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This school is great. Especially for kids that have different learning styles or are on the ASD spectrum. Our son loves it at Avalon. He has never been so excited to go to school and tell us about his day when he gets home. Great school would recommend for any kid looking for project base school. This school prepares kids for the real world and how to "sell" what they are passionate about.
Very welcoming environment, it is truly a community. Students are allowed to be them selves and explore educational subjects that appeal to them, with a basis that is guided by an advisor. We are very happy with avalon and grateful to have found it. It has changed our child's life.
The advisers vary drastically. We knew there were some very engaged advisers, but my kid's adviser was actually pretty poor. Not able to motivate, and really would shame my kid to try to do better. It was horrible!
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They are really great at developing a welcoming environment for all kids.
This school is great for people who have been bullied or teased at other schools, as it is a very welcoming place. Unfortunately, their implementation of project based learning really leaves the majority of the initiative up to the student. There are a few very interesting classes, but students are mostly left on their own and lots of them just sort of hang out most of the time. It's not a great place for a bright unmotivated kid, as there is very little to motivate them. It's the furthest thing from rigorous. For such a small school, we were surprised at how little attention seemed to be placed on some of the kids. The principal-less structure made it almost impossible for us to ask for any changes. I think this is a perfect place for creative kids who are really self-motivated, or for kids who just need to hide out through their hide school years for mental health issues We were so lucky to realize what was going on and to get our kid out in time!
The teaching system was the best part
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