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Avalon is a wonderful school. Enter as a boy, exit as a gentleman. This school compliments families in growing our young boys into Christian men ready to live a principled and virtuous life. Our boys are prepared for colleges/universities.
My child went here and this is honestly the worst private school in the Maryland/D.C. area. Bullying is a serious problem at this school and none of the faculty will reprimand the students who are bullies because their parents have donated a lot of money. Faculty physically abusing students is also a serious problem at the school. I’ve personally witnessed teachers throw books at children and smacked them across the face. A teacher that won’t be named once picked my son up, shook him, and then violently pushed him back in his seat as a punishment for another student elbowing my son in the face. When I confronted the teacher he just claimed it was a “misunderstanding”. I pulled my child out of this school because the curriculum is stuck in the 1980’s, there is a serious bullying problem, and the teachers physically abuse the children. I’m honestly amazed that the school hasn’t been investigated and shut down.
My experience at the Avalon school is tremendous the teachers have helped me become a man mentally, physical, and spiritually throughout my last two years. My school is an all-boys private Catholic school located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I like it because it keeps me on the right track with the guidance of men who wants to see young men become something later in there life. one thing I would love to see change is the school location and help from the state because the teachers work so hard to make ends meet with all the little they have.
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As a parent of a young man graduating this semester from a prestigious Jesuit College, I will be forever indebted to the faculty and administration of Avalon. There are opportunities in other places, but none as willing to prepare a young man for the rigors of university life. If you think your son is ready to lead, Avalon is ready to meet him.
The student teacher ratio allows teachers to be able to respond quickly to any situation that arises.
Extracurriculars at Avalon are mostly sports with only a couple clubs.
This school taught me what it means to be a man, to work hard, to respect others, and to work together with others.
These teachers will do anything to help their students reach their potential as students and as human beings in general
The school is safe for most students. All students have their group of friends and there is not much bullying at Avalon. Every once in a while there is a fight, but they are few and far between and do not last long or become brawls. There is no nurse, but there is an office with band-aids and drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. This has not been a problem in the past, but it does present a problem if a major incident occurred.
Avalon has helped me grow intellectually and spiritually and has taught me chivalry very well. I am happy with my education, as the teachers are the best I could ask for and I feel prepared for college. Throughout my high school career, however, Avalon has recruited more for football and basketball and appears to have made admission easier and strayed from their philosophy. This frustrates me and makes me nervous about the direction of the school.
For the most part, the teachers at my school are unlike the teachers at most other schools. Avalon is a small school, which gives students more access to teachers and allows for more personal education, which teachers teachers embrace. The teachers I have had are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach and care about the students' learning and success. One teacher of mine also leads a youth group I am a part of, and has become a sort of uncle to me, and I can talk to him about anything. Overall, I am very pleased with the teachers at Avalon.
The boys are given courses in the Western tradition taught by generous teachers that take a personal interest in them. Best of all, in my opinion, were the men who taught my older son and still teach my younger one.
I love Avalon. It's filled with great teachers that really care about you, and the festival days with the houses (like Hogwarts) are great and unique. The problem is that some teachers think they can teach AP classes their own way, not to the AP track, resulting in low test scores and lack of preparedness. Very little class choice. You basically get to choose what language you take between spanish, latin, and italian, and whatever AP classes you take, and that's it. Teachers are good people but not all the best TEACHERS.
There are sports, there's the school play, and the school spring gala, which is a fundraiser but still very fun. These make up a good portion of what students do, since there aren't other options.
I loved Avalon. It felt like more of a community than a school. The teachers were friends and guides, and my classmates were family. The "house competition" is also a great part of the school. Think Hogwarts. Kind of.
We rent a building from a baptist church. The building does not belong to us. However, we are able to use the building, only a few restrictions are in place of where we can go. We have some computers but they are in no way a big part of class. If you need to use your computer you can ask to. The college counselor is very knowledgeable and helpful.
There are AP options, so if students want them, they can take them. However, other than AP classes and language, you really don't get a choice of classes, except for what math track you are on. Scheduling is easy, since you just meet with the headmaster and set it up.
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We really don't have athletic facilities... We practice somewhere else in every sport and our home games for football are in Virginia off Tyson's Corner... The soccer team is a joke and the coach almost thinks it's rec league. The football team and basketball teams attract good crowds but the student sections are patrolled by teachers and kids sometimes don't even want to cheer or listen to people urging them to stand and yell. The baseball team is the best one in school, with the best coach and everything.
The lunch program is $5 a day and you really don't get much. Bring your own lunch to save yourself money and actually get a good amount of food. You don't get enough to eat with the program and if you show up too late, say you were taking a test, you won't eat at all.
We really haven't had any major safety issues. Teachers take the students very seriously and things like bullying are normally snuffed out before they reach any bad levels. The teachers are very helpful and do not let things go unnoticed.
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