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Avenal High School Reviews

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I liked everything about Avenal High school. It is a safe learning environment. What I would like to see change is parents being more involved. Usually they aren’t involved.
My experience at Avenal High has been great because I have gotten so many great opportunities out of this. This school has given me the chance to be apart of a dual enrollment where I can take both high school and college classes from the Wonderful Ag Prep Academy.
Avenal high school has an active programs to help students that have a true focus for academic success. Something that I would like to see in the future would be to have a program designated for scholarships application and a SAT practice club.
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This school needs some improvements, such as academic and administration, but overall it has been a pleasant experience these 4 years.
What I like about Avenal High is the effort each and every student puts into succeeding due to the fact that we are a small community with very little. I would like to see many things change but one of the things that needs to improve is the school lunches that are not very satisfied and in order to be able to be in a class for an hour and fifty minutes a student should be well fed in order to be able to stay focused and on task.
This is a great school!. In this school, we have many opportunities because we are considered low-income students. We have access to free tests for the state of California. Something I would like to change is the restrooms. I thin they are not adequate for a school environment. Another thing I would like to change is the school food because they give us food that contains too much oil on it.
Attending Avenal High School has been an amazing experience. It is a school where one feel extremely safe and also where one learns new thins every day. I have been attending Avenal High School since my freshmen year and I can honestly say that it has contributed to my growth as a person. I am proud to say I attend Avenal High School because even though it is located in a small town and it is a very small campus, it is filled with amazing people and very intelligent teachers and students. One of my best experiences in life.
Although the workload is very manageable, many students still fail.
Most students and teachers are first-generation individuals.
I tried to be involved, to help improve my college applications. Compared to other schools, Avenal does not offer as many extracurricular s.
There are not enough resources to help students achieve success. Only about 5 students in my class went to a CSU or better.
Some teachers are very helpful and even offer help outside of class. Others do not care and do not engage with their students.
I feel like we need to have police officers and have our school gated due to the violence that has been happening in our area.
The clubs and organizations can be considered to be moderate becuase very few people decide to be involved.
Honestly, my experience is okay, but isn't what I expected. Avenal High School in general tends to lose spirit and involvement.
The Teachers at times, tend to get off task and at times give up when students are disruptive. Teachers sometimes tend to be confused and at times ignore your questions. Despite of all this, teachers are engaging and there when you need a helping hand.
The schools safeness is very prominent and is on alert if something seems to be out of the ordinary. All policies here are great and are on high standards and expectations for the ones who work in that certain department. A variety of procedures would occur of something happens. Healthiness at this school is great, the food served is best and never received a problem. Students who are allergic to certain foods that are given other healthy style food.
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Clubs at this school are fun and interactive. Not one person who joins will be left doing nothings, everybody puts in the best of work. For clubs that travel, all students who participate dedicate their time to fundraising money for the club. Clubs are supposed to be fun and at this school, "fun", is key to all clubs and after school programs.
This school has been the greatest, it is fun and interactive.
The teachers at my school are very understandable and are very helpful to students that struggle in class. They are the best one can ask for and have the greatest education one can receive to teach. All have done more than expected.
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