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Avella Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It’s a small school so you become close with your class and others around you. Along with the small classes comes the groups in sports and clubs they become a second family. When tragedy strikes the community we are all there to help in there time in need.
We have a police officer on the school property during school hours.
There is usually after-school activities and clubs at least once a week.
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With my school located in a small town, I have a small graduating class of thirty-nine. I would not wish to have it any other way. Smaller classes make it easy for student to have a one-on-one experience in learning.
The teachers at my school are very intelligent, hardworking, and helpful.
The football didn't even have people who wanted to do it so they had to get a CHEERLEADER to do it!
The school district tries with the resources they have. I feel parents go above and beyond to try to let kids have a good experience.
It seems that most teachers like what they do.
I had a great experience at this school and would recommend it to anyone looking to get away from large public schools.
I think the attitudes of the teachers could be straightened if their paychecks were raised.
As the year goes on the rules start to bend, as in any school. There were always threats of detention but never were followed through.
The teachers are underpaid which leads them to have and "I don't care" attitude. We taught each other, got into group tutoring sessions to review for a test.
We never has funding to provide our teams with new equipment or even new fields. Most of the time we had to travel to other schools to have track practice.
For a poor school you had a choice between chicken patty sandwich or pizza most days.
We were a poor school, in the middle of the country. You got used to longer bus rides and poorer quality buses. But the driver always made sure to keep every kid safe.
The funding was never there to make things available.
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I always felt that Avella was safe and sanitary.
There is little to do outside of school aside from the normal sports such as football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, and wrestling.
Our school is not as diverse as other schools, but overall we are pretty accepting of each other's differences and get along for the most part.
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