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Avery High School is an amazing school. The teachers are very supportive of the students. The students are very respectable and eager to learn.
I love my school, but I wish we had more to do. We don't have that many choices in electives.
They are recommended for their education and sports. However, everyone knows everyone and it is a small country school.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Avery High School.
The food is gross, but it's cafeteria food. That's to be expected. Compared to most high school cafeterias, its great.
The administration has some good qualities as well as some poor, and some good rules as well as some stupid ones.
Avery may not have the best facilities, but it has great coaches and wonderful sports programs.
I didn't realize just how good the teachers at Avery High School were until I came to college. Now I know they were great.
Avery High School had an exceptional sports, UIL, and FFA program. Other than those programs, however, there wasn't much offered.
Educationally, I felt very prepared. However, I did not feel very prepared as far as "real world" experience.
Beta, Spanish club, Christians of America, Ag, physics club. that's about it besides the sports that is offered after school.
Overall the resources are average. They did recently get a new parking lot and it is very nice and helped the traffic problem dropping off and picking up kids and parking. Tutoring after school is usually available several days a week. Counselor is very helpful anytime of day. One day they may can afford new roofing and help prevent the leaks in certain areas but that requires a lot of money or school grants.
They offer the classes that a student must have to graduate and a few honor classes. The extra curricular classes available are usually just art. No study hall but lots of different computer courses available. college classes offered to senior students is usually done on computer with a teacher supervising the course.
I think they are doing a great job. The school seems to be improving each year so that's always a good sign. If I was to become a teacher I might possibly want to work at my home town school.
The cafeteria is not allowed to season the food for health reasons so sometimes its not very tasty....actually pretty bland. They do offer healthy meals. They are limited to what they can serve but they follow the nutritional pyramid so we get all the food groups.
Most all the teachers are great and helpful anytime they are available outside of class. Usually always offer a way to help students bring up grade if student is willing. I think the principal helps keep the students on their toes. His rules are sometimes not fun but seem to work and keep everything less chaotic.
Most of the kids that graduate from this school try go to college. A few exception students graduate college. The scores overall on state test are high. It is a very small school average to 30 to 40 student per class grade. I think most of the teachers really care and try to teach the students to the best of their abilities because their income is low compared to other schools so they must care or they could get another job at other schools and the teachers stay year after year. Athletic program is good for the sports they offer. They always seem to win district and go to playoffs in all sports. There is not much racism or competing on popularity although drama is always somewhere if you wish to get involved in it. I like to attend all the games even when I am not playing. I love softball the best. I will miss my high school years and my friends. I am involved with many different community activities. I wish the school could be funded more so they could get more things to improve the school but I think then it would increase the school student enrollment and that means more teachers. I think they like to keep it small and that limits students to their full potential. They do not have band, choir or music classes. No football, soccer, track fields or tennis. Basketball, volleyball and cross country and sometimes golf is offered.
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The cafeteria could use a lot more variety.
I'd say, it's pretty great. The counselor could be around in his office more often.
Just like anywhere, you have slackers then the non slackers
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