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The academic part of aviation really cares about your and grades, but the other part, the aviation staff emphasized students to do an excellent job on the special classes, causing students to drop their grades in the academic area. I encourage the students to focus on academics more than the shop classes, because colleges don’t consider the shop classes when reviewing the student’s high school gpa, but still try do good.
This school is great. I admire the teachers and the staff. I gave it three starts because you have to commited to become a technican and you have to love because it does get harder in each grade. It wasn't something i liked and i regret going for stressing myself out for that reason, but i dont regret meeting the wonderful staff, teachers and my friends .
The school is challenging at first, but as you start getting accustomed to the way things fly around here. it would be very easy, if you apply to this school, don't stay the 4 years. Apply to the 5th year program and your future is settled!
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Aviation high school offers a special program in which you can earn an airframe and/or powerplant license at the end of the high school career. Not only is that a unique and great opportunity which will help you in the future, when you're looking for jobs but it would help you gain skills that are valuable not only in the Aviation industry but also in real life.
It is a straight up school where if you don't complete your work or pay attention in class you wont pass the classes. The schedules are also too tight.
Teachers here make sure that you give and do your best at all times. They do not accept failure. They set high standards for everyone.
This school is highly recommended by myself. The courses are very good in preparing you for college and provide a lot of opportunities in extracurricular activities outside of academics. It enables students to get their Airframe and/or Powerplant licenses to work in a technical field and opens the door to many jobs.
A outstanding experience to teach you ways to face reality and to be a hardworker. Learned different hands on skills.
I graduated from Aviation High school in 2017. The teachers are very well rounded, they love helping their students grow. The academics and proffesionalism of teachers makes this school one of the top schools in NYC. Aside from Academics, this school provides technical training for Aircraft Maintenance and offers the A&P licenses to students after completing 5 years at the school.
Aviation High School gave me a sets of mechanical skills which are not typically learned at a normal high school.Furthermore, the length of the school is longer than a typical high school.
Different from other high school where you have a chance to get your airframe and power plant that can come handy later in the future
Aviation High school has a good learning environment and on top of that you learn aviation maintenance for free whereas many other students go to college and pay to take that class. Clubs and other extracurricular activities are very time consuming but they help with stress and very fun.
This school is great if you want to do something different with your life. Avation High School is different in a sense that the foundation of the school is built on aircraft maintenance. If you really want to become an aircraft mechanic this school is right for you.
Aviation is a good school if you're into airplanes and are sure that you want to pursue a career in this field. If you're not that into airplanes, you'll be miserable there. During the sophomore year, students take 3 periods of shop every day and during junior and senior year, students take 4 periods of shop everyday. So, your schedule you'll be really long. Also, the food at the cafeteria is terrible, but I think that goes for all public schools in NYC. But, overall, it's a good school and the kids and teachers are very nice and helpful.
Aviation High School is a unique school in which you are given the opportunity to leave with a career waiting for you in the aviation maintenance industry.
In Aviation High School, I have learned many technical skills that most teenagers would not learn otherwise. My understandings have guided me through the principles of flight, jet engine, reciprocating engine, and through different aspects of avionics, electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatic.These four years of journey at Aviation High School has expedited my interest in engineering questioning every aircraft component from an engineering view of how it worked and why. Hence, when I got to discover the fascinating sides of physics and math beyond aircraft, I became more vigorous to pursue a career in engineering. Being able to enter the minds of engineers by reading aircraft manuals, I only found myself being more eager to achieve a career as an engineer. I have also experienced with critical thinking related to understanding and analyzing technical data such as aircraft maintenance manuals as well as performing practical hand skill jobs since my freshman year of High School.
I graduated class of 81 with both my A&P. I fly back for 30 year reunion and visited on an optional day for students. I witnessed a group of motivated kids working on their projects. I was impressed with display of robotics and jet-engine (not available my day) projects. I always loved aircraft and Aviation provided a first class experience for someone that wants to go into the industry. Funny thing is that you dont have end up in an aviation career.I am a CISCO CCNP Senior Network Engineer with a BS and 25 years in IT. Good thing is what you learn will always come in handy - guaranteed! The shop teachers kept it as close to industry as possible. I read some of the negative comments made and I truly believe that those kids would be satisfied attending their neighborhood schools and finish their day at 12. - Paul A Class 1981.
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If you are in any way interested in any type of maintenance you will enjoy it here. The school focuses heavily on aviation maintenance and has a rigorous academic program. There is also a wide variety of clubs and a few sports teams you can join.
The shop classes were interesting and fun. There was a lot of hands on work to do. If there was a change to be done, it would be to lessen the amount of hours of classes for the day.
good school with good students. teaches you a lot of life skills that can be used in the future and the workload can help with college. food in the school is not great. a lot of people end up bringing there own food and some faculty can be very rude.
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