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It was a great school with phenomenal teachers. However, their no-bullying policy was not enforced at all.
I like the community involvement and really appreciate the core value/ mission that the district instills to the students. The teachers are dedicated to the enrichment of any students whom wishes to seek improvement on their skill sets.
I think there were a lot of opportunities for kids to succeed. The teachers were great and there is a lot of school spirit.
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This school has pretty good academics and teachers. Also there are many electives, AP classes, and creative clubs in all subjects. This schools handles bullying very well too and is taken care of immediately. This school looks appealing on the outside but the history wing is filled with toxic mold that smells. A flood occurred in September 2015 and the school never did any remedial or anything too stupid to even think about the amount of water damage. Now people have health issues in the building because of it and the administration refuses to believe there's mold or do any proper testing.
Averill Park is generally pretty open-minded and accepting socially, especially for a small-town school in upstate NY. However, it's mostly white kids, and the school puts much more emphasis on the importance of sports than on music and the arts.
The clubs were few up until this year. They did add on a few new clubs. The language clubs are non existent. I don't think the school engages the kids to join clubs or to make them interesting.
The teachers are not very enthusiastic. They are not willing to assist kids who need help. They often refer them to look in the text book even if the child stays after for assistance. The are willing the help the highly academic or kids with special needs. The student population that is in the lower middle academic wise, they do not care to help. Very often parents have to higher tutors at a high price. This is a struggle for single parents.
The nurse is very involved and aware. We have police checks every so often not because it's needed but just as a matter of precaution. I feel my child is safe at the school
Teachers rarely think out of the box. Also, the teachers are not willing to assist students in need of extra help.
There are many different extra cirriculars that are available to students to get involved with if they choose. IT is very nice in my opinion.
Averill park is a great school. The community and tachers are funny and unique, location is great and it offers me many opportunities.
Many teachers i have had are for the most part, great. This is because they are able to connect with the students and treat them well as well as be comfortable with them but still being able to teach successfully.
no real issues regarding bullying with these things but there's not a lot of diversity in the school
not the best but not the worst
It seems like there are few measures taken to protect the school
They only offer a few of the basics. What ever they do have is not well advertised or welcoming.
The PTO is virtually nonexistent. It seems most students are lacking the support they need at home.
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Many teachers do their job well. Some execute their duties very poorly, while even fewer do it exceptionally.
As my children have never been involved in these situations, it is hard for me to answer.
I feel with more/appropriate state and federal funding, this school would be EXCELLENT!!!!
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