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This school was absolutely amazing! Because the class sizes are small, the teachers really get to help you one on one. I absolutely loved that you were able to tailor your learning plan to yourself. No one student would be doing the exact same thing every day at any given time. It was so personalized and unique, you cannot get it anywhere else.
This school was absolutely amazing. In middle school, I was often bullied and could not handle a public high school with 1,000 - 2,000 students. When I found Avanti, it was the best thing to happen to me. The four years I attended there, I created lifelong friendships and amazing connections with my teachers. To the teachers, you are not just another student. They take the time to sit down with you and work through what you are struggling with. The teachers, counselor, and other staff all pushed me to be the best student and person I could possibly be. I have my AA and an extraordinary high school experience I can look back on because of them!
Avanti offers a welcoming environment that strives to help students not only succeed but thrive as an individual.
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I liked that the teachers are flexible when working with students in regards to what they can study and complete to a course/class.
The workload is manageable as long as you don't wait until the end and the teachers are always willing to help. Some of the most popular classes are drama, haunted house, ukulele, and art of any kind.
Not a ton of ethnic diversity but an abundance of diversity in sexual orientation and preference. There's never any discrimination or pressure to fit in, everyone is accepted.
There aren't currently many clubs but the ones we do have are fun and interesting. Mosaic Club talks about social justice issues and the adventure club plans fun hikes and trips around the area. Plus adventure days throughout the year are always exciting!
The many options of classes is great and I love adventure days and mini units during the year to give a bit of a break and have some fun.
All the teachers are amazing. Always willing to help with any assignments that are difficult or have questions and will help come up with a completely new learning plan if you need something different. They are all very open and friendly, most even are called by their first names.
I like the ability to take my learning outside of the classroom with independent contracts. It has been nice to have project options for my curriculum options.
Independent learning contracts make this school a bit different. All of the teachers show genuine interest and caring qualities when working with their students. For the most part, the teachers at Avanti are passionate about the subjects they are teaching.
It would be nice to have a school nurse.
Because of population size of this school, the social aspect is not prevalent. I was less likely to find a large network of friends because the school is so small.
I enjoyed attending the Mosaic club. We would approach topics that I did not typically associate with school and I found this refreshing.
The schedule has allowed me to pursue a lot of other opportunities outside of school. Many students are able to be more flexible with a work schedule to school balance at Avanti. I have had the opportunity to invest more time into my music. The independent learning contracts are a unique piece to this school and have made this experience much more bearable than the traditional high school I attended prior to Avanti.
The menu for Avanti is lacking. The minimal options for fresh produce is surprising for Olympia.
This building has a lot of character and charm. The auditorium is a gem. The condition of this school is fine with a few vintage quirks. Technology options for this size student body is very good. Support from tutors and mentors is strong in this learning community. There are no bus options for Avanti and this makes the access to this school slightly complicated for some students who want to attend.
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The principal is helpful to those motivated to succeed in high school, yet can be frustrated easily when students lack motivation. The school counselor has difficulty seeing all the students when they request appointments. The office staff are awesome! They are attentive, patient and welcoming.

The policy for bullying is effective-bullying does not seem to be an issue at my school. Dress code policies are strict and students have been known to be sent home or given a lab coat if they aren't in compliance. The attendance policy is a huge emphasis at Avanti and makes sense since the schedule is not a traditional school day.
The school is an old building and could use some new features, but for the most part it is a very pleasant place.
They are amazing, they act more like a mentor than a teacher. They encourage students and provide the support so that these students can achieve their goals.
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