The fact that it is older technology is actually a plus teaching you skills not most mechanics know.
At first, when I heard about this school, I instantly applied to this school simply due to this school being pretty close to where I live. I have never had an idea of what Aviation even is until I have started here. However, this school is all about Aviation Maintenance, which is essentially learning about aircrafts and fixing them as hands-on experiences. We work for a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration as certified mechanics allowing us to work on aircrafts in the US. Half of a day is spent in special classes where we learn and work with aircraft structures and the rest of the day is spent on the normal academics like a traditional High School. What I would like to see improved in this school is more choices for learning a foreign language and more clubs and activities. Overall, this school is a decent school for teens who may want to be aircraft mechanics in the future.
Aviation High School provides many opportunities for students and students graduate with skills that make them competitive in the work force. Aviation teachers try their very best to instill in their students a strong work ethic and prepare for jobs in the aviation industry as well as other fields.
An amazing school for young minds that are interested in the aviation field. A school filled with so many resources. If you use them you will go far in life and get a head start compared to other students the same age as you. You walk out with a Federal Licence, Airframe and Powerplant Certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.
You are able to learn the skills that are not being taught in other high schools or even colleges. The environment is extremely safe, bully is not a problem in Aviation H.S.
This school is not for everybody. It has an intense program and is regulted under the faa. The academic Sid is alright but some teachers shouldn't be teachers. However overall the school is a great school to graduate from because it cares about the students future.
I didn’t like it in this school. Everyone is negative and the only thing promoted in this school is entering the aviation field. Although this is the main point of this school, it treats you like a fool for not doing it. It also only teaches aviation most of the time. This means we don’t learn any other skills that will be useful for our future. I shouldn’t have come to this school, it just sucked.
Aviation High School is an interesting school where students have academics and shop classes where they learn to use their hand and become involved in real world situations.
My time at Aviation High School has been amazing. I have met many great teachers and students from different backgrounds who do an amazing job at helping me succeed and achieve my goals.
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Overall, a solid vocational high school. College readiness wasn't stressed as much as their aviation maintenance curriculum. Their main focus is to leave the high school with both the A&P mechanic licenses.
Aviation Career and Technical High School is known for the Aviation maintenance program. It is a great program that gave me an opportunity to experience the Aviation field. The best part of this program is that we learn through many hands-on projects which is interesting and informative. Though the school is know for this program, it's academic program runs as a regular high school offering AP classes, regents, and other extra curricular activities.
Aviation High School is a diversed school with students striving to become someone. In this school students try to achieve their Airframe and Powerplant licenses to become a aircraft technician. This school gives students opportunity to start their journey in the future and help start their career. Aviation Highschool is a beginning for many students.
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