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The focus on time management and teaching yourself builds life skills but takes away from being ready for college classes or being able to get into a high ranking college.
I've been going to AGLA since it opened. I was in 2nd grade and I came from a conservative private school so it was a bit of a culture shock. Everyone was really friendly and the teachers were very open with us. I'm graduating from Aveson this year and I couldn't be happier with my high school experience. I've met so many amazing people and traveled to incredible places.
Pretty good school, chill students, nobody really hates each other here. VERY small though can get pretty boring seeing the same people.
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This school has made me feel like I can do what I want if I want it. I almost gave up but because of the teachers at Aveson, I didn't give up.
Aveson is like no other school. We have created a system fit for success by combining personalized learning and technology. Once a student is attends Aveson, they will be given a laptop that they will use until graduation. Using this computer, they will research the topics they are most interested in, based on the class they are taking. From this, students are able to discover what they are interested in as career early on.
Aveson has a great Pathways program, filled with encouraging and informative teachers. These teachers are able to help us find the best colleges for us, and what we will need to be able to apply to these schools. Aveson's pathways program has set me on the path of success. With the help of the faculty I have the confidence, the test scores and grade point average to reach out to UC schools, much like the seniors before me. Though our school is much smaller than the average high school, It's developed a close knit community, and culture amongst us.
I have been going to Aveson Charter Schools since Kindergarten, but now I am at the Middle School and High School (Aveson Global Leadership Academy). Over the past few years, my test scores have gotten very high, and they keep improving each year. I can tell the teachers care about their students and do everything they can to make them successful. Along with that, the school is pretty good with out of school activities. They have theatre, art, soccer, stand up comedy, and even photography, along with much more. They not only care about our learning but also creativity and getting involved. We go on field trips that educate us about making a difference. Overall, I am very happy at Aveson. What they do is wonderful, and it is a privilege to be at this school.
Aveson Global Leadership Academy is a very unique from other schools. We are a charter school therefore we are a publicly funded independent school. What makes us unique from others is that we have a different education system. The system lets students fix their grades once it has been posted. Also they don't have a set due date for students to get things done. This helps them become more independent once they head off to college. The teachers are very passionate in what they do and they will do whatever it takes to help a student overcome a challenge in school.
What I like about the school is that you could go back and fix your grade, not like public schools.
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